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Looks Familiar…

Rosenlund Contractors gets big Down Under.

IMG_2239 smallThe blue skies of Australia’s Gold Coast might be an unfamiliar backdrop for this Hitachi EX1200 high reach excavator. But to the UK demolition fraternity, there will be something very familiar about the machine itself.

That’s because, up until quite recently, this machine was owned and operated by 777 Demolition.

But, faced with a mammoth project, leading Australian contractor has purchased the machine, shipped it Down Under, and put it immediately to work. The machine is now the largest high reach in the Southern Hemisphere.

The machine is not yet working at full height, but it will be soon and we hope to bring you some exclusive video of it in action very soon.

#4537_Gold Coast Hospital_15.12.2014_29 small

Video – Erith conducts nuclear “blast”…

Contractor pioneers use of pyrotechnics on concrete at Dungeness A power station.

Pyrotechnics have been used for the first time in the challenge to demolish the redundant turbine hall at Magnox’s Dungeness A Site.

Contractor Erith Group used 16 small Autostem pyrotechnic cartridges in the two metre thick concrete plinth above turbo-generator four condenser, with small bursts introducing an expansion of gas which caused the concrete to fracture. This is the first time that this specific product has been used in the UK.

An excavator was then used to make short work of removing the crumbling concrete in hours instead of days, reducing continuous dust and noise created during demolition.

Video – Bridge demolition in stunning slow-mo…

Slow motion captures bridge demolition domino effect.

Way back in March 2013, we brought you some raw, amateur footage of the Marble Falls bridge being imploded; and very spectacular it was too.

But it is nothing compared to this super slow-mo, super high def’ footage of the same blast.

Watch as the blast runs from left to right across the full length of the bridge; and see how the bridge falls in the same sequence.

Video – Latest CDI blast goes predictably well…

Implosion topples 40-year old North Park Plaza.

A planned implosion of the North Park Plaza brought the 17-story high-rise crumbling to the ground on Sunday morning.

Land owner Oakland Community College raised $10,000, through two anonymous donors, for a person of their choosing to press the detonator. That task went to Andrea Wilson of Waterford, a recent OCC graduate.

“I have to say that this is probably the best graduation present that I could ever ask for,” Wilson said.

Bidding took place on eBay for the right to press the detonator, with the winning bid coming in a $8,000 and the bidder remaining anonymous.

It only took eight seconds for the building to come crumbling down, but Mayor Brenda Lawrence said that the implosion was more than just an exciting event.

Read more here, or view the video below:

Safedem to pioneer TopDownWay…

Italian system to be used of Scotland’s tallest towers.

Demolition work will start next month on Scotland’s tallest residential towers in Glasgow.

The Whitevale and Bluevale high-rise flats – known locally as the Gallowgate Twins – will be deconstructed piece by piece by specialist contractor Safedem using the innovative TopDownWay system devised by Italian contractor Despe.

The ‘TopDownWay’ demolition technology was chosen due to the close proximity of the neighbouring block and nearby roads and also the unique core structure of the towers.

Safedem will begin lifting the platform on to the roof of 109 Bluevale Street next month. Work is expected to be complete by summer 2015. The deconstruction of 51 Whitevale Street will begin soon after with the site cleared by 2016.

William Sinclair, Safedem Managing Director, said: “We carefully assess every project before developing the safest and most appropriate method of demolition. The ‘TopDownWay’ is an innovative system designed for the deconstruction of high-rise structures in close proximity to nearby properties.”

To learn more about the TopDownWay system, please click here.

Design for Deconstruction conference date set…

Nottingham University to host world-first conference to address future waste issue.

The first-ever Design for Deconstruction conference – the brainchild of Dr Terry Quarmby – will take place at Nottingham Trent University on Thursday 23rd April 2015.

According to the conference synopsis:

“A modern era truism is that “Waste is a design flaw”. Consequently true, the demolition industry does not create waste but handles that which others put there.

Construction will never be truly sustainable until consideration is given, during design and planning, to the deconstruction legacy.

Design for Deconstruction (DfD) has been around construction for some time but has never engaged with the sector that deconstructs.

This conference brings together, for the first time, those that design, specify, construct, manage and legally frame construction projects with those that take them down and handle the deconstruction legacy.

The conference will consider nano-technology and how this may impact in deconstruction. You will hear about the extensive work being done on steel re-use and reclamation, and how Building Information Modelling (BIM) could be extended into deconstruction and there will be blue-sky thinking on how to create the legal obligation to consider deconstruction during design and planning.”

If you book your place before March 26th then the delegate rate if £200. The standard rate after that date is £250. If you would like to attend then please visit the Nottingham Trent University online store.

To find out more about Design for Deconstruction, please click here.

Jobs – On the Beech…

Wirral-based contractor is seeking topmen.

John Beech Ltd is looking for Top Men Demolition operatives who hold CCDO Card, CCNSG (preferable) for burning work in the Ellesmere Port/Wirral area.

For further details or to apply for this position, please contact Abbi Cooper via email at:

The Beech Group has huge experience in the field of demolition and associated services. The management is very highly trained, experienced and extremely knowledgeable.

The founder John Beech was president of the NFDC and his son Chris MD from 1991 to 2009. Chris still works as a consultant to the business.

Video – Watch the Wire Wolf howl…

US-manufactured tool cuts down suspended ceilings from floor level for greater safety.

The Suspended Ceiling Wire Cutter, is a patented demolition tool designed to safely cut down suspended ceilings from the floor.

A first-time user can cut down approximately 500 square metres of ceiling grid per hour.

The total weight of the tool is 1.8 kg and our extendible three section poles extend from 1.8 to 5.5 metres.

The cutting blades can cut over 10,000 square metres of ceiling grid, suspension wires, before the replaceable tool steel blades may need to be replaced.

Video – Making the good great…

Featuring the world’s first Volvo EC480 demolition specification excavator.

Fabrications by Design has taken one of the best hydraulic excavators in the world….and made it better.

The company’s custom demolition spec package for AR Demolition includes custom rebar traps, a custom tool box, custom ram guard, additional lighting, redesigned rear end, and the company’s proven hinged cab guard for optimum operator safety.

Video – Top 10 of 2014…

Our look back at the most-read stories of the past year.

Forget festive spirit and goodwill to all men – Our look back at the most-read demolition stories of 2014 makes for deeply depressing reading.

Despite having freshly emerged from a deep and prolonged recession, it seems that the industry’s endless fascination with the darker end of the news spectrum still abides.

To add a little levity to what makes for some pretty depressing viewing, make sure you watch ALL the way to the end.

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