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Video – Chain of Rocks bridge downed…

Live video stream captures fall of infamous bridge.

Salvage teams will be working to remove the largely intact central span of the Chain of Rocks bridge from the canal below following a successful controlled blast earlier today.

This was the first stage in an ongoing demolition programme. The westbound span over the canal and the portions of both east and westbound bridges that are above ground will be removed in a similar fashion at a later date.

The Chain of Rocks bridge is infamous as the site of a double murder in 1991.

Demtech issues warning ahead of today’s blast…

Blaster asks residents to stay away from Chain of Rocks bridge blast.

Already a shell of its former self, come 10 am (local time) the bridge that carried eastbound Interstate 270 travelers over the canal for 50 years will come down in giant pieces, if all goes as planned.

And, if everything works out, spectators can watch it from the West Chain of Rocks Bridge just to the south. But the demolition company would just as soon everybody stay away.

“Our lead blaster says, ‘I wish people would understand that this is not a spectator sport. I wish they would all stay home,’” said Albert Godfrey, general manager of Demtech, the company tasked with the actual explosion.

Godfrey said Demtech’s primary objective is safety. “I don’t care if it takes three weeks to get it done, because it’s just not worth it” to have someone hurt, he said.

Interstate 270 will be closed to all traffic for up to two hours on Tuesday morning to allow for the demolition. Westbound lanes will be closed at Illinois 3; eastbound at Riverview Drive in Missouri. Detours will not be marked, Illinois Department of Transportation officials have said.

This demolition is to remove the remaining steel structures over the Chain of Rocks canal. Taking down the span directly over the canal is Tuesday’s objective; later the westbound span over the canal and the portions of both east and westbound bridges that are above ground will be removed in a similar fashion.

The concrete and other materials in the deck have already been removed. Crews last week and over the weekend were cutting the steel to later allow for the explosives — which will be RDX wrapped in copper jackets — to separate the bridge at very specific points. The men worked from a basket hanging from a crane held by a barge; they were not connected to the bridge.

Those explosives shoot off at 28,000 feet per second, Godfrey says, and shoot with