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Advertiser Testimonials

“…Demolition News is, for C&D Consultancy, the leading website for advertising referrals and business opportunities as the demolition specific content, that changes regularly through the day, acts to inform the visitor to the site as to how demolition should be done and where to find information about those demolitions.
We have found that our level of enquiry increases dramatically when an advertisement or article of ours is featured on, or linked to Demolition News and as such, we do everything that we can to keep them informed of new orders or new courses launched.
It is our opinion that Demolition News is the leading provider of demolition related news information on the web…”
John Woodward, managing director of C&D Consultancy and immediate Past President of the Institute of Demolition Engineers

“..As a specialist supplier, we monitor our advertising spend very closely. DemolitionNews.com provides us with a constant flow of good quality leads and sales…”
Mike Johnson, managing director, Active Workwear

“…We need to be sure that we get a return on every penny we spend on advertising. DemolitionNews gives us excellent value and, more importantly, excellent sales leads…”
Sean Heron, managing director, Dig A Crusher

“…When we started The Construction Network (tCn), we were seeking to engage with responsive, engaged and web-savvy professionals from across the built environment. Our presence on DemolitionNews attracts sector specific people and has been invaluable in helping us attract new members to our site…”
Ryan Briggs, founder, The Construction Network (tCn).

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