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Survey – Have You Been a Victim of Double Tendering…?

Take our survey to reveal the true extent of post-tendering negotiation and price-cutting.

surveyIf you are young enough to have Pokemon Go installed on your mobile phone; young enough to consider Kanye West a musician; or if you are young enough to believe premiership footballers to be style icons, then allow me to lay some wisdom upon you.

There was a time when a client would seek tender submissions from a number of demolition contractors; compare them for suitability and value; make a choice; and then stick with it. Weird, huh?

That process still exists but it is now regularly blighted by a further round of post-tender negotiating, haggling and wrangling in which the demolition contractor effectively starts to hand back great big lumps of his hard-earned profit margin to satisfy the insatiable greed of the client.

In addition to credits against scrap and recyclable materials, demolition contractors are increasingly forced to sharpen their pricing pencil post-tender, eroding their profit margins and – effectively – becoming the authors of their own decline.

Of course, this “value engineering” process exists in other market sectors. But nowhere is it as endemic and all-pervading as it is in demolition; an industry sector in which risk is a key component in the pricing of any job.

So where do the savings come from when a client starts to whittle down a supposedly agreed tender price? Well, it’s not wages – They are fixed. It’s not fuel costs as they are beyond the control of the demolition contractor. And it is not insurance, pension contributions, national insurance, haulage or any of the plethora of other unseen intangibles that eat away at the demolition man’s bottom line.

All too often, this margin shaving is met with cutbacks in expenditure on supposed luxuries like training and equipment with contractors doing just enough training to get by, and replacing equipment less frequently than, perhaps, they might like.

Of course, this is the law of diminishing returns made real and, ultimately, it is the client that will suffer from having a contract carried out by men that are not as well trained as they should be using equipment that is, perhaps, past its sell-by date and – therefore – more likely to break down. Ultimately, clients run the risk of saving money at the expense of safety.

Despite all this, it remains an issue that dare not speak its name. Contractors are afraid to speak out lest they find themselves blacklisted; and no-one seems prepared to make a stand against this ill-advised penny pinching.

But we will. If you have any examples of clients forcing you to jump through post-tendering hoops merely to keep a job you already won fair a square, we want to hear about it. We will gladly protect your anonymity and that of your company or organisation.

So if this is an issue you have encountered, please take a moment to complete our (very simple) online survey. It will only take 30 seconds of your time and it might (hopefully) shed more light on the true scale of this problem.

Click here to take the survey.

We will report back soon.

How to Be Accepted to Regis Senior High School in New York

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America Discovered the Dare Stones dispute, at Roanoke Island

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Video – Eastbound and down…

Time-lapse film captures overnight demolition of Michigan’s I-96 bridge.

As part of the I-96/US-23 reconstruction project in Livingston County, this was one of several old bridges along I-96 over US-23 that is being removed now that new bridges have been constructed at the interchange.

Work is moving to the final phase of construction of this two-year project, with completion expected later this year:

Downing the Georgia Dome…

Famous sports stadium to fall before January 2018.

Demolition of the Georgia Dome will be completed before college football’s national championship game comes to the new Falcons stadium next door in January 2018, according to a schedule outlined for a state board Tuesday.

Leaders of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction team told the Georgia World Congress Center Authority board that they are close to choosing a demolition contractor for the Dome and expect to begin salvaging materials from the building in March and to implode it by the fall of 2017.

“There’s a couple different approaches that are being considered … most likely looking at either a single implosion or multiple implosions,” said Wayne Wadsworth, principal in charge of Mercedes-Benz Stadium general contractor Holder Hunt Russell Moody.

The Georgia Dome is the home stadium for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and Georgia State University. It opened in 1992 as the largest cable-supported domed stadium in the world, is located in downtown Atlanta. The Dome was the host to Super Bowl XXVIII and XXXIV, host of the gymnastics and basketball events for the 1996 Olympic Games.

Read more here.

Video – Feeling Chile…

Railway station demolition is a thing of rare beauty.

In the near-decade that DemolitionNews has been open for business, this might be the first time we have reported on a story from Chile.

But the high reach demolition of a railway station building makes it well worth the wait:

Demolition consultant found not guilty…

Exonerated, but “angry as Hell.”

An Oakland County jury today found a demolition consultant not guilty of attempting to overbill the Detroit Land Bank Authority of about $6,300.

An angry Barry Ellentuck said after the verdict was read that he still hasn’t been vindicated because the corruption he reported in Detroit’s demolition program is still being investigated.

“I’ve been exonerated but I haven’t been vindicated,” he said outside of Oakland County Circuit Court. “We’ve reported $37 million in public corruption and collusion and it’s not over yet. So I’m angry as hell.”

Ellentuck’s attorney, Joe Lavigne, said they will now weigh their options, which include a lawsuit against the state for malicious prosecution. During the five-day trial, Lavigne portrayed the attorney general’s investigation into Ellentuck as hasty and superficial.

Read more here.

Video – J. Bryan (Victoria) fells Warrington car park…

Contractor fast-tracks car park demolition.

It was as if contractor J. Bryan (Victoria) Ltd had somewhere better to go. Ably assisted by C&D Consultancy, the company, which had allowed the entire weekend to fell this multi-storey car park in Warrington, was wrapped up almost 24 hours early.

Video – Eggners Ferry Bridge falls…

Drone captures spectacular bridge implosion.

After being delayed 23 minutes, the implosion of the old Eggners Ferry Bridge in Kentucky went off without any complications as hundreds watched from the Kenlake State Park.

Video Exclusive – DSM earns its Spurs…

The famed home of Tottenham Hotspur football club is coming down.

It is a long time since a team from the Midlands performed a demolition at White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur football club.

But where the likes of Aston Villa, Birmingham and Wolverhapmtpon Wanderers have failed, demolition giant DSM has succeeded, as this exclusive new DemolitionNews video proves.

Video – Demolition TV Episode #3 is almost here…

Check out the exclusive trailer.

And they said it wouldn’t last! Episode 3 of Demolition TV is in the can and will air on Friday this week.

Featuring an exclusive interview with the Alford Technologies team that successfully brought down the remaining section of the Didcot A Power Station boiler house, the film looks at some of the advanced explosive techniques used in this challenging operation and the remotely controlled equipment used to place the explosives within a potentially unstable building.

The interview offers a fascinating insight into how this mission was planned and carried out using techniques borrowed from bomb disposal applications, and provides an insight into the possible future of explosive demolition methods.

If you can’t wait till Friday, here’s a sneak preview:

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