DSM blasts Eggborough DA bay

On 1 June 2022, DSM successfully demolished the former 5,000 ton DA Bay structure at the former Eggborough Power station plant. This phase of the demolition was the forth successful explosive demolition in the ongoing redevelopment of the site which is earmarked for mixed use regeneration in a Joint Venture by St Francis Group and…Read moreRead more

Ferrybridge finale

They have stood sentinel over the Ferrybridge Power Station in Knottingley for decades. But last night, the final three cooling towers fell to bring the demolition of the power station one step closer to completion whilst simultaneously putting another nail in the coffin of the UK’s coal-fuelled past.

Bunker bay blasted

Late last year, DSM Demolition carried out the explosive demolition of the iconic cooling towers at Eggborough Power Station in North Yorkshire. This weekend, the company turned its explosive attention to the bunker bay at the power station.

DSR drops Stewartby stacks…

Years of planning and preparation came to an end yesterday when the last four chimneys at Stewartby Brickworks were demolished. DSR Demolition made a mark on history by safely bringing the chimneys down in a controlled explosion. DSR’s Simon Ogden was chosen for the job as he has demolished chimneys there in the past. Special…Read moreRead more

Breaking News – Ferrybridge felled…

In the past few minutes, the explosive demolition team at Keltbray has carried out the controlled demolition of the boiler house and two stacks at the Ferrybridge Power Station in the North of England. At 198-metres high, the two chimney stacks were the tallest structures at the iconic Ferrybridge site. This blowdown follows the successful…Read moreRead more

Birchwood blast…

CDI’s one company mission to erase the US’ industrial past continues apace. This time around, the highly prolific blasting specialist has fixed its sights on a 121 metre (399 feet) tall, reinforced concrete chimney located at the Birchwood Power Plant in King George, Virginia On this occasion, Controlled Demolition, Inc was acting as explosives subcontractor…Read moreRead more

Tragic block demolished as storm approaches…

The remaining part of a Miami area condo that collapsed on 24 June has been demolished ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa. A decision to move up the demolition was taken amidst the threat of a secondary collapse that could potentially endanger rescue crews still searching through the rubble. Meanwhile, officials said the…Read moreRead more

Safedem’s Colombian blend…

The former headquarters of the Minesterio de Defence Nacional (Ministry of Defence) in Bogota, Colombia has been demolished by explosives. The project was delivered by an international consortia led by Colombian contractor Yamill Montenegro, with international explosives engineers Safedem from UK, and Spanish contractor dMol. The (up to) 7 storey complex of structures (with over…Read moreRead more

Stack blast lets in the sun…

Controlled blast fells Florida’s last coal stack. Florida Power & Light imploded the towering chimney stack of its last coal-fired generating plant yesterday, a milestone in its transition to cleaner energy sources. The former coal-fired plant is scheduled to be replaced by a solar powered solution.

A celebration of the blaster’s art

Four and a half minutes of explosive awesomeness. Explosive demolition might account for only a small percentage of all the demolition that takes place around the world. But there is no denying that it’s the part of the sector the public finds most fascinating. Well, the secret to online success is giving the public what…Read moreRead more