Demolition Daily #45

“…greater collaboration will be the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the Coronavirus pandemic…”

In this episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream, we look at the lessons we have learned from a prolonged period of lockdown; the importance of friends and family; why it is better to work for the long-term greater good than for short-term personal gain; and how technology will grease the wheels of change.

Demolition Daily #44

Today’s guest on the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Roland Alford, managing director of Alford Technologies which this weekend carried out an eight chimney implosion in Australia from the comfort of the UK.

The show is brought to you by our t-shirt sponsor for the day, Repalo, the company behind the self-assembly concrete cracker we featured a few months ago:

Geith targeted by thieves…

Major theft from attachments company warehouse.

The Geith warehouse in Deeside outside Liverpool was broken into on Friday night/Saturday morning in what Police believe may have been a steal to order heist targeting high value hydraulic hitches and tilt hitches as well as buckets and other excavator attachments.

Police said the main door was rammed, likely by a large articulated lorry seen on site and the offices were targeted for keys with on site forklifts used to select and load at least one 40 foot trailer.

The warehouse was badly damaged and Police are examining on site video and some evidence left behind.

Anyone with information or who has any suspicions if contacted regarding Geith product for sale is asked to contacted Merseyside Police.

Breaking bread…

Going full circle with a random act of kindness.

Imagine that – as a child – you have watched a school being built. Imagine that you were among the first intake at that school when it first opened. Imagine if your children then subsequently attended that same school. And imagine if your granddaughter was among the last to attend the school before it was demolished directly opposite from the house in which you still live.

Well that was precisely the case with a local resident near Rokeby primary school in Rugby that is currently being demolished by Armac Group on behalf of client BAM Construction.

Upon hearing this tale, Armac’s Lance Hawkins decided that the man in question should get a keepsake from the school he saw built; that taught him, his children and his grandchildren; and that was now being demolished before his eyes.

During the course of the demolition, Armac had uncovered an old sports hall bench that had been locked away in the loft of the building.
Unbeknown to Armac or to the neighbour, Lance turned a part of that bench into a breadboard that he then presented to the gentleman in question.

Armac reports that the neighbour was truly touched by this random act of kindness that simultaneously proved that there is space for consideration in these troubled times while underlining the demolition industry’s prowess in the field of materials recycling and reuse.

Hats off to you Lance – You did Armac and the demolition industry proud.

Alford scores world first…

Eight chimneys felled in contract organised in the UK and conducted in Australia.

UK explosive demolition company Alford Technologies scored a COVID-19 lockdown first when they demolished eight 137 metre tall chimneys in Victoria, Australia using a local team recruited to carry out the demolition after the original UK team were unable to travel to Australia due to the lockdown of Australia’s borders.

The company worked alongside principal contractor Delta Demolition, Australia’s largest demolition contractor, for site owner ENGIE Australia.

Hazelwood Power Station once held the dubious title of the World’s most polluting power station and is now the site of the biggest demolition in the southern hemisphere.

Planning for the demolition took over eight months but after the lockdown took on a different aspect involving late night teams calls and WhatsApp messages to ensure that every detail of the work went to plan. As far as the company is aware, this is the first time 8 chimneys have been demolished as a single event. Approximately 300 kg of explosives were fired over 30 seconds to bring the chimneys down perfectly.

Alford Technologies was the company that was brought in to demolish the remaining half of Didcot Power Station after a tragic accident killed four workers in 2016.

Demolition Daily #43

Brace yourselves – Today’s episode of the Demolition Daly LiveStream contains a rant. It is a sprawling rant of many colours that takes in personal tragedy, eye candy girlfriends in newly-purchased Ferraris, Band Aid, Live Aid, slimming tablets, social media influencers, boob jobs, chocolate fireguards. And construction industry training.

Demolition Daily #42

In this episode we look ahead to the evolution of the brand; how we are embracing video and social media even more; how we will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of an epic trip to Japan.

You can also read about the birth of the Demolition Daily LiveStream here.

Demolition Daly #41

These episodes of the Demolition Daily LiveStream don’t have names If they did, this one would be called “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”.

In this episode, we look at those companies that have pivoted during the current times of crisis; that have thought WAY outside the box to forge new paths through the turbulent waters of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demolition Daily #40

Our guest on today’s episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Richard Dolman of AR Demolition; the soon-to-be president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers.

In a fascinating interview, we look at how AR Demolition has managed to keep some sites open during the OVID-19 lockdown; we touch on the need for innovation; and how we attract young people into the industry.

During the show, I mention Peter Haddock’s excellent interview with Chris Matthew of Flannery Plant Hire. You can hear that episode here.

I also mention the Medium article – Demolition Debunked – You can read that here.

Demolition Daily #39

To mark the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, the latest episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream features Danny Kearney of ProSafe Consultants; a vocal advocate for mental wellbeing.

We look at how the industry requires action to accompany the awareness, discuss whether there is room for kindness in business; and ask how we retain the kindness and gratitude we have shown to NHS workers when the COVID-19 crisis is finally over.