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The Burgundy Beast is here…

The largest-ever edition of Demolition magazine is now available to read.

We owe you each a thank you. For the past four years, we have been building the Demolition magazine to be the biggest and best it can be. And throughout, you have each supported us by downloading and reading the magazine, by subscribing to secure your paper copy, by sharing it with your friends and colleagues, and by advertising within it.

And while we will never be entirely satisfied, the latest issue is a culmination of all that support and encouragement. It is a MASSIVE 102 pages in length, beating our previous record by a full 20 pages; it contains features from across the demolition globe; and it also includes what I believe to be some of our best writing and design work.

As always, you can read it for free just by hitting the play button below or by hitting this link (and if you have an iPad, Issuu magazines look gorgeous on that too). Alternatively, you still have time to subscribe to secure yourself a paper copy of the magazine. You can subscribe here.

We really hope that you enjoy this edition and that you will share it among your friends and colleagues either via email or via social media.

Video – Elevator going down…

How to make a grain elevator significantly shorter.

A 100-year old grain elevator has been pulled own; at least some of it has!

A pair of excavators manage to render the structure topless whilst leaving the main part of the building standing proud if slightly askew.

Video – Ardleigh any bridge left…

Clarke Demolition Company fells London bridge.

Clarke Demolition Company in conjunction with Transport for London has successfully completed the demolition of the eastern side of Ardleigh Green Bridge, which carries the A127 Southend Arterial Road over railway lines in the area.

The bridge removal is part of a programme to improve London’s roads and public spaces, and precedes the construction of a new replacement bridge. The main works are due to finish by the end of 2017.

Video – When demolition goes sideways…

When you want a building to go left, sometimes it goes right.

The Holy Crap Files – our collection of films from demolition’s darkside – has been swelled by another video, this time from the good ol’ US of A.

All looks straightforward enough – Take down a building and allow it to fall into the alleyway just to the left. But whatever you do, don’t let it fall right onto the oddly-named Laundry Mutt building next door.

Video – Munmorrah boiler blast…

Liberty Industrial strikes again.

Two of Munmorah Power Station’s boilers were demolished today using controlled explosive demolition techniques.

The boilers are the largest demolished in Australia so far. They also represent the largest explosive demolition undertaken anywhere in Australia to date. Weighing in at 23,000 tonnes and 60 metres in height it is the heaviest structure to be demolished using explosives in Australia.

Contracted to carry out the demolition of the entire power station, specialist contractor Liberty Industrial used a controlled explosion to bring the boilers down. Following the successful demolition of the chimney stacks in March, the blast is the second of three explosive demolition events to be carried out during the course of the power station’s removal.

The demolition of the 60 metre high, 23,000 tonne boiler house was achieved utilising an engineered induced collapse technique. The process involves a carefully designed and calculated sequence of structural pre-weakening followed by the detonation of strategically placed explosives charges to collapse the structure in a predetermined direction. The technique was used to safely reduce the structure to suitable height for mechanical processing.

Liberty Industrial’s giant demolition excavator will be put to work processing the debris. The machine boasts the largest demolition shear anywhere in the world and will make light work of the large steel members associated with the heavy boilers.

Liberty Industrial Director Simon Gill praised the project team for their efforts. “Another great result for this project. The detailed engineering and meticulous fashion in which these structures were prepared are testament to the calibre of our project team”.
Stephen Saladine, Managing Director of Generator Property Management said “The planning and execution for this activity is a credit to the team. The management of such an event is one that requires many individuals and we’re proud of the progress to-date, for an environmentally friendly outcome.”

One last explosive demolition event is planned for 2017 with the demolition of the remaining boiler house scheduled for September 2017. The removal of the power station is expected to be completed by September 2018.

Video – Chimney collapses on Chinese demolition worker…

Horrific incident caught on camera.

China might have built the world’s largest economy but it still has much to learn about modern health and safety, as this new video proves.

Unfortunately, the country apparently works on the basis that – with a potential workforce of 1 billion people or more – workers are expendable. How else do you explain the working methods shown in this short film.

There is no news at present on the condition of the worker.

Video – Stop the press…

Three months of Tampa Tribune demolition condensed into two minutes.

It’s the end of an era as the Tampa Tribune building is demolished to make way for a new apartment block.

The waterfront property, located on the west side of the Hillsborough River just south of the University of Tampa, was sold to Miami-based Related Group in 2015. The company intends to erect an eight-story, 400-unit apartment complex in its place.

Adamo wins, claims Silver…

Adamo Group selected to demolish Pontiac Silverdome.

The demolition contractor for the Silverdome has been chosen. The Adamo Group, based out of Detroit, will be the contractor to bring down the 80,311-seat abandoned stadium in Pontiac. The confirmation of the selection of the contractor was dated May 10 according to Pontiac Mayor Deirdre Waterman. That’s two days before the deadline outlined by a recent consent agreement between the city of Pontiac and the stadium’s owners, Toronto-based Triple Investment Group, to tear down the Silverdome.

The owners will now have until June 9 to submit specific plans for the demolition to the city.

The consent agreement, from where the deadlines originate, came after the city filed litigation against the Silverdome owners in February. The six complaints alleged violations of building and safety codes, zoning ordinances and the municipal code including the storage of used cars on the property. They were filed about a month after it was found that hundreds of Volkswagen cars, which were bought back by the automaker due to an emissions cheating scandal, were being housed in the parking lot at the Silverdome.

Read more here.

Video – Tennessee twins toppled…

Implosion fells John Sevier Coal Plant stacks.

The John Sevier Fossil Plant’s two smokestacks were brought down with the use of approximately 110 pounds of strategically placed explosives per stack.

The coal burning plant was constructed in 1956 and continued to produce electricity until the new gas plant next door went online in 2012.

“Those stacks are part of the original plant which was built in the 1950s, so they’ve been there for quite some time,” says public relations manager Jom Hopson. “For about the past year and a half we have been in the process of decommissioning the plant, demolishing the components of the old coal plant, and then returning the area to a brownfield development site. The stack demolition that occurred last Saturday was just another milestone in that. It was one of the last of the major components of the plant that were still there.

Video – DSM kicks off at White Hart Lane…

Work starts on demolition of former home of Tottenham Hotspur.

The Tottenham Hotspur team had barely finished their final lap of honour at their former home before the men and machines of DSM were mobilised to begin the demolition of the famous White Hart Lane ground.

The team had just beaten Manchester United (much as West Ham United did in similar circumstances this time last year) to send fans away happy for the final time at this ground.

Tottenham will move to the Wembley Stadium for the 2017.18 season while a new purpose-built ground is erected alongside the former stadium.

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