An explosive combination

Alford Explosive Demolitions Limited has agreed a memorandum of understanding with Dykon Explosive Demolition Corp in the US.
This new partnership celebrates a collaboration which has been informally in place for some time.

With an extensive background in developing and testing innovative explosive tools, Alford Explosive Demolitions is the newest addition to the family of companies that make up the Alford Group, with patented products across the explosive products range.

Dykon is a US-based explosive demolition company with expertise built up over more than four decades of explosive commercial demolitions across the Americas.

Alford operates globally but do not undertake demolitions in the United States. The collaboration between Dykon and Alford will enable both companies to jointly expand into markets where their combined team services will support clients in dismantling and demolishing projects worldwide.

The first example was when Dykon’s VP of explosive demolition – Ron Gilbert – joined the Alford team to assist on the most recent phase of Australia’s biggest ever demolition project, Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria. This first collaboration proved great compatibility between the two companies who share very similar explosive DNA.

Roland Alford Managing Director of Alford Explosive Demolition said: “I am proud to be able to work with Dykon. Their knowledge and experience are second to none and it is personally very exciting to be able to work with and learn together. This collaboration will allow Alford’s to benefit from this knowhow which, combined with our own product range and R&D capabilities, will allow us to innovate and improve on tried and tested methods. This will bring efficiencies, new capabilities, improvements in safety- all demanded by clients more and more.”

The closure of many of the world’s most polluting power stations, over the next decade, is essential for improving safer, environmentally friendly energy production sources. The explosive skill teamwork combining Dykon, and Alford is keen to educate, grow future generations of productive safe personnel, provide safe explosive demolition products and expand global operations.

It’s no small coincidence that, with the future of power generation being discussed at COP26 in Glasgow this year, there is likely to be an acceleration of the closure of fossil fuelled coal, gas, and oil powered stations across the northern hemisphere in the next decade.

The Dioplex family of user-filled, customisable linear cutting charges, used extensively by Alford Explosive Demolition, are becoming the ‘go to’ shaped charge for operations in the UK and overseas. Being user-filled at time of use, has great benefits when working around the world as it removes the need to ship filled explosive charges which is often prohibitively expensive and difficult. The innovative construction dramatically reduces fragmentation produced.

“We saw the capabilities of Alford Explosive charges, application and Teamwork preform,” concludes Dykon founder/owner Jim Redyke. “We’re extremely happy to have these products and the staff at Alfords to call upon for our projects in the future.”