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Video – Hegarty graduates at Dublin University…

Time-lapse film captures high reach demolition of student accommodation.

This film takes a little while to get going. But when the Hegarty Demolition high reach gets to work, this makes for great viewing as the Oisin House student accommodation block at Dublin University is removed from the city skyline.

TCD Oisín House Accommodation Project – Demolition Phase from Lensmen Construction Time-lapse on Vimeo.

Video – Taking no chances…

Philippines bridge blown to smithereens.

In a week in which a US contractor needed two attempts to fell a bridge in Ohio, it seems that their counterparts in the Philippines were taking no chances when felling the Sabang River Bridge.

As a blaster friend once put it so eloquently: They blew the snot out of this one!

Guest Blog – Letter from America…

Making America green while Making America Great.

We very rarely allow guest blogs here on DemolitionNews. But this article from Atlanta Demolition’ Daniel Spyralatos is both well-considered and timely. So we have gladly made an exception:

daniel spyralatos photo“…Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the change in recent US politics and the new direction in which the United States is heading. This of course affects a bunch of different industries, including the construction industry. Campaign promises talked of great spending in infrastructure and policies that allow construction to basically expand more than ever.

With that in mind, many people with opposing views were and still are very concerned of the environmental effects such policies will have, as basically the focus will be now more on corporate profit rather than keeping an eye on the environment that future generations will be able to enjoy.

Some demolition companies – no matter how hard they get hit by regulations and environmental restrictions – always find ways to cut corners and build their empires with no regards to the side effects. Having said that though, no matter what political party was in power in the US, some contractors (not many but a few) were very much interested in solving these issues. Some basic respect towards environmental principles can be seen by some construction and demolition companies, but only a handful will go the extra mile.

One of those companies is Atlanta Demolition which focuses on recycling all construction materials that are being carried away from the deconstruction site. Materials such as lumber, metals, concrete asphalt etc, are always set aside for recycling purposes. I know that the average deconstruction company will do this. However, this company located in Atlanta, Georgia goes that extra mile and makes sure that those exact materials, are re-used on that exact site. A lot of the stones and dirt can be used for the foundations of the new structures, so they make sure they deliver these materials to the development company that comes in after they’re done.

The point I am trying to make in this short article is: don’t make a general assumption on the ways construction companies (or any company for that matter) operates. Just because some create a bad name, doesn’t mean everyone is in the same boat. Some people care about common good more than others, and don’t need law makers to keep chasing after them to act responsibly. So I think it’s important for everyone to recognize the efforts, some of these companies are making. Let us not judge on a mass scale but instead look at each case separately.

There can definitely be a balance between remaining profitable as a company, and not damaging other people, our values and Mother Nature…”

Video – Second time lucky on Ohio bridge blast…

It took two attempts to fell Ohio’s tallest ridge yesterday.

Two sections of the old Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in Warren County, Ohio failed to collapse as planned during an implosion yesterday. But the bridge that crosses the Little Miami River was eventually brought down with a second blast:

Ohio braced for bridge blast…

State’s tallest bridge scheduled for weekend implosion.

The old southbound span of the Jeremiah Morrow bridge on Interstate 71 in Warren County is to come tumbling down on Sunday.

Contractors and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) were preparing for the implosion of the segments of steel underlying the southbound stretch and not hanging over the Little Miami River.

It is the last structure still standing from the bridge opened to traffic on Nov. 19, 1964. The concrete, and steel overhanging the river, on the southbound span have already been removed.

ODOT replaced the 50-year-old bridge with a new one after six years and $104 million in construction. Final work, including reopening of the rest area, is to completed by July 31.

On Sunday, the implosion will be completed, weather permitting, unless some other problem, such as a safety breech, forces a delay.

Read more here.

Contractor pleads guilty on explosives charges…

Man who narrowly escaped during stack collapse now facing explosives prosecution.

A Pell City contractor pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal explosives storage and record-keeping charges filed after his failed implosion of a 100-year-old smokestack that ended with the structure collapsing on top of the trackhoe he was operating to complete the job (we brought you a video of that collapse and it is reproduced, below).

Timothy Phifer, 54, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Court Judge R. David Proctor to one count of failing to record the acquisition of explosives and one count of improperly storing explosives.

Sentencing is set for 14 August.

Video – Burned-out wind turbine toppled…

Fire-damaged turbine appears to throw up its arms in despair.

Now here’s something you son’t see every day. A giant wind turbine succumbs to an implosion and seemingly throws up its two remaining arms in despair as the blast hits.

The work to drop the 100 metre structure was carried out by Finnish demolition specialist, 1R.

Controlled Demolition of wind turbine from 1R Demolition on Vimeo.

Video – Kentucky bridge felled…

Full-speed and super slo-mo films capture the action as bridge falls into river below.

The problem with bridge implosions – generally – is that they’re over so quickly that you can blink and miss the action.

Not in this instance. Advantage Blasting and Demolition together with Remote Aerial LLC and Kentuckiana Seismic and Survey managed to capture this spectacular bridge blast in both full speed and in super slow motion.

Fleet to be sunk…

M3 services to be demolished after fire.

It is a stopping off point for anyone that has ever driven from Surrey into Hampshire on their way to the coast. But in December last year, the Welcome Break services at Fleet in Hampshire were destroyed in a fire.

Now, somewhat belatedly, the Welcome Break company has submitted plans to demolish the charred remains ahead of a reconstruction of the popular service area.

The firm hopes to start demolition work on 24 April and complete it by 2 June. A new one will then be built in its place, with a planned Easter 2018 opening.

It follows a huge fire that ripped through the service station (see below). Fire crews from across Surrey and Hampshire rushed to the blaze on December 14 at around 10.30pm which left part of the service station in ruins. It took firefighters until 2.30am the following morning to control the flames. The M3 was closed in both directions overnight as smoke billowed across the road.

A large temporary building opened on March 23 and houses a Starbucks, a small Waitrose, Burger King, Harry Ramsdens, WH Smith, Chopstix and a Starbucks Drive Thru.

It will remain in place until the new building is up.

Video – Fantastic Fantozzi…

New York contractor tackles Axinn Avenue demolition.

Check out this awesome new video from the crew at Fantozzi Contracting, charting the company’s demolition works at Axinn Avenue in the Garden City.

We’re not entirely convinced by the soundtrack; but the footage more than make up for it:

Fantozzi Axinn Ave Demolition part 4 from Fantozzi Contracting on Vimeo.

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