Alford fells Aussie boiler house…

Latest blast declared an “absolute success”.

The former boiler house three at Hazelwood Power Station has been brought down in perfect conditions.

ENGIE head of corporate affairs Ryan Auger described the demolition – carried out by Alford Demolition – as an “absolute success” after principal contractors Delta brought down the structure with explosives.

Auger said demolition crews had worked to remove “a good deal” of coal dust and residual rubber from the boiler house before it was toppled to reduce fire risk and dust.

The boiler house completely folded over itself when the charges went off, leaving a void on the skyline as the dust settled in about three minutes.

“Today we had perfect atmospheric conditions, we always plan for a window and select the best conditions to proceed in that window,” Auger added.

Thermal imaging drones were deployed immediately after the blast to monitor for any hotspots and will continue to monitor the site for the next 24 hours.

Fire and dust suppression systems were also put in place in the lead up as a precaution.

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