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We have a winner…!

Multi-attachment Avant USB thumb drive is Manchester-bound.

Avant USBWe are delighted to announce that we have picked a winner for your recent Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd USB thumb drive competition.

We received just under 200 entries for this competition – our highest number ever – with entrants from ladies making up more than half the total.

But first out of the hat, and the winner of the mutli-atachment USB thumb drive from the fine folks at Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd is Ian Fitzhenry of Demolition Risk Management in Manchester.

Ian, together with about 95 percent of our entrants, correct identified Bridgham as Avant Tecno’s UK home town.

If you missed out this time, fear not. We are about to launch our biggest competition EVER. Working in conjunction with the team at Diggers and Dozers while maintaining the Finnish competition theme, our next contest will give you a chance to win an exclusive Rammer Safety Kit.

Watch this space.

Video – Light up, light up…

Introducing what is quite possibly the world’s largest cigarette lighter.

As an avowed non-smoker, I can only imagine the pain and suffering of needing a cigarette but having no access to anything to light the darn thing with.

But fear not. If you work in demolition and have ready access to – oh, I don’t know – a flaming excavator, then your problem is solved:

Product – Personalised travel mug…

Your face, your machine, your logo on a personalised travel mug.

Travel MugEver since the TV series Friends introduced the watching world to the giant cup of coffee, no meeting, commute or stroll down the road has been complete without a bucket of caffeine. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have your face ON your coffee cup while you have your face IN your coffee cup?

Well now you can. Our merchandising partners have cooked up a personalised travel mug that allows you to put a photo of yourself, your machine, your children, dog, cat or aardvark (we have readers in Africa y’know) on your drinking vessel of choice.

We got Fabrication by Design’s Rich Holt to pose for the one shown here. But, handsome though he is, this one is NOT for sale. But if you can come up with a good quality photo and a £20 note, you can have one just like it – Just click here for details.

Please note – This offer is available ONLY to UK readers.

Video – Dykon downs draglines…

Explosive end to working life of two walking draglines.

In their time, walking draglines were among the largest land-going machines ever built. And so it seems appropriate that when they come to the end of their productive life, they go out in an equally big and spectacular way.

Check out this exclusive film brought to oyu courtesy of the guys at Dykon Explosives which recently took down a pair of these monster machines at a mine site in Washington:

Video – What did you think was going to happen…

The inevitability of the outcome is apparently obvious to all but the perpetrator.

You know that old cartoon schtick of the guy sawing off the very tree branch upon which he is perched? Well here’s the demolition equivalent.

Quite what the guy involved expected to happen is anyone’s guess. But maybe he had time to think about his actions before the ground came up – at an alarming rate – to meet him:

Now that’s what you call a high reach…

Police uncover drugs haul stashed in excavator boom.

Authorities found marijuana hidden inside a boom of an excavator in downtown Houston.

A truck driver was pulling the excavator when undercover police officers made an initial traffic stop at the South Beltway and Highway 59.

The excavator was then towed to downtown Houston where police officers and firefighters could process it.

In the cavity of the arm of the excavator approximately 60 bundles of marijuana was recovered. Each bundle police say weighs approximately 10 pounds. The evidence is being processed by investigators right now.

Investigators also found 13 Kilos of Meth hidden inside the excavator.

Read more, or watch the local news video here.

Video – Splash down…

CDI drops Colorado reservoir tower with stunning results.

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), acting as implosion subcontractor to main demolition contractor, Moltz Construction, has carried out the successful explosive felling of the 110’ tall, reinforced concrete Sanchez Reservoir water intake tower in Costilla County, Colorado.

Check out the stunning video below:

Paul Clark welcomed into Genesis fold…

Familiar face to spearhead UK attachment sales.

Paul Clark - SmallAttachment manufacturer Genesis has appointed Paul Clark to the position of Area Sales Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Clark brings over 20 years of practice in the hydraulic attachment market and also has knowledge about the machine market working with Liebherr, Bobcat and CASE before.
“We are very happy, that, with Paul Clark, we could appoint a new Area Sales Manager for UK and Ireland, who has experience in developing new markets and increasing the product placement in the local sales market”, states Dominik Erath, Managing Director of GENESIS GmbH.

In his new position Paul Clark will be responsible for sales and service of mobile scrap and demolition shears in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Comment – IDE’s regional redress…

Institute of Demolition Engineers’ Midlands regional meeting restores faith.

IMG_6623The last time I visited an Institute of Demolition Engineers’ regional meeting, I was left with a feeling of having been short-changed; poor presentations coupled with a lack of engagement to create an impression that the CPD points earned by delegates were somehow cheapened; a reward for endurance rather than education.

What a difference tonight at the Institute’s Midlands region. In NFDC circles, the Midlands is widely viewed as a law unto itself; fiercely independent; and wilfully militant. Not so with the IDE where directors, engineers and operators (and one habitually cynical journalist) rubbed shoulders in a welcoming, convivial atmosphere.

But this was no social gathering. The presentations – including two from organiser Richard Dolman of AR Demolition – were blunt, informative and educational. And Caterpillar – whose Desford factory played host to the event – kept its presentations short, sharp and concise. Even the moonlit tour of the display machines and work tools was conducted with a welcome informality.

The 40+ delegates that gave up their evening will surely have left better informed than when they arrived. And when their CPD certificates drop through the letterbox in the coming days, they will have been earned, not endured.

Cat Demlone JV goes boom…

Caterpillar calls halt to high reach partnership.

DemolitionNews understands that the joint venture agreement between equipment giant Caterpillar and French machine conversion specialist Demlone has run its course.

The deal, which extended Caterpillar’s demolition offering to include machines like the Cat Dem 50, has apparently ended.

Furthermore, according to industry sources, a factory-fit replacement for the Demlone products could be as much as two years away.

“The agreement with Demlone has officially ended. There are still a few machines in the factory that will be sold on or re-used within the Caterpillar organisation,” an insider says. “The long term intention is for Caterpillar to be back in that market itself. How soon that will happen is open to debate. But I can see it being 2016 or 2017 before we (Caterpillar) have a full offering again.”

In truth, UK customers may not even notice the change. Finning’s own engineering department has long-since been responsible for bringing machines up to full demolition specification, while an ongoing alliance with Ipswich-based Kocurek Excavators will maintain the supply of high reach front-end conversions.

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