EXCLUSIVE – Alford expands demolition offering…

Alford Technologies has added another tool to its range of demolition solutions. The Wiltshire-based explosive product company is now the official importer for Royex, a pyrotechnic alternative to blasting explosives with a proven track record in a multitude of applications across Europe.

Working in partnership with the Swedish explosive manufacturer Etken Teknologi, Alford Demolition Limited identified the Royex rock breaking system as an effective method of tackling concrete slabs and concrete buildings.

“The exciting thing about Royex is that it is not even technically classed as an explosive making storage and transport easy. It detonates at much slower speeds than conventional explosives which perfectly matches the speed of gas generation to crack formation within concrete making it very efficient at breaking it up.,” says Alford’s managing director Roland Alford.   “This means that it produces much less noise and vibration that traditional blasting explosives making it an ideal product to use in densely populated and sensitive areas such as Central London.”

The Alford explosive engineers have been working round the clock to prepare a set of tests which included using the Royex system to smash through heavily reinforced concrete, as seen in the video below.

The Royex generates unusually low ground vibrations and almost no fly off or audible concussion. Roland Alford explains why;

“Royex is almost like going back to the days of gunpowder in rock blasting as it detonates relatively slowly but produces a large amount of gas. This uses the energy to crack and split concrete without pulverising it, so you do not throw chunks of concrete and there is no shock-induced vibration. As a “low explosive” it is nothing like as noisy as normal blasting explosives and if you initiate a blast sequentially and use blast mats it is possible to keep noise and vibration to levels that make Royex perfect for jobs in city centres.”