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Sorry for our absence…

We’re back baby!


Regular readers of DemolitionNews (and if you’re one of them, then thank you) will have noticed that the site has been about as busy as a Hilary Clinton celebration party this past 12 days. And the reason is as unlikely as it was painful.

In September last year, my appendix imploded – A full-on, internal organ-poisoning, bowel-rupturing blast that would surely have registered on the Richter scale such was the force of the blast. In June this year, the shattered remains of that appendix were surgically removed and all – apparently – was right with my inner world.

Then on Saturday 19 November, I experienced a pain that was all too familiar and was rushed – sirens wailing and blue lights flashing – into hospital where I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis of the 5 mm or so that remains of the pointless organ.

I have subsequently spent 12 days flat on my back being pumped full of so many antibiotics that I am currently very close to being immortal.

And so, in a year in which I have spent more than two months In hospital or recuperating AFTER being in hospital, I am back.

And normal service will resume just as soon as I have cleared the email backlog.

Thanks for your patience.

Video – Woodlands Bridge blasted…

Clarke Demolition Company carries out overnight bridge implosion.

Clarke Demolition Company carried out the successful implosion of the Woodlands Bridge over the M3 near Windlesham in Surrey last weekend as part of a £174 million project to improve journeys.

The bridge, which carried Woodlands Lane over the M3 between junction 2 (for the M25) and junction 3 (at Lightwater), will be rebuilt next year as the M3 is upgraded to a smart motorway.

Video – Tragic waterslide to be demolished…

World’s tallest vertical waterslide axed after boy is killed.

The world’s tallest waterslide will be torn down in the wake of the accidental death of a 10-year-old boy.

Caleb Thomas Schwab, the son of a Kansas state legislator, suffered broken neck while on the slide – the specific details surrounding his death have not been revealed.

The 17-storey Verrückt waterslide in the Schillterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kansas will be removed after an investigation into the boy’s death is complete, officials announced.

The slide, which stands a 51.38 metres above the grounds, sends riders in multi-person rafts up to speeds of 70 mph.

Two women who were in the same raft as Caleb were later treated for facial injuries. An anonymous source close to the investigation told AP the boy had been “decapitated”.

Verrückt, which is German for “Insane”, is taller than the Statue of Liberty from the torch to the top of its pedestal.

Read more “>here, or view the video below:

Video – Train wreck…

Shear makes light work of Italian train demolition.

Over years, we have brought you footage showing the demolition of just about every kind of transport vehicle from ships and aircraft carriers to aeroplanes. But this – I think – is the first time we have featured the systematic demolition of a train carriage:

Video – AR tips tower…

AR Demolition delivers another impressive contract; ATGO delivers another stunning video.

Award-winning contractor AR Demolition has brought home another complex and challenging demolition contract, this time within the confines of Ford’s famous Dagenham car plant.

And the entire process was captured by the UK’s leading purveyor of cinema-quality demolition video, ATGO.

Video – 40-watt club recruits another…

You cut the base out of a concrete tower. What did you think would happen?

Any demolition method that requires the operative involved to possess the speed of Usain Bolt and the reflexes of a startled cat must surely be questionable.

And yet, time and again, YouTube throws up examples of these oxygen thieves risking their lives through a complete lack of foresight.

Video – Dude, where’s my surf shed…?

Authorities move in to demolish home of notorious surf gang.

For years, violence and intimidation have ensured that the Bay Boys – a Californian surf gang – have had the waves at Lunada Bay all to themselves.

But using a combination of jackhammers and demolition crews dropped onto the surf by helicopter, the Bay Boys’ fortress-like club house will soon be no more as this local TV news station reports:

Video – Last span standing…

Rakowski fells last vestiges of Saskatoon Traffic Bridge.

39,852 days after the first vehicle crossed Saskatoon’s Traffic Bridge, the last remaining span of the historic bridge fell yesterday.

The Traffic Bridge opened on Oct. 10, 1907, as part of a 1906 agreement to form the City of Saskatoon by joining the east-side community of Nutana with the west-side communities of Saskatoon and Riversdale.

The provincial government paid the $106,000 cost to build the bridge. It was closed in August 2010 after it was deemed structurally unsound.

But yesterday, Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking brought the bridge’s story to a fittingly spectacular conclusion:

Read more here, or view the video below:

JCB gets windy…

Manufacturing plant struck by mini tornado.

dsc_5719As digger enthusiasts will tell you, JCB is a global manufacturer that has 22 factories spread across four continents. So when new reached us of a mini tornado temporarily ceasing production, we were not entirely surprised. Those foreign climes in Asia and North and South America can be a bit sketchy at times.

So imagine our surprise when we leared that the mini tornado had hit the company’s World Headquarters in Rocester in Staffordshire where “extreme weather” normally means a bit more rain than usual.

Yesterday, hurricane force winds tore into the side of the factory where backhoe loaders are produced, causing a wall to collapse and windows to fall to the ground.  Production was suspended for 30 minutes while safety checks were carried out. Clear up operations then began and the area beyond the wall declared safe for production to continue. No-one was injured in the incident and the area has now been cordoned off.

JCB Backhoe Assembly Manager Richard Williams, of Stramshall, near Uttoxeter, said: “I was about 30 yards away at the time and I heard an enormous crash. I turned around and saw the wall and the windows had come out and a big whirlwind of leaves and branches blowing around outside. Luckily no-one was in the vicinity at the time.”

A JCB spokeman said: “Shortly after midday the skies blackened and powerful winds moved in, literally whipping up big waves on the lake at the front of the factory. Employees who have been here for decades said they had never seen anything like it.”

Video – Face of the future…

C&D Consultancy’s Matt Birch on his aspirations for the new Demolition Degree.

As we reported recently, the Institute for Demolition Engineers (IDE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Wolverhampton that will see bespoke courses developed to give more than 100 people every year the chance to study for a Bachelor of Science or Masters of Science Demolition and Restoration Management in the Built Environment degree.

Wolverhampton-born Matt Birch, a trainee Demolition Engineer at C&D Consultancy, is one of the first individuals to sign up for the new Demolition Degree. In this video, he explain more about his hopes and aspirations for this world-leading course.

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