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Video – 1R Finnish twin chimneys…

Finnish contractor carries out dual implosion.

As regular readers will know, we try to keep a close watch on the team at 1R Demolition in Finland. Not only do they carry out some first-class work, they also produce some great films too.

The latest features a pair of brick chimneys being imploded in Lappeenranta, in the Nordkalk mine area, Finland:

1R Demolition_ Double brick chimneys from 1R Demolition on Vimeo.

Video – The very stuff of nightmares…

If you don’t like heights, look away now.

On numerous occasions we have brought you photos and stories from our demolition cousins in China which, when taken together, seem to suggest a reckless, devil-may-care approach to safety.

But even against that background, we were not prepared for the footage captured in the film below. Not content with putting a large excavator on top of a building, that machine is then used to send tonnes of debris crashing to the street many storeys below.

If you don’t like heights or work in the health and safety field, DO NOT hit the play button. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Video – Stunning in Stuttgart…

Drone video gets up close with demolition and debris containment curtain.

We have just stumbled across this great new video from German demolition company Eckert Industrieabbruch which shows the company’s Komatsu PC450 high reach excavator hard at work in Stuttgart.

The whole film is awesome but we particularly like the rising shot of the crane-mounted debris containment curtain at the 54-second mark:

Eckert Industrieabbruch – Abbruch in Stuttgart – building deconstruction in stuttgart from High Vision Media on Vimeo.

Video – Historic bridge felled…

Implosion drops cantilever bridge into river below.

Crews demolished the old steel truss on J.M. Walters Bridge yesterday morning.

According to, the Walters Bridge was built in 1934. They said the bridge is an extremely unusual design of cantilever truss bridge. This is largely due to the relatively lightweight and simplistic design of the cantilever.

This bridge is historically significant as an extremely unusual design of cantilever truss, perhaps one of the only examples of a cantilever that was designed to be so simple. Technologically, it is significant for being a creative design for a cantilever truss. It is possible that the simple design was an attempt to reduce the cost of the bridge.

Bosses jailed over fatality cover-up…

Employee “sent to collect harnesses to make it look like accident was dead man’s fault”.

Three company bosses have been jailed following the death of 25-year-old father of one, Benjamin Edge, who fell from a roof he was working on, without safety equipment and in windy conditions.

Following the incident safety failings were covered up, a new risk assessment was written and an employee was “sent home to collect harnesses to make it look like the accident was Edge’s fault, because he had not worn safety equipment” it was reported.

On 10 December 2014, Edge, fell from the roof of a metal structure he was helping to dismantle in Ramsbottom, Bury. He died hours later at Salford Royal Hospital, after suffering catastrophic head injuries. At the time of the fall, he was working for SR and RJ Brown and was working on a site run by Marshalls Mono.

A joint investigation by the Greater Manchester Police alongside the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) looked into the circumstances surrounding Edge’s death.

It was heard in court how MA Excavations Ltd, contracted out the work to brothers Christopher and Robert ‘James’ Brown, directors at SR and RJ Brown Limited.

Mark Aspin, director at MA Excavations Ltd said he believed the Browns were ‘competent’ and could complete the job safely, but the court heard he did not check their qualifications.

Manchester Evening News reported that Robert ‘James’ Brown composed a ‘grossly inadequate’ risk assessment before the job which he did not show to anyone. After the accident, he then typed up another risk assessment, which should have been done beforehand.

Peter Heap, 34, who had been working alongside Edge was asked by Christopher Brown, 25, to go home and collect harnesses to make it look like the accident was Edge’s fault, because he had not worn safety equipment.

SR and RJ Brown Limited, of which brothers Christopher and Robert Brown are directors, was fined £300,000 at Manchester Crown Court after admitting corporate manslaughter.

Christopher Brown and Robert Brown pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and two counts of health and safety breaches. They were jailed for 20 months. A count of manslaughter for the brothers is to lie on file.

Mark Aspin, 37, was sentenced to a year in jail after admitting health and safety offences. MA Excavations Ltd, of Garden Street, Ramsbottom, which contracted out the work – was fined £75,000 after pleading guilty to two health and safety breaches.

Employee Peter Heap, 34, was spared jail after he followed orders to bring safety harnesses to the site after his colleague had fallen to try to conceal what had happened. His four-month sentence for perverting the course of justice, which he had admitted, was suspended for two years.

Read more here.

Crane removal marks milestone…

Demolition of Tilbury Power Station continues with removal of 850 tonne crane unloaders.

Tilbury Power Station reached another milestone in the demolition of the site removing unloaders weighing 850 tonnes.

It said goodbye to two vast coal unloaders that sat on the jetty for more than 25 years.

Better known as the ‘Kones’, after the manufacturer’s name, the two coal unloaders were used to unload coal from the ships that transported coal to the station.

Weighing 850 tonnes, each Kone was 36 metres tall, 46 metres long and 12 metres wide – unloading coal at a rate of up to 1,500 tonnes per hour.

They will be heading to the Netherlands and sold for scrap.

Following the station’s closure in 2013, demolition contractors Brown and Mason began work in January 2016 and said they are progressing well, with larger explosive demolition planned for later this year.

Read more here.

40-watt Club to open Russian branch…

It is incredible that these people manage to breath without outside assistance.

Thanks to countless cartoons, we are all familiar with the image of the man sawing the tree branch upon which he is sitting. Well, multiply that by about 10,000 and you might come close to understanding the stupidity of this dingus.

Just days after we brought you footage of a Russian man attempting to demolish a column by throwing a rock at it comes another film of Russian origin, this one an object lesson in hot not to do hot cutting.

You will be pleased to know that the man lives to tell the tale and one day, possibly to procreate which is a sobering thought for future generations:

Video – Bonn Centre blown…

60 metre tall block downed in seconds.

One of the tallest buildings in the former government district of Bonn, Germany was imploded this weekend.

The 60 metre tall Bonn-Center – with its rotating Mercedes logo on the roof – was felled using approximately 250 kilograms of explosives.

The demolition makes way for the construction of an even taller, 100 metre block.

Video – Curragh stands coming down…

Redevelopment work is underway at the home of Irish horse racing.

As anyone that has even an atom of Irish heritage will tell you, today is St Patrick’s Day. Today is also the culmination of the Cheltenham Festival, a highlight of the jump racing season and another cause for Irish celebration and merriment.

So what better time to bring you a film that brings together all things Irish, all things horse racing and all tings demolition.

As this film sows, redevelopment work at The Curragh – the world-famous spiritual home of Irish horse racing – is now underway. And a PP O’Connor high reach excavator – a long way from its Manchester home – is hard at work taking down one of the stands.

Video – New Jersey demolition makes for awesome film…

Total Wrecking & Environmental takes down former Reichold Chemical Plant.

It is only March but I think we have a contender for the demolition film of the year (although look out for the next Demolition TV – one element will blow your mind!).

This film features the crew at Total Wrecking & Environmental tackling the Reichold Chemical Plant just a stone’s throw from Newark International Airport. In light of the nature of the works, the buildings were built to withstand and contain explosions so the Total team have their work cut out.

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