VIDEO EXCLUSIVE – In conversation with David Wylie

Books about heavy equipment are – unfortunately – few and far between. And good books about heavy equipment are about as common as hen’s teeth. But a new book is about to be added to the industry pantheon. It is written by David Wylie, an author who already has two previous equipment-related books under his…Read moreRead more

The CMA Files brought to book

Earlier this week, we broadcasted the final (for now) episode of The CMA Files audio podcast. As we planned from the outset, the show will then go into stasis while the Competition and Markets Authority packages up the findings of its three-year investigation into alleged collusion within the UK demolition industry. However, such has been…Read moreRead more

A Site for Sore Eyes II…

What do you buy the demolition man or woman in your life this Christmas? How about a copy of A Site for Sore Eyes II by DemolitionNews founder, Mark Anthony? The brand-new book is a collection of articles, essays and columns from the year 2021 as the demolition industry enjoyed an uptick in workloads offset…Read moreRead more

Sustainable past. Sustainable future?

There is a strange paradox at work within the construction sector right now. Even while world leaders gathered in Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference, architects and specifiers are continuing to design buildings with elements that will be difficult and – in many cases- impossible to recycle and reuse in the future. The bitter irony…Read moreRead more

Dangerous Structures brought to book

When the great and the good of the global demolition industry sit down to select a winner for their next “contribution to demolition award”, the first name on their list should be Paul Ford of Deconstruct. To the best of my knowledge, he doesn’t subscribe to industry associations and memberships. But trust me when I…Read moreRead more

An appointment with Dr Demolition…

Terry Quarmby’s blunt and honest autobiography is OUT NOW. “…As blunt as a wrecking ball; as abrasive as reinforced concrete; and as tough and uncompromising as the industry he helped shape…” The new book from Dr Terry Quarmby is everything you would expect from the straight-talking, no-nonsense former president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers….Read moreRead more

JCB brought to book…

A new book celebrating JCB’s 75 years in business has been published – just in time for Christmas. The 144-page JCB Scrapbook has just come off the presses to mark 75 years of engineering innovation. With more than 400 photographs – some published for the first time ever – it promises to be a treat…Read moreRead more

It’s spooky time…

“Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand”. Halloween is almost upon us. So it is time to resurrect the world’s first demolition ghost story – The Girl in the Green Coat. Available 100% FREE in both ebook and audio versions, the book was orginally published this time last year and…Read moreRead more

Instagram Impact…

DemolitionNews unveils new guide to the world’s fastest-growing social platform. DemolitionNews acquired its 90,000th follower on the Instagram social media platform recently. I say that not to boast or to stroke my already inflated self-worth; I say that because, having grown our Instagram following from around 15,000 to 90,000 in just over a year, I’d…Read moreRead more

Giving for Redcar…

Buy a book. Better still, make a donation. It is the morning of Sunday 22 September. The news of the tragic accident at SSI Redcar is still raw, and the ensuing investigation has barely begun. But, in typically generous fashion, there are already moves within the industry to help raise funds for the families of…Read moreRead more