An appointment with Dr Demolition…

Terry Quarmby’s blunt and honest autobiography is OUT NOW.

“…As blunt as a wrecking ball; as abrasive as reinforced concrete; and as tough and uncompromising as the industry he helped shape…”

The new book from Dr Terry Quarmby is everything you would expect from the straight-talking, no-nonsense former president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers. And it is so much more.

The book follows Quarmby’s lifelong journey from troubled teen to respected head of an industry, stopping off on countless sites and including endless scrapes with the authorities along the way.

There is something here for everyone that has ever set foot on a demolition site; and also for those that have no interest in the industry whatsoever.

You can buy Dr Demolition exclusively through AmazonAND watch our exclusive video interview with the author below: