Exclusive Video – Predicting sound levels…

John Campbell of Campbell Associates discusses sound level monitoring and prediction.

This is one of those unique occasions when we’re in danger of becoming trapped perpetually in a space/time continuum warp of self-promotion. So bear with us, as this is about to get complicated.

Back in June, we made an audio podcast on the subject of acoustic modeling in which we interviewed Campbell Associates’ founder John Campbell. As a result of that podcast, John was approached to speak at the Institute of Demolition Engineers’ Roadshow event that took place at Mercedes Benz World last week. During John’s excellent presentation, which we have captured on video here, he actually played back a part of our podcast. So, to recap, we were recording him playing back our recording of him, for future broadcast alongside that original recording!

Right, while we go for a sit down in a dark room, here’s the video. It’s a wee bit dark but it makes for an interesting 10 minutes. And don’t worry, we have edited out the bit of John talking to us preiously. If you’d like to hear that original audio, click here