Massive bridge blast

The Northern part of the Eisern Viaduct in Siegen, Germany has been felled in a controlled blast. According to reports, 61 kg of explosives was used to bring down the motorway bridge, which was up to 50 metres high and weighed 12,300 tons. The bridge will be replaced by a new building that can cope…Read moreRead more

Maine bridge blasted…

The Maine Department of Transport has used explosives to demolish the old Beals Island Bridge, which connects the towns of Beals and Jonesport in Maine.

Bridge blown

Union Pacific Railroad demolished a portion of the Tempe Town Lake Train Bridge at 8:13 a.m. on August 2, 2020 to facilitate debris removal. Once the area is clear, reconstruction will begin.

Orchestral implosions…

Bridge blasts set to music. It appears that someone at the Illinois Department of Transportation had some time on their hands. They have been back through the state archives, gathered together some epic bridge blast footage, and set the entire thing to the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

A bridge no more…

The Bridge Busters strike again. It is as if Armac Group was once offended or abused by a bridge and have since undertaken to destroy any bridges that cross their path. The company continued its one-firm war against bridge-kind this past weekend, demolishing another bridge over the M27 at Romsey before handing the road below…Read moreRead more

Tres bien…

French bridge demolition is a mini epic. Even though Brexit might eventually remove my requirement to do so, it is to my eternal shame that I cannot speak the language of our nearest neighbours; the French. Sure, I can can say please () and thank you (merci). If my memory serves me correctnly, a wasp…Read moreRead more

Bridge demo on track…

Time-lapse captures weekend railway bridge demolition. A programme that called for the demolition of 12 bridges to facilitate the electrification of the rail network between Bedford and Corby has come to a close with the completion of the final bridge demolition. The Bromham Road Bridge was demolished on 2 November. And the action is captured…Read moreRead more

Documenting a mammoth project

Washington State Department of Transportation video follows viaduct demolition. The Alaskan Way Viaduct was a double-deck concrete highway that marked Seattle’s waterfront for more than 60 years. Old and seismically vulnerable, crews began carefully demolishing the roadway in February 2019. In September 2019 they brought down the final section of double-deck highway. This video captures…Read moreRead more

Doomed bridge downed…

Explosive end for collapsed Italian bridge that killed 43. Demolition and explosive engineers have today carried out a controlled blast to bring down two remaining sections of Genoa’s Morandi Bridge that collapsed last August. Forty-three people were killed when part of the bridge, and cars travelling along it, fell 45 metres. Today’s blast dropped around…Read moreRead more

Bridge Busters at Bar Hill

Armac Group chalks up another successful bridge demolition. Another weekend, another bridge and another text-book demolition by the Bridge Busters team at Armac Group. This time, the team took its immense firepower to a bridge over the A14 at Bar Hill near Longstanton. what more can we say?