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Video – Houston Club downed…

18-storey Houston block imploded.

The former Houston Club Building was imploded this morning.

The building was an 18-story steel and concrete structure located at Rusk and Capitol streets in Downtown Houston.

Once the debris is removed from the site, crews will begin construction what will be known as Capitol Tower.

Competition Corner – Win a full set of safety gear…

Rammer puts safety first wit the introduction of branded safety kit.

When it comes to safety, lots of companies can talk the talk. But hydraulic hammer giant Rammer has proved that it can also walk the walk with the introduction of a new branded safety kit.

Containing everything that the average operator might use to go safely about his (or her) job safely, the Rammer Safety Kit is available to buy from the company’s global dealer network.

But we have one to give away to one lucky reader that can answer one very simple question.

Just watch the exclusive video below and send your answer to for your chance to win.

George Hunter – Retraction

We got it wrong.

Eagle-eyed and early-rising readers may have spotted a post earlier today reporting that George Hunter (Demolishers) had begun dissolution procedures.

Having spoken to senior directors at the company, we now believe our original post – which has now been removed – to be inaccurate.

We therefore apologise unreservedly for any embarrassment or inconvenience caused to the directors and staff of the company or its clients.

Video – Swing batter batter, swing…

Wrigley Field bleachers are coming down.

Depending who you ask, Wrigley Field is a Chicago icon, home to the Chicago Cubs baseball team, or the fake address of Elwood Blues.

Either way, the bleachers that have stood in the outfield for as long as most can remember are coming down to make way for something bigger and better.

Check out the video below:

Guest Post – Are UK trade associations failing members…?

Guest post from Barry Ashmore, managing director of

Trade Associations, are by definition “organisations that represent the interests of the member firms of an industry”.

But when I look at what some of the trade associations in the UK construction industry are doing, or rather not doing, I begin to question the extent to which they are matching up to this definition.

Take for example this quote from one of their leading lights;

“Subbies are up in arms over [late payment] and are calling for the government to act. The public sector has an opportunity to play a very important role in making sure fair payment performance goes right the way down the line. This surely is an area where the industry has to perform well.”

What’s wrong with that I hear you say? What’s wrong with it, is that it’s a quote from August 2002. That’s right 12 long years ago.

The report went on to quote them as saying “The cash flow problems caused by slow payment and retentions make it harder for specialists to fund the improvements the government and industry want to see. It also leaves them at greater financial risk of upstream insolvencies.”

Sadly, thousands of firms (and trade association members), have gone to the wall in those 12 years.

For all the talk, the payment situation is even worse now than it was then.

As Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We need a new and radically different approach!

The ‘Construction Supply Chain Fair Payment Charter’ launched in April this year, sets out an aim to reduce standard payment terms in construction to 30 days by 2018. “It’s a work in progress” says Suzannah Nichol of the NSCC.

Sorry for being cynical, but if the last 12 years are anything to go by “work in progress” is the last thing Specialist Contractors want to hear. And I’m not the only one who feels short changed by the Charter, judging by the responses in our recent survey of 216 Specialist Contractors;

“Worthless piece of paper that all the major main contractor payment abusers have ignored.”

“…in reality hardly ever works the way it’s intended to.”

“Supply chains are rarely monitored and clients that may question it are normally fobbed off with meaningless guarantees from main contractors.”

Indeed other industry bodies have also been critical of the Charter;

“Only a supreme, and poorly informed, optimist would take the view that the Charter is the panacea of all payment ills within the industry. It is not.”

Video – Another building in another street…

Footage of moment San Francisco building lands in street.

Dramatic video shows the collapse of the front of a derelict structure onto a street in San Francisco’s Financial District.

In the video, obtained by KRON 4′s Will Train, you can see a back-hoe pushing at the top of the building on Pine Street between Montgomery and Kearny.

The materials from the old building then collapse into a lane of traffic on Pine Street.

No one was hurt. The collapse happened during a planned demolition on the site.

CalOSHA and San Francisco Building Inspectors will look into the incident.

Read more here or view the video below:

We have a winner…!

Multi-attachment Avant USB thumb drive is Manchester-bound.

Avant USBWe are delighted to announce that we have picked a winner for your recent Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd USB thumb drive competition.

We received just under 200 entries for this competition – our highest number ever – with entrants from ladies making up more than half the total.

But first out of the hat, and the winner of the mutli-atachment USB thumb drive from the fine folks at Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd is Ian Fitzhenry of Demolition Risk Management in Manchester.

Ian, together with about 95 percent of our entrants, correct identified Bridgham as Avant Tecno’s UK home town.

If you missed out this time, fear not. We are about to launch our biggest competition EVER. Working in conjunction with the team at Diggers and Dozers while maintaining the Finnish competition theme, our next contest will give you a chance to win an exclusive Rammer Safety Kit.

Watch this space.

Video – Light up, light up…

Introducing what is quite possibly the world’s largest cigarette lighter.

As an avowed non-smoker, I can only imagine the pain and suffering of needing a cigarette but having no access to anything to light the darn thing with.

But fear not. If you work in demolition and have ready access to – oh, I don’t know – a flaming excavator, then your problem is solved:

Product – Personalised travel mug…

Your face, your machine, your logo on a personalised travel mug.

Travel MugEver since the TV series Friends introduced the watching world to the giant cup of coffee, no meeting, commute or stroll down the road has been complete without a bucket of caffeine. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have your face ON your coffee cup while you have your face IN your coffee cup?

Well now you can. Our merchandising partners have cooked up a personalised travel mug that allows you to put a photo of yourself, your machine, your children, dog, cat or aardvark (we have readers in Africa y’know) on your drinking vessel of choice.

We got Fabrication by Design’s Rich Holt to pose for the one shown here. But, handsome though he is, this one is NOT for sale. But if you can come up with a good quality photo and a £20 note, you can have one just like it – Just click here for details.

Please note – This offer is available ONLY to UK readers.

Video – Dykon downs draglines…

Explosive end to working life of two walking draglines.

In their time, walking draglines were among the largest land-going machines ever built. And so it seems appropriate that when they come to the end of their productive life, they go out in an equally big and spectacular way.

Check out this exclusive film brought to oyu courtesy of the guys at Dykon Explosives which recently took down a pair of these monster machines at a mine site in Washington:

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