Mark Anthony is away

DemolitionNews founder and Break Fast Show host Mark Anthony is travelling on business from Monday 25 to Friday 29 September, starting in Ireland and ending in Italy. Although we will still be responding to emails, the offices of DemolitionNews will be closed during this time. While the office is closed, please take the opportunity to…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #583

In today’s show: How Volvo Finance helped a US contractor realise his dream; we’re aiming high with Montabert attachments; and mailed it – How a young woman has tamed a big Cat ADT. PLUS JCB puts a new spin on the notion of Dancing Diggers. And on top of all that, we have some Kent…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #578

The Break Fast Show host Mark Anthony is still away so he has left toda’;s show in the very capable hands of our new AI news anchor: Miss Demi Lition. So join Demi as she brings you the very latest in construction tech from across the globe. Mark Anthony is scheduled to return on Friday.

The Break Fast Show #574

In today’s show: Komatsu is about to unveil its Smart Quarry system and we have the low-down. Develon has developed its first electric mini excavator; Wirtgen’s super-fast super-highway; and giant steps are what you take, working on the moon. PLUS there is a Bobcat scale model up for grabs too. Join us LIVE for your…Read moreRead more

Demolition and the RAAC debacle

And so, predictably, the Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) crisis has come home to roost. The Government’s policy of educating our young and treating our sick in schools and hospitals procured and constructed as cheaply as possible has now turned around and bitten politicians on their pasty, privileged posteriors. Concerns over RAAC have been common…Read moreRead more

Spanish power station popped

Demolition contractors have this afternoon carried out the explosive demolition of the Compostilla thermal power plant, in the Bierzo region of Spain.

The Break Fast Show #564

In today’s show: Caterpillar prepares for battle in Robot Wars; we’re looking at what goes into the construction of a Liebherr mining truck; and we’re scrolling through the controls with John Deere. PLUS we have a very unusual blast from the past – A high speed Zettelmeyer wheeled dozer. Join us LIVE for your daily…Read moreRead more

According to plan

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors, the Institute of Demolition Engineers and the Health and Safety Executive have joined forces to deliver a series of what are described as “demolition planning masterclasses” for clients tendering demolition works. According to the NFDC, the talks will help clients ensure they are aware of the relevant safety and…Read moreRead more

The BIG Kinshofer Giveaway Show

Kinshofer is a recognised leader in the field of attachments, offering a comprehensive of innovative solutions across a range of applications. And we are going to be celebrating that innovation with an evening show dedicated entirely to Kinshofer and featuring never-seen-before video footage. In addition, we will be giving away LOTS of prizes including high…Read moreRead more

C&D pivot pays dividends

Earlier this year, C&D Demolition Consultants changed its name to C&D Engineering Consultants to reflect its broader and more comprehensive service offering and its growing presence in mainstream construction. That pivot has now paid dividends. Having worked closely with a major Turkish company to provide principal designer and health and safety services during the demolition…Read moreRead more