Stubborn stack still standing…

Discussions continue to best way forward with chimney that refused to fall. It is more than a week since an explosive demolition event failed ton bring down a chimney at the Dragon LNG Cogen facility at Milford Haven in Wales. But there is still no end in sight. According to a statement on the Dragon…Read moreRead more

Unfunny stand-up…

CoGen stack fails to fall. The planned controlled demolition of the CoGen chimney stack at the Dragon LNG plant in Waterston, Milford Haven, didn’t go quite to plan this afternoon. A statement issued by the company says: “Dragon LNG regrets that during the planned demolition of the Cogen chimney stack today, there was an impartial…Read moreRead more

Paddling pools douse dust…

Unique dust suppression method deployed in French blast. Way back in April 2013, DemolitionNews was fortunate enough to be invited to the city of Porto in Portugal to see a unique dust suppression system in action during the implosion of a 15-storey tower block. More than seven years later, the team behind that deployment have…Read moreRead more

Big BAM boom

Brown and Mason lays to rest part of Rugeley Power Station. Brown and Mason’s one company mission to eradicate power stations from the UK skyline progressed yesterday with a successful blast at Rugeley Power Station in Staffordshire.

Another day, another detonation

CDI goes two for two. Controlled Demolition Inc (CDI) blasts are like London. You wait a while and then two come along at once. We brought you footage of this blast yesterday and now the company is back again. This time, CDI is acting as explosives subcontractor to Louisiana Chemical Dismantling Company, carrying out the…Read moreRead more

CDI fells stack…

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), acting as explosives subcontractor to Demolition Technologies Specialized Services, Inc. has carried out the preparation for and successful explosives felling of a 150’ tall reinforced concrete chimney in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Bridge blown

Union Pacific Railroad demolished a portion of the Tempe Town Lake Train Bridge at 8:13 a.m. on August 2, 2020 to facilitate debris removal. Once the area is clear, reconstruction will begin.

Bunker bay blast…

Demolition Services caries out another successful blast at Ironbridge. Working in partnership with SES Explosives Engineers, Leeds-based Demolition Services carried out the successful explosive demolition of the bunker bay at Ironbridge Power Station shortly after 11 am today. The steel bunker bay structure was the first of three planned explosive events in order to bring…Read moreRead more

Explosive prison break

Implosion fells North Carolina facility. This weekend saw the explosive demolition of North Carolina’s Western Youth Institute, commonly known as the High Rise Prison.

Orchestral implosions…

Bridge blasts set to music. It appears that someone at the Illinois Department of Transportation had some time on their hands. They have been back through the state archives, gathered together some epic bridge blast footage, and set the entire thing to the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.