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Worker killed in exposed chute fall…

21-year old killed on Memphis site.

OSHA is investigating the death of a 21-year-old who was working on the Sears Crosstown Building late Friday afternoon.

Investigators say Zach Holliday died after he fell into a packaging chute. It appears to be an accident.

Chris Holliday, Zach’s father, showed WMC Action News 5 the cemetery plot where he’ll now have to bury his son. It’s right next to the young man’s mother who died just a few years ago.

“I should be planning his wedding or anything else besides his funeral today,” Holliday said.

The father was working with his son for the Chandler Demolition Company. They were working on a building that has been undergoing renovations for quite some time.

Holliday says workers knew something was wrong when they found Zach’s car in the parking lot after hours. Nobody had seen Zach since earlier in the day.

“Me and my boss started at the top, Travis started at the bottom. We sort of met in the middle, but Travis heard his phone ringing first,” Holliday said.

After hearing the ringing phone, Holliday found his son in the packaging chute several floors below where they were working earlier in the day.

Somehow, investigators believe Zach fell into the chute. According to Chris Holliday, the area was exposed.

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Video – Site fire closes London Bridge…

Video captures dramatic fire high above London landmark.

London Bridge was closed briefly last night as a precaution following the outbreak of an isolated fire on a demolition site close by.

The fire was in a 12-storey former office block at King William Street that is currently being demolished by Erith Group. Report suggest that the fire started at around 18.00 yesterday evening and required the attention of four fire engines.

There are no reports of injuries but the bridge was closed for a short while as a precaution.

Once the fire was out, Erith despatched a structural engineer and a team of 10 scaffolders from other London contracts to attend the site, and carry out remedial work.

The site is back to work this morning.

Landmark towers could fall…

Consultation documents reveal Leytonstone demolition option.

Two landmark towers could be demolished under plans to rejuvenate a London neighbourhood.

Three options are being considered for the future of council-owned Fred Wigg and John Walsh towers, in Montague Road, Leytonstone (a town best known as the birthplace of David Beckham), which contain 234 flats between them.

In consultation documents, the first option involves refurbishing the existing flats, including fire safety works, balcony improvements, and new bathrooms and kitchens.

Option two is to demolish the two towers and completely rebuilding them.

Option three is to sell one tower block and refurbish the other.

Both these options would result in tenants being rehoused.

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Mick Williams blasts into Brown and Mason

One of the industry’s best-known blasters joins power station demolition specialist.

Mick Williams and Nick Brown smallWith more than 40 years explosive engineering experience under his belt, Mick Williams is one of the UK’s best-known and most-respected blasters. And now he is taking that expertise to Brown and Mason as the company gears up for an intense period of explosive demolition work.

Williams followed his father’s footsteps into the world of explosives, regularly helping his father charge structures while he was still at school back in the days when such things weren’t just allowed but actively encouraged. Since taking up explosive engineering full-time, Williams has carried out more than 750 blasts both in the UK and overseas. Even though he has changed employers several times over the years, he has acted as an explosive consultant on Brown and Mason contracts for more than 20 years, most recently with the successful blasts at Inverkip power station in Scotland.

With Brown and Mason about to start work on a number of contracts that will require upwards of 20 explosive demolition events in the next 2 years, Williams has left Keltbray to join Brown and Mason full-time. “I enjoyed my time with Keltbray but they don’t currently have very much blasting work planned,” Williams says. “So I have taken the opportunity to join a company that I have worked with for more than two decades and which has a lot of blasting work coming up.”

Brown and Mason managing director Nick Brown is clearly delighted with acquiring the services of one of the world’s foremost blasters.

“We are currently working on the demolition of four power stations at Kingsnorth, Isle of Grain, Teesside and Cockenzie and will shortly be starting work at Coryton oil refinery. All told, we have somewhere between 20 and 25 explosive demolition events on our books in the coming months. And it makes good business sense to have someone with Mick’s expertise and experience on our team.”

Video – DSM drops Cornwall Tower

Sunday morning blast fells 18-storey Birmingham tower block.

DSM Demolition Ltd., were chosen by Birmingham City Council to demolish Cornwall Tower; an 18-storey tower block situated on Heaton St. in the Boulton complex of Soho Birmingham, today at 9.14 am on October 26th 2014.

