Mind officially blown…

DemolitionNews to celebrate Instagram milestone with new book.

Picture the scene. It is FA Cup Final day and Wembley Stadium is filled to capacity. The sun casts a shadow across part of the pitch as the players enter. As they do so, 90,000 peope rise to their feet in unison.

Well, you see that 90,000 people, THAT is how many people now follow DemolitionNews on the Instagram social media platform. 90,000! Mental, right?

Of course, this is no accident. Recognising both the growth and the potential of Instagram, we went “all in” on the platform just over a year ago, setting ourselves the target of becoming Instagram’s biggest demolition feed. We achieved that months ago, but the growth has continued and we are now targeting a following of 100,000 by this Christmas.

However, to celebrate this current milestone, we are producing a new guide that will lay out precisely how we have attracted so many followers in such a short space of time.

“We have enjoyed a truly remarkable growth on Instagram in 2019 and we’re hoping that can continue into the New Year and beyond. Aside from our subscription list, Instagram is now the number one source of traffic to DemolitionNews.com,” says DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony. “But there are no trade secrets here. We have tried and tested the best way to attract followers and to engage with those followers. And we are going to share those methods.”

DemolitionNews will be taking a slightly different approach with the launch of this guide, however. “It is our intention to offer the first 100 copies totally free of charge,” Mark Anthony explains. “Once they’re gone, the book will go on sale on Amazon as part of our Demolition Marketing Masterclass series.”

But DemolitionNews is not finished there. “Many companies now recognise the enormous promotional power and reach of Instagram but they’re struggling to gain traction on the platform,” Anthony concludes. “So we are planning to offer a series of online consultancy sessions to expand upon the contents of the new guide.”

You can pre-order a copy of the new Instagram Impact book by CLICKING HERE.

First outing…

Liberty Industrial’s new Hitachi high reach makes its debut Down Under.

Liberty Industrial has carried out the demolition of several redundant installations at a coal mine in Queensland, Australia. This included the Road Load Out installation, a concrete silo of approximately 10 metres in diameter and 34 metres high and adjoining 200 metre long inclined conveyor.

For the demolition of this installation, Liberty Industrial’s new 200 tonne Kocurek modified Hitachi EX1200 high reach excavator was deployed.

You can read more about that machine in the forthcoming edition of the Demolition magazine or, better still, see it in action below:

Liberty Industrial’s 200 tonne High Reach Demolition Excavator demolishing Redundant Coal Infrastructure from Liberty Industrial on Vimeo.

Dallas bank downed…

Controlled blast drops Texan bank building.

A controlled explosion has brought down the former Republic National Bank of Dallas.

More details to follow as they arrive:

Alabama boilers blown…

CDI continues trail of controlled destruction.

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), acting as explosives subcontractor to Jackson Demolition Service, Inc has performed the successful explosives felling of one recovery boiler, one recovery chimney, one power boiler and one power chimney in Alabama on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

Onward and upward…

C&D Consultancy maintains upward trajectory with service expansion.

Following a successful 12 months of major project awards and a shortlisting again this year in two categories at the World Demolition Awards C&D Demolition Consultants Limited has announced additional services to strengthen their portfolio of demolition related services.

Mike Kehoe says “This year has seen an increase in the number of projects where our clients have initially employed us to carry out demolition consultancy and then have added to our scope of work by requesting structural engineering services, temporary works services and asbestos removal advice and I now think the time is right to offer those key services as part of our consultancy at all times”

“We have taken the bold step of employing two structural engineers (both of whom are demolition engineers as well) to cover the increase in demand as well as a fully qualified asbestos surveyor to carry out R&D Asbestos surveys for our clients at the outset”

“We feel that the additional services will strengthen our offering to clients as they will be able to go to a “one stop shop” for all of their demolition concerns”

Further details of the additional services can be found at www.canddconsultants.com or by emailing Mike at mike@canddconsultants.co.uk

Bracing for blast…

Ironbridge residents ready themselves ahead of cooling tower implosion.

Residents of Ironbridge will have just 48 hours notice before the iconic Ironbridge cooling towers are imploded, it has been revealed.

Developer Harworth Group said it was hoping to avoid turning the demolition into an attraction, bringing in people from across the country, so that a 350-metre exclusion zone could be safely maintained.

But areas to view the towers coming down will be put in place a safe distance away for locals who would like to see the landmark moment.

Although no date has been selected, Harworth recommitted to trying to get the demolition done before the end of the year.

Iain Thomson, head of communications at Harworth, said: “Forty-eight hours is fairly typical based on what we’ve done elsewhere. Some people might say that’s not a lot of time, and I can understand that to a degree. We don’t want to create a huge free-for-all of people descending on Ironbridge. We have to protect the integrity of the 350-metre exclusion zone.”

Read more here.

Terrifying top down…

Imagination, innovation and ingenuity harnessed to tackle massive tower.

Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say. And nowhere is that more true than in the field of demolition, and industry in which each new challenge is met with out-of-the-box-thinking and a large helping of innovation.

Take this video, for example. Because a blast was out of the question, the 162 meters high cooling tower of the former Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant was cleared from above with a remote-controlled excavator piece by piece. Once the tower was below a height of 80 metres, a high reach demolition excavator finished the works from the ground.

Churchill flyovers falling…

Work underway on removal of Liverpool landmark.

Footbridges have been dismantled as work gets under way on demolition work to bring down Liverpool’s Churchill Way flyovers.

Three work compounds were put in place around the site last week from Monday, August 26, with the first phase due to begin today. But by Sunday lunchtime part of a footbridge on the Birkenhead tunnel side – one of three sitting underneath the two flyovers – had already been partly reduced to rubble.

The flyovers, which connect Lime Street to Dale Street and Tithebarn Street, will be brought down in 25-metre sections.

Downing more than a pint…

PP O’Connor taking down famous Thwaites Brewery.

It is the point of origin for more pints of beer than anyone might care to count. But the Thwaites Brewery in Blackburn, Lancashire is coming down. And UK demolition contractor PP O’Connor is spearheading the works.

Starting young…

14-year old starts his own demolition company.

When I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a footballer. Tell the truth, I wanted to play for West Ham United. OK, I admit it – I wanted des[erately to be Alan Devonshire.

Fourteen-year-old Lance Matheson, meanwhile, runs his own demolition company, Sage Demolition and Land Clearing, and operates his equipment near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Watch the inspiring story of how Lance got it all started and what he sees for the future of his demolition company.