Suicide unseen

Although it is now widely known within industry that the suicide rate among construction workers is roughly three times the national average, it seems that fact is less well known outside. In a new podcast by former soldier and TV personality Ant Middleton, Construction Sport funder Steve Kerslake discusses this; the causes and the possible…Read moreRead more

The CMA Files brought to book

Earlier this week, we broadcasted the final (for now) episode of The CMA Files audio podcast. As we planned from the outset, the show will then go into stasis while the Competition and Markets Authority packages up the findings of its three-year investigation into alleged collusion within the UK demolition industry. However, such has been…Read moreRead more

From site canteen to Queen’s garden party…

New audio podcast charts the rise and rise of a female apprentice. Six years ago, Katie Kelleher was an apprentice crane operator who was questioning the life choices that brought her to the male-dominated world of construction. Today, she is a vocal advocate for women in construction and construction apprenticeships. She has been named as…Read moreRead more

Testing Time

According to a recent survey, more than half of all UK construction workers have concerns around drink and drugs in the workplace and more than a third of those surveyed have witnessed colleagues working under the influence of drink or drugs. At the same time, a report on the professions most likely to be caught…Read moreRead more

Comment – Walking Away…

Regardless of industry or chosen profession, it is not unusual to hear entrepreneurs and company founders describe their company as their baby; and for good reason. A new company is often born out of a moment of passion. In its first year or two, it requires constant attention and nurturing. It causes endless sleepless nights…Read moreRead more

Audio – Training Talk Episode #2…

It’s cards on the table time in our second training-specific audio show. Regular readers will know that we recently launched a new audio podcast called Training Talk which – as the name suggests – focuses upon the subject of demolition training. Some might also recall that the launch episode was actually the first in a…Read moreRead more

Audio – An act of desperation…

One man’s moment of madness highlights a deeper issue in the UK construction sector. Unless you have been living in a cave this past week, you will likely be aware of an incident in Liverpool in the UK during which a mini excavator operator drove his machine through the reception of a newly-built hotel to…Read moreRead more

Audio – New Year upsurge for scrap…?

It’s been a tough year for the scrap market. But 2019 might start with some positivity. 2018 was marked by double-digit percentage drops in the price of many of the scrap metals most regularly encountered on demolition sites. Against a backdrop of a US/China trade war and the widespread imposition of tariffs, aluminium was down…Read moreRead more

Comment – We need to talk..

Suicide Prevention Day highlights dangers in demolition and construction. Young men working in the demolition and construction industries represent the highest suicide risk of any industry. Yet while we quickly latch on to issues that might impact upon physical well-being of demolition and construction workers, their mental well-being is still being overlooked, even though this…Read moreRead more

Audio – ScrapChat podcast goes live…

Demolition News Radio unveils fourth audio show. It is just under a year since we launched the Demolition News Radio audio podcast. In that time, we have attracted well over 15,000 listeners; seen our audio output appear on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and a whole host of other podcast broadcast platforms; and we have…Read moreRead more