Built in 1970 and standing at 52 metres high, the tower was blocked off during the blow-down along with surrounding roads which were protected by timber mats.

The process of preparing the tower for the blow-down took a total of 14 weeks, where the DSM site team removed all asbestos and soft-stripped the building of any non-structural material, leaving only a concrete shell. The building was then pre-weakened and explosive charges were placed in pre-selected locations to achieve a successful structural collapse. DSM are proud advocates of environmental sustainability, and it is estimated that over 96% of the demolition material will be collated and recycled.

Residents within a 150 metre radius were evacuated before the blow-down including local businesses, who all watched intently as the building collapsed in 8 seconds. There were no reported incidents or delays, allowing the DSM site team to begin the clean-up operation. Dust clouds billowed, and once it settled, sweepers and manual hoses arrived to immediately clear the site.

Erith bags brownfield award…

Kent contractor recognised for conceptual design.

Erith attended the Brownfield Briefing Awards last night and came away with the prestigious ‘best conceptual design’ award. The brownfield communities’ flagship event is recognised as one of the highest industry accolades and rewards technical and conceptual excellence in on-going projects over the last 12 months.

The night was judged by an expert panel from an array of specialities and hosted pioneering contractors from across the UK to celebrate the event’s tenth anniversary.

Erith’s award focused on the conceptual design and build contract at Beckton gasworks in East London, which saw Erith work in collaboration with designers Parsons Brinckerhoff for client National Grid.

Video – Incredible footage…

Stunning film captures brutal effects of chimney implosion.

To be honest, they had us at 120 metre chimney exploded in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. But, on closer inspection, there is way more to this film than initially meets the eye.

Thanks to the multiple camera angles and, more importantly, the use of high defintion slow motion, the dramatic after effects of 2,000 tonnes of chimney hitting the Earth are there for all to see.

Check out the windows being blown out of the long, low building at the bottom of the frame at the 0.49 mark; then see how the air pressure rocks the crane boom in the foreground.

Video – Demolition worker accused of firing rifle on site…

Those days when demolition itself isn’t quite dangerous enough.

Only in America! An unnamed demolition worker stands accused of firing a volley of rounds from an AR-15 assault rifle on a site in Orlando, having been filmed doing so – presumably – by fellow workers.

The video allegedly shows the rifle being fired repeatedly inside a building being demolished as part of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts project in downtown Orlando.

Orlando police officials said they have seen the cellphone video and are trying to determine where the rifle might have been fired inside the iconic round building that sits across from City Hall.

A city spokesperson said the construction worker seen in the video is no longer allowed on the construction site.

Someone sent the video to the Channel 9 newsroom and sent copies to city officials. Crusader Demolition – a company whose motto, ironically, is “safe, fast and clean demolition” – from Lakeland, is the company that was hired to take down the building.

Read more here or view the video below:

Kingsnorth blast scheduled for this week…

Brown and Mason make ready for power station implosion.

Part of a mothballed power station is set to be knocked down this week as work continues to demolish the landmark.

Kingsnorth Power Station closed in March last year because it did not meet EU standards on pollution. The whole structure is set to be demolished and work began on site earlier this year.

Five small buildings and structures, which were part of the system to move coal from the stockpile towards the heart of the station, will be demolished on Thursday evening, at around 6.30pm.

The tallest of the buildings is around 41m. The main infrastructure of the plant, including the 650ft chimney stack, is still to be demolished over the next two years and the plant’s owner’s E.ON will be updating local residents on the next stages.

The demolition process began on the 2000MW coal-fired power station in April 2014. Since then, E.ON and its primary contractor, Brown and Mason, have been preparing the site for the ongoing demolition work and have already removed some of the smaller structures, including the fuel oil tanks and all of the coal conveyor systems, through non-explosive methods.

Neil Wright, civil team leader at E.ON, said: “We’re now on schedule to conduct our first controlled demolition event, which is one of several that we have planned during the project.

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Video – Tower topples excavator…

Unplanned collapse causes excavator to flip.

We can’t be sure where this was shot – although, to our untrained eye, the captions look vaguely Turkish – but regardless of the location, this film is a perfect illustration of at least two safety shortcomings: Make sure your machine has sufficient reach; and make sure you have a suitable escape route.

Check it out:

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