Canadian implosion FAIL…!

Implosion fails to bring down Norsk Hydro plant in Becancour, Canada. After almost a month of rumour and speculation regarding a failed implosion in Canada, we have just been alerted to this footage which shows the Norsk Hydro plant in Becancour failing to succumb to explosive demolition. According to the video, the contract was overseen…Read moreRead more

Oh the joys of high def’ video…

New high definition video truly captures beauty of Montana smokestack implosion. Last week, we brought you footage of Asarco Demolition’s dual implosion of a pair of smokestacks in Montana. But we’ve just uncovered this new high definition footage of the blast. If only all demolition video looked as good as this (and be sure to…Read moreRead more

Fulbeck flats fall…

MGL Demolition carries out dual tower block implosion in Middlesborough. MGL Demolition this weekend completed the demolition of Fulbeck House and Glentworth House in Middlesbrough’s Netherfields area. These were built in 1968, and each 16-storey block comprised 90 flats. A lottery to press “the button” raised money for Normanby’s Zoe’s Place and was won by…Read moreRead more

And the contractor was satisfied…?

Video footage from Chinese implosion shows massive discharge of fly rock. According to the English-language voice over, the implosion of this incomplete and abandoned high-rise structure in the Chinese city of Zhongshan took place in a residential area. Which calls into question the huge amount of debris discharged by the blast.