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Something new this way comes…

We have launched a new magazine dedicated entirely to demolition equipment. Want a copy?

kit-talk-1-front-coverEver since we launched the Demolition magazine, we have been asked to produce a stand-alone magazine that featured just demolition equipment: No interviews; no legislation; no general demolition-related stuff. Just equipment – wheels, tracks, attachments and all that good stuff that smells of diesel and hydraulic oil.

But the timing has never been right. Until now. Because now we have a pair of equipment-related world exclusives that fully justify the launching of that stand alone magazine. And we’re calling it Kit Talk.

The magazine is available in electronic and is FREE to read to subscribers only. To secure your copy, just click here and hit the big green download button.

If it proves popular – and we will know by the number of downloads, views and shares – we will do another one. If it falls flat on its face, we will put it down to experience and never speak of it again.

However, we sincerely hope you like it and we look forward to hearing your feedback, whatever that may be.

Detroit calls demolition halt…

Work halted to address “mistakes and errors”

Mayor Mike Duggan on Monday disclosed the city’s controversial demolition program had been suspended by the US Treasury Department this summer to address “mistakes” and “errors.”

The federally-funded program, Duggan said, had been at a standstill since Aug. 15 while the city and Detroit Land Bank Authority met with officials from Treasury and the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority to come up with a new set of practices. Treasury accepted the new procedures on Friday and work was allowed to resume, he said.

Duggan declined to give specific examples of what went wrong, but noted some concern over paperwork, improper billing and misallocation of funds. The program is supported by federal Hardest Hit funds.

“No amount of error in the rules is tolerable,” Duggan said during a Monday news conference at City Hall. “We’re going to eliminate those mistakes with these new controls.”

News of the retooled practices comes as Detroit’s demolition program is at the centre of a federal criminal investigation. The program first came under scrutiny last fall after concerns were raised over bidding practices and soaring costs, prompting audits and reviews.

Read more here.

Video – Up close with latest CDI blast…

Harllee Branch implosion revisited.

Earlier this week, we brought you some early footage that captured the explosive demolition of a 305 metre tall stack in Georgia.

Now, thanks to our buddy Joe Vendetti at Envirocon, we can bring you some even better footage of the demolition, including a close-up of the CDI blast:

Video – Oklahomo bridge falls…

Washita River Bridge meets explosive end.

This explosive demolition of a bridge spanning the Washita River actually happened earlier this year.

But this film of the blast proved so impressive that it was featured in the annual GoPro video awards.

US-177 Washita River Bridge Demolition Carter County, OK from ODOT on Vimeo.

Video – Clearing the way for a giant…

Time-lapse captures preparatory works ahead of New York skyscraper.

New York has no shortage when it comes to skyscrapers. But by 2020, the city will boast yet another as the 427 metre One Vanderbilt will have taken its place alongside Grand Central Terminal.

Upon completion, the 57-storey, 150,000 square metre skyscraper will be the second tallest in the city.

But before then, demolition contractors are busily making space for the block, as this time-lapse video illustrates:

Video – German bridge blast…

Weekend implosion fells bridge over Stuttgart autobahn.

A footbridge on Germany’s Autobahn near Stuttgart was demolished early Saturday (October 15) morning to make way for a new stretch of highway with extra driving lanes.

This video captures the explosive action:

Jobs – J. Bryan hits recruitment trail again…

Widnes-based contractor seeking staff to handle increased workloads.

J. Bryan (Victoria) Ltd, one of the best-known and most-respected demolition contractors in the North West of England, is recruiting again.

A previous World Demolition Awards winner and a recognised leader in industrial demolition applications, the company is seeking:

To find out more, please click the appropriate link above or follow THIS LINK to be taken to the latest bulletin.

Video – A drone in Paradise…

Fly-through captures DSM hard at work in native Birmingham.

A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Paradise development where DSM was reshaping a key part of the UK’s second city. That visit became part of our first-ever edition of Demolition TV.

Now, a drone pilot has taken a fly-bast the site to capture the latest in the ongoing demolition works.

Video – Bay Bridge blasted…again

Underwater blast removes another concrete pier.

Caltrans continued with the removal of the original east span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Saturday by imploding Pier E5 of the Old Bay Bridge.

Pier E5 was imploded with 8,000 pounds of explosives and done in less than three seconds. Caltrans says this method reduces the environmental impact and costs to taxpayers.

Read more here, or view the video below:

Video – Georgia peach…

Text-book implosion fells one of world’s tallest chimneys.

With a height of 305 metres (1,001 feet), the GA Power Harllee Branch Plant ranked as one of the tallest chimneys in the world.

But the stack came down this weekend in a text-book blast that landed the mammoth structure precisely in the drop zone as crowds looked on.

Smoke Stack Demolition from Georgia College on Vimeo.

Video – Broadway Bridge finally succumbs…

Bridge that withstood blast pulled down.

A barge-mounted crane finally finished what a team of explosive engineers couldn’t; and sent the near 100-year old Broadway Bridge into the water.

As we reported a few days ago, an implosion did a pretty good job of kicking the paint off the Arkansas bridge whilst applying a liberal helping of egg to the faces of the demolition crew. But like all good demolitions, there was a contingency plan in place and the bridge finally came down.

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