Bridge blown

Union Pacific Railroad demolished a portion of the Tempe Town Lake Train Bridge at 8:13 a.m. on August 2, 2020 to facilitate debris removal. Once the area is clear, reconstruction will begin.

Demolition worker fights for life

Shannon Brasier struck by digger while at work in Essex. A young demolition worker is fighting for life after she was hit in the head by a JCB while at work. The Evening Standard is reporting that Shannon Brasier, 20, from Dagenham, has a brain injury, severe damage to her facial bones, a broken back…Read moreRead more

Business Briefing for July 2020

As parts of the country are plunged back into lockdown, the UK construction industry enjoyed an above average month for new contract awards to further confound industry analysts. In this exclusive interview, we speak to Neil Edwards, CEO of market intelligence provider Builders Conference to find out more:

Demolition LIVE – Combatting the urban explorers

Urban exploration is a growing craze among young people attempting to achieve Internet fame and notoriety by breaking into demolition and construction sites to capture a photo or film of themselves stood atop a building with the cityscape stretching away far below. So how does the industry protect against these urban explorers, crane climbers and…Read moreRead more

Hard Rock recovery underway…

Demolition of New Orleans’ Hard Rock hotel commences. A little over nine months after the Hard Rock hotel construction site partially collapsed in the New Orleans French Quarter a move to remove the bodies of two of the men who perished in the collapse has finally gained steam. New Orleans Fire Chief Tim McConnell said…Read moreRead more

Explosive prison break

Implosion fells North Carolina facility. This weekend saw the explosive demolition of North Carolina’s Western Youth Institute, commonly known as the High Rise Prison.

Orchestral implosions…

Bridge blasts set to music. It appears that someone at the Illinois Department of Transportation had some time on their hands. They have been back through the state archives, gathered together some epic bridge blast footage, and set the entire thing to the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

Mind-blowing demolition footage….

Demolition like you have never seen it before. Drones are now part and parcel of many demolition companies’ tool-kit. From surveying sites to producing high-end, cinematic marketing materials, drones offer a totally new perspective on the demolition process. But very few offer a perspective quite like this. So sit back, hold onto your breakfast, and…Read moreRead more

Pistons’ Palace sent packing…

Weekend implosion fells former Detroit sporting/music venue. The structure of The Palace of Auburn Hills was imploded Saturday morning, July 11, 2020, ending a process of dismantling that began in February. The former home of the Detroit Pistons hosted its last NBA game on April 11, 2017 and Bob Seger performed the venue’s last concert…Read moreRead more

Demolition LIVE goes Anglo-Australian

The global reach of the Demolition LiveStream knows no bounds. After a brief – but much needed – hiatus, Demolition LIVE is back; and it’s back with a bang, taking on its first-ever Anglo-Australian LiveStream. Our special guest is Stefan Sciessere of Victoria-based Stemolition to talk origin stories, lockdowns, mental health and much more besides.