CITB “requires improvement”

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has come under scrutiny following a scathing report by Ofsted, which deemed the organization to “require improvement.” This rating marks a significant decline from its previous “outstanding” rating received six years ago. Ofsted’s assessment identified a concerning emphasis on contract compliance over educational quality as the board shifted its…Read moreRead more

Talking Cards | with Ollie Gunns

We recently produced a film on the impending removal of Grandfather Rights under the CSCS Card Scheme. That video prompted groundworker Ollie Gunns to produce his own film for his growing social media audience. Given that we both had such strong feelings on the subject, I reached out to Ollie with a view to recording…Read moreRead more

A tale of two pities

We are constantly told that the UK demolition industry is suffering from a skills shortage; that we need to find another 50,000 people each year for the next decade to meet workload demands; that we need to attract more young people into the sector. So why is the industry giving the run-around to willing workers?

CITB slow to respond to card scams

Despite knowing that competence card scammers are here today and gone tomorrow, it took 17 days for the CITB to respond to a report of a bogus card scam.

Short-sighted. Greedy. Stupid.

How the greed, stupidity and short-sightedness of the demolition and construction industry’s training regime is potentially costing the sector experienced workers.

The Skills Show

One of the greatest challenges facing the UK construction industry is identifying, attract, and recruiting people to the industry. To coincide with National Apprenticeship Week, The Construction Collective pulls together some of the biggest names in the sector to look at how they are helping to identify and train the industry stars of the future.

Piling beats demolition to simulator card

The piling sector is currently facing a severe skills shortage. The demolition sector is currently facing a severe skills shortage. The piling sector is struggling to recruit young people. The demolition sector is struggling to recruit young people. The piling sector has an ageing workforce. The demolition sector has an ageing workforce. Training within the…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #170

In this very special and very long) episode of The Break Fast Show, we are joined by Howard Button, CEO of both the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and the National Demolition Training Group. Topics discussed include competence cards, the level of experience required to attain some of the higher CCDO cards, the role of…Read moreRead more

Car parks in crisis…

Demolition expert decries parlous sate of nation’s car parks. Yesterday, we hosted what we hope will be the first of many educational seminar sessions on specific aspects of the demolition process. Yesterday’s session, sponsored by Amicus Insurance, was hosted by C&D Consultancy’s Mike Kehoe, a man with the demolition of more than 50 multi-storey car…Read moreRead more

CITB to fix rates…

Britain’s construction training body pledges pre-COVID rates. The training body for British construction is proposing to keep rates at pre-COVID levels as it launches a wide-reaching consultation into its funding proposals. A six-week consultation into how CITB raises its Levy – the funding needed from the industry for the training body to provide its support…Read moreRead more