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Video – DSM giant tackles Edgbaston tower…

70-metre Caterpillar high reach shows what it’s made of. A few months ago, DSM Group’s massive Caterpillar 6015B went to work taking down the 20-storey Edgbaston House tower block. That demolition is now complete and a time-lapse film of the demolition process has been released that shows the entire demolition process. But it also served […]

Video Exclusive – Rye Demolition in action…

The first film from our new-look YouTube channel. So it turns out that we have been doing YouTube all wrong. Rather than saving up our content and then hitting you with a 30-minute episode once every six weeks, the video platform would prefer us to broadcast (ideally) weekly. And since they offer creators like us […]

Video – Plant Mitchell stack dropped…

Controlled implosion fells 152 metre chimney. Crews braved freezing temperatures in Albany, Georgia this weekend to carry out the precise explosive demolition of a giant 152 metre tall stack that has stood sentinel over Georgia Power’s Plant Mitchell plant for over 65 years.

Video – New DemoExpo trailer…

The excitement is building as more exhibitors sign up to be part of the show. At the time of writing, the DemoExpo 2019 exhibition is 233 days away. And the excitement is building. A number of big-name exhibitors have already stated their intention to exhibit at the show; and many more about to do so […]

Video – More big bangs at Longannet…

Another day, another successful Brown and Mason blast. Power stations across the land must tremble at the very mention of the name Brown and Mason. Because it seems that rarely a week goes past when the company isn’t consigning one of these mammoth plants to the pages of history. Late last week it was the […]

Video – Squibb deploys Diplodocus…

Scrap Kings TV show captures demolition of Anglesey smelting plant. A new video from Quest TV, the production company behind the Scrap Kings show, gets up close and personal with Squibb Group as the company tackles a former smelting plant in Anglesey. The company starts on the building known as the Bakehouse, one of the […]

Video – They do things differently in the Philippines…

This video gives a whole new meaning to the term unnecessary risk. Under normal circumstances, we like to put our own spin on the content of any video we pull in from YouTube. But, in this instance, we will just let the cameraman’s commentary tell the story because – even in our wildest dreams we […]

Video – Priestly works through the night…

Epic video captures overnight Canadian bridge demolition. As a result of wear and tear, part of the 401 Highway bridge over Dufferin Street in Toronto, Canada needed demolishing. Priestly demolition took on the task during a tight overnight possession. The process is captured in this excellent video (below):

Video – Boiler goes BOOM!

North Dakota plant falls to CDI’s explosive power. Controlled Demolition, Inc (CDI), acting as explosives subcontractor to main demolition contractor, GSD Companies of Houston, has carried out the explosives handling operations to fell the 255’ tall, brick-lined concrete chimney, the Hung Boiler portions of Unit #1 and Unit #10 and fracturing of Unit #1 turbine […]

Video – DemoExpo 2019 Trailer #3

These companies will be there. Will you? It is almost 10 months away; but already the DemoExpo 2019 is taking shape with some truly awesome companies scheduled to exhibit at what promises to be the industry’s big event of the year. If you’re in the demolition business, get those dates in your diary. And if […]

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