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Video – Announcing the launch of…

The demolition equipment sector now has a dedicated news resource all its own.

It is one of the demolition industry’s most dynamic sectors. It is the source of seemingly unstoppable levels of innovation and creativity. It is capable of pushing the boundaries of what is possible to make the industry safer and more productive. And yet it is a sector that has never had a dedicated news resource all of its own.

Until now.

Based on reader feedback in Demolition magazine and the huge popularity of our occasional Kit Talk publications, we are delighted to announce that the field of demolition equipment now has its own dedicated news resource.

That dedicated news resource is called And it is live NOW.

Video – BAM goes another icon…

Medway skyline changed forever as Kingsnorth Power Station stack is imploded.

Power station demolition experts Brown and Mason now seem to be carrying out controlled blasts with almost monotonous regularity. And the company has this morning chalked up yet another with the successful and spectacular implosion of the giant stack at the Kingsnorth Power Station.

Standing twice the height of the Big Ben tower, the 200 metre chimney at Uniper’s decommissioned Kingsnorth Power Station in Hoo, Kent, came down at 10 am after the demolition was delayed from earlier in the month due to snow.

The chimney removed steam and other gases from the plant’s boilers and had become a familiar landmark on the Kent landscape.

Video – Coal breaker broken…

The St. Nicholas Coal Breaker has been felled in a controlled blast.

After being shuttered for more than 50 years, Pennsylvania’s last massive coal breaker – situated between Mahanoy City and Shenandoah in Schuylkill County – came down in a controlled implosion.

Seeking to give something back…

NFDC Region presses for members to receive more value.

Although the members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors are preparing themselves for what threatens to be a tempestuous Annual General meeting, the Federation’s senior officers have another hurdle to overcome first with a meeting of the National Council on Thursday.

And one of the key hurdles to overcome is a series of proposals put forward by the Midlands and Welsh Region that would likely find considerable favour with both NFDC members AND all users of the services provided by the National Demolition Training Group.

Those proposals include a £2,000 reduction in NFDC membership fees for 2019; and a £1,000 “training grant” offered to all users of the NDTG’s services, regardless of whether they are NFDC members. According to DemolitionNews’ sources, these proposals have been triggered by what is thought to be a cash surplus within both the Federation and the allied training group.

The Midlands and Welsh Region (M&WR) proposals – presented by regional chairman John Lynch – also call for greater scrutiny of Federation expenditure, particularly around events such as luncheons, balls and the annual Convention.

The M&WR, which counts some of the largest and most influential demolition contractors based outside the capital among its members, has been vocal in its support of NFDC president Paul Brown, and critical of what it sees as London-centric control of the Federation.

While the London & Southern Region is thought to be considering a possible vote of no confidence in the incumbent president, the proposals put forward by the M&WR would likely attract considerable support from the Federation rank and file.

Video – Westchester Plaza toppled…

Sunday morning blast fells 12-storey block in Fort Worth.

The 12-story Westchester Plaza building in Fort Worth is nothing more than a big pile of rubble. The building was imploded Sunday morning at 8 am local time.

Last August, residents were told to move out after the owner said changes to the Medicaid system forced the closure.

The building sits on prime real estate in the medical district, according to city leaders.

The property first opened in 1951.

Video – Brown and Mason blasts back…

Another successful implosion at Tilbury Power Station.

Brown and Mason has cemented its position as one of the world’s leading exponents of power station demolition with another successful implosion at the Tilbury Power Station.

A controlled blast on Friday felledbunkers 9 and 10 and the disused power station, along with the transfer tower:

Video – 777 kick-starts stadium redevelopment…

Work begins on demolition that will bring football back to Plough Lane.

It is a full 20 years since the turnstiles at Wimbledon FC’s Plough Lane stadium. The former home of “The Crazy Gang” fell into dilapidation and disrepair while the team moved North and became the MK Dons.

But football is scheduled to come back to Plough Lane next year as AFC Wimbledon – the team formed in protest at the move North – move into a new stadium located where the famous greyhound racing stadium once stood.

And to facilitate that relocation, 777 Demolition has kick-started the demolition of the former stadium.

Day of the long knives…

Conciliation short-lived as battle for NFDC supremacy rages behind the scenes.

It is just two days since the National Federation of Demolition Contractors’ Extraordinary General Meeting ended in compromise and conciliation. But, as predicted in our exclusive audio podcast, already the temporary ceasefire is under threat as the various warring factions attempt to gain the upper hand ahead of next week’s Annual General Meeting.

While he emerged from the EGM with the chains of office still around his neck, Paul Brown’s reign as NFDC President apparently still hangs in the balance, despite having agreed to certain compromises and restrictions.

DemolitionNews understands that John Lynch, regional chairman of the Federation’s Midlands & Welsh Region, is rallying support to ensure that Paul Brown remains in post for the remainder of his two-year presidency.

But DemolitionNews sources suggest that Lynch’s campaign has drawn the ire of the larger London & Southern Counties region, sparking a counter-campaign to forge ahead with a possible vote of no confidence in the incumbent President. DemolitionNews further understands that at least one London & Southern Counties regional representative has threatened to resign if Paul Brown continues as president.

The Annual General Meeting and the accompanying awards are generally seen as a high point in the NFDC calendar; an opportunity for members to get together in a convivial atmosphere.

This year’s AGM looks set to be anything but convivial; and it could just tip the balance of power within a Federation wracked by in-fighting and seemingly intent on tearing itself apart.

FBI intensify Detroit investigations…

Alleged bid-rigging and collusion under scrutiny.

The FBI has reviewed a report that suggests bid-rigging and collusion among Detroit demolition officials and contractors, documents obtained by the Free Press show.

Contractors’ bids to tear down Detroit’s blighted homes were manipulated, the documents say, as part of a scheme concealed from state overseers yet known by Dave Manardo, Mayor Mike Duggan’s group executive for operations.

The mayor’s office Friday disputed that Manardo knew of the bid manipulation scheme and downplayed the documents’ significance, saying issues they raised already have been resolved with the state.

The FBI also was given information about several other red flags, including a $1.3-million demolition contract that an investigator believed was “greased” for Adamo Group to win; possible collusion between demolition contractors and asbestos survey companies, and an 800-square-foot garage that inexplicably cost $22,250 to tear down.

The documents — originally compiled by investigators hired by the state before they were turned over to the FBI — also include notes of interviews with Detroit demolition officials whom a lead investigator described as evasive in their answers. One state investigator suspected illegal activity during the review, according to his interview notes.

“My theory is that bid-rigging practices have inflated the cost of demos,” lead investigator Tom Golden wrote in notes taken in July 2016.

Read more here.

Raw and unedited…

You can now hear the REAL version of our latest podcast.

I am red-faced with embarrassment; painfully aware that I have granted listeners an unplanned glimpse behind the curtain of professionalism.

At 6.30 on Monday morning, I uploaded our latest podcast entitled “Disowning My Own Work”. It’s an episode that was weeks in the scripting and an episode of which I am very proud. Only that’s not the version listeners got to hear.

It was early; I was only semi-conscious; and I was packing my bags for a two-day trip to the JCB World Headquarters. And I unwittingly uploaded the raw and unedited version, complete with coughs, splutters and fluffed lines.

Bizarrely, even though it was our second most popular episode to date and despite the fact that the five free and signed books I was offering were snapped up in about an hour, no-one saw fit to mention the fact that I sounded like a man at death’s door throughout.

Fresh back from JCB and the REAL version is now available. If you heard the original splutter-filled version, you’ll be pleased to know that this one is (a) shorter and (b) less phlegm-filled. If you haven’t already heard it, now is the time. Just hit the play button below.

And my apologies for the assault on your collective ear drums.

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