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Video – Millnocket Mill felled…

Raw footage captures implosion of giant stack.

The Polar Vortex is depositing large swathes of the US with a thick blanket of snow. But that did not deter the crew at Dykon Explosives dropping a giant stack at Millnocket, Maine earlier today.

Check out the raw, snow-capped amateur footage below:

Video – The disappearing tower block…

PP O’Connor eats tower block alive.

PP O’Connor was engaged to carry out the safe demolition of two 17-storey concrete tower blocks and 1960’s three storey maisonette as part of a major new housing project in Blackpool.

When completed, the project will see 198 new affordable homes at the town’s Queens Park housing estate.

Video – Top 10 demolition failures…

A compilation of shame – Just pray your company isn’t featured.

The public has an endless and insatiable fascination with demolition and the filming of demolition events. And so it was only a matter of time until one of them compiled a “fail file” collating some of the worst (though, thankfully, not tragic) demolition fails of recent years.

The explosives side of the demolition trade does not fare particularly well in this cavalcade of calamity. But, as we all know, gravity can be a challenging mistress.

And the final clip in which an entire building is peeled banana-like from an internal (and fiercely stubborn) lift shaft really is just bad luck writ large.

We hope you enjoy the show and, moreover, we hope your company isn’t among those featured:

Video – One L of a bang…

CDI fells L furnace at Bethlehem Steel.

If it’s a slow news day in the wide and often weird world of demolition, our default reaction is to turn to the YouTube channel of Controlled Demolition Inc. to see what they have blasted recently. And we are rarely disappointed.

Once again they have come to our rescue with a new film capturing the explosive felling of the 87 metre tall, structural steel down-comer and ash bin elements of the “L” Furnace at the former Bethlehem Steel Plant in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

Liberty bangs the Gong…

Aussie contractor shows its caring side.

Gong RideA 10-strong team of cyclists from Liberty Industrial set off to conquer the Sydney to Wollongong ride, a 90 km trek through the southern suburbs of Sydney and eventually into “The Gong”. The crew was made up of employees from the Clyde Refinery decommissioning project in Sydney, New South Wales.

Starting in St Peter’s park on a Cool Spring morning the riders followed the picturesque Eastern coast line, through Botany Bay over the Captain cook bridge, through the Royal National park, around the sea cliff bridge, and into Wollongong.

With head winds gusting up to 35 km per hour the guy’s battled on being forced to lean into the wind to simply stop them from being blown of their bikes. The hilly terrain took its toll on the riders as the mid-morning sun hit 25 degrees. All 10 of the riders successfully completed the course and retired to the Towradgi Beach hotel for copious amounts of liquid antiseptic before the support crew assisted them in getting back to Sydney.

The annual event is organised by Multiple Sclerosis Australia and raises millions of dollars for the cause, Liberty finished up on the day with contribution of $2500.00.

Jobs – Join an award winner…

J. Bryan (Victoria) throws its award-winning hat into the recruitment ring.

Fresh off the back of winning the Collaboration Award at the recent World Demolition Awards, leading North West of England contractor J. Bryan (Victoria) has set off on a recruitment hunt.

With a series of high-profile, ongoing and upcoming contracts under its belt (including one in Yorkshire that will require workers for long hours/shifts) the company is currently seeking:

  • Business development manager
  • Operations manager
  • Contracts manager
  • Site Managers
  • High Reach drivers
  • Excavator Drivers
  • Top Men
  • Ground Burners

To be considered for any of these roles and to become a part of an award-winning team, please send your CV to

Bird brained

Nesting cormorants delay Bay Bridge demolition by six months.

The demolition of the Bay Bridge’s old eastern span will be delayed for at least six months because of nesting birds that refuse to vacate the structure.

The plan was to build new nesting areas on the new eastern span for the hundreds of cormorants, that have called the old span home for as long as it’s been standing, but that has not gone accordingly.

“Despite installing mirrors, installing recording devices to make it look like there are a bunch of birds already there—those birds have not been fooled,” Metropolitan Transportation Commission spokesman John Goodwin said. “We need to take what are known as additional bird mitigation measures and that may include more extensive use of netting.”

While the work to demolish the bridge’s cantilever sections continues, work to tear down two other truss sections will be delayed until Caltrans can come up with another plan. Goodwin said that, currently, they don’t have another other ideas on how to get the birds to moves.

Read more here.

Video – Surrounded on all sides…

Contractor carries out demolition in midst of Kuala Lumpur’s concrete jungle.

Demolition, as we all know, clears away the old to make way for the new. But in some cases, the sequence gets all out of kilter and the old to be removed and replaced is already surrounded by the new.

Check out the location of this demolition by our new friends at Central Geo in Malaysia. The contract takes place surrounded on all sides by new tower blocks of literally dizzying heights.

A tragic contract…

H.E. SERVICES helps put April Jones case to rest

HE BridgerH.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. has supplied machines for the demolition of the home of Mark Bridger, who was convicted of the murder of schoolgirl, April Jones in 2013.

Work has just started to demolish the house in Ceinws, Powys after having been purchased by the Welsh Government at the request of April’s parents, Coral and Paul.

The roof has already been pulled down. Demolition is expected to be completed on Monday 17th November 2014.

The thoughts and prayers of all staff at H.E. SERVICES, are with the family of April Jones at this difficult time.

Video – Executive Hotel blast in detail…

A closer look at the blast that stopped Atlanta in its tracks.

Just a few weeks ago, we brought you some rough, ready and raw footage of the explosive demolition of the Executive Hotel in Atlanta, yeah, you know the one that scared the bejeezus out of the dog.

Well now we have got our paws on a professional quality film of that blast and it is well worth a viewing (unless you’re a dog).

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