The CMA Files brought to book

Earlier this week, we broadcasted the final (for now) episode of The CMA Files audio podcast. As we planned from the outset, the show will then go into stasis while the Competition and Markets Authority packages up the findings of its three-year investigation into alleged collusion within the UK demolition industry.

However, such has been the popularity of the podcast that we have now taken the script for all the episodes and turned the show into a book called – predictably – The CMA Files. And that book is on sale NOW for just £5.00.

Our patrons have already received a copy of the book FREE OF CHARGE (you can become a patron here).

Now I will warn you – The book is currently incomplete while we wait for the Competition and Markets Authority axe to fall.

When the final chapter is added (after the CMA pronouncement), all those that purchased the incomplete book will receive a new and complete version with the final chapter added.
The complete book (with the final chapter) will then go on sale at £10 to all those that did not purchase the incomplete book or who qualified for a free copy.

You can buy your copy of the incomplete book (and thereby save yourself a fiver) RIGHT HERE.