State of Emergency…?

According to Wikipedia, a State of Emergency is defined as “…a situation in which a government is empowered to perform actions that it would normally not be permitted to do. Such declarations alert citizens to change their normal behaviour…” Now I realise that the UK demolition industry does not have its own stand-alone government as…Read moreRead more

Curse of the keyboard warrior…

This is NOT a Halloween tale. But it is a horror story. Just under a week ago, a demolition crew in New Orleans was waiting for the sun to come up to allow them to make their final preparations ahead of a high profile explosive demolition job that would be watched live by thousands of…Read moreRead more

Comment – So what IS the answer..?

The UK demolition industry has reached a crossroads. An industry friend and sparring partner has recently read my somewhat controversial article “where’s your fury” in which I lambasted the wider demolition industry for its ongoing failure to address accidents and curtail fatalities. Having read the article in question, that friend asked me – simply –…Read moreRead more

Comment – Where is your fury…?

Two more demolition workers killed. Now what? Profanity, it is said, is the last refuge of the truly ignorant. Well get ready because I am about to be as truly ignorant as it is possible to be. If you have an issue with bad language, stop now. So I find myself, yet again, reporting upon…Read moreRead more

So many questions…

The report that echoed around the world. It is less than a week since we published our preliminary report on the catastrophic scaffold collapse in Reading, and already the article has become our most-read and most-shared story of the past 12 months. Even though it was written to address a British incident and a British…Read moreRead more

Comment – Didcot’s end draws closer…

…and why we won’t be showing it. For some, it will mark the beginning of the end. For others, it will be merely the opening pages of a final chapter almost four years in the making; another painful reminder of an avoidable tragedy that unfolded to claim the lives of four working men back in…Read moreRead more

Comment – An industry tarnished

Millions of man hours without incident. But the public will know us for this. All the meetings, seminars and conferences. All the training courses, CPD points, toolbox talks and site inductions. All the advances in equipment and technology. All the supposed benefits of site audits and Health & Safety Executive policing. All the strides made…Read moreRead more

Calling the “Thought Leaders”

Time to take a step back in order to look forward. Many moons ago, back when I still believed that wordsmithery might hold the key to my fame and fortune, I met with a business consultant. Much of what he said was nonsense; advice regurgitated from some source or another that he would trot out…Read moreRead more

Comment – Unrealistic Expectations

Demolition is a vertical market; the number of attendees at DemoExpo 2019 merely reflects that. I will get to our look back at last week’s DemoExpo exhibition shortly. But first, I would like to lay before you a very quick maths lesson. It will be very short, use round numbers and the simplest of terms…Read moreRead more

Comment – Collusion probe creeps closer…

Competition & Markets Authority net closing across construction sector. I can tell you precisely where I was when I received a tip-off that a number of UK demolition firms had allegedly been raided by anti-collusion investigators. I was at the Messe Munchen exhibition centre in Munich during the Bauma 2019 show, on my way to…Read moreRead more