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Tag: demolition gone wrong

What happens next…?

Experienced UHD machines users will spot the problem about 21 seconds in. In light of the ongoing discussions regarding the inexperience ultra-high demolition excavator utilisation of some US contractors, and the willingness of others to use undersized machines, the outcome of this (quite old) video should become apparent about 21 seconds after it starts, even […]

And the contractor was satisfied…?

Video footage from Chinese implosion shows massive discharge of fly rock. According to the English-language voice over, the implosion of this incomplete and abandoned high-rise structure in the Chinese city of Zhongshan took place in a residential area. Which calls into question the huge amount of debris discharged by the blast.

Why the wrecking ball was consigned to history…

Video showing why the crawler crane and wrecking ball have all but vanished. Having bowed to reader pressure (temporarily at least) to continue to show videos of demolition gone wrong, here’s one from the (fairly recent) archives displaying at least one reason why the crawler crane and ball combination gave way to the high reach […]

A timely alternative view…

New video makes welcome change from the usual “demolition gone wrong” footage. A new video from DP Fuel Tank Services gives a useful and timely insight into how demolition SHOULD be controlled. We realise that this film will attract less visitors than a “demolition gone wrong” film, but as a website dedicated to best practice […]

Demolition gone wrong….again

Yet another video of demolition failing to go to plan. Volvo Construction Equipment’s Phil Jones very kindly sent us this video. Quite why the photographer found the idea of a building collapsing on an excavator operator funny is something of a mystery, although, as the film progresses, the gravity of the situation does eventually begin […]

Demolition creates new leaning tower…

The charges are set, the media has gathered, a lucky member of the public has their finger poised over the button and….d’oh.

Yet another demolition disaster…

Is it me or does the mixture of demolition and camcorders always have an unpleasant ending?

Implosion failure explanation…

The Internet is a marvelous invention and it has revolutionised information gathering and global communications. However, if it has one major disadvantage, it is the fact that if you do something wrong in front of a camera, it will still be haunting you a quarter of a century later. And please, please wait for the […]

Why structures aren’t generally pulled down…

Ever wondered why structures are systematically dismantled rather than just pulled down? Now you know!

MEWP abuse…

Just when you think you have seen every type of demolition equipment abuse, someone comes along and proves that humans are as stupid as they are creative. And why, if you’re planning to use an access platform as a wrecking ball, would you insist that your colleague was in the basket while you did so?

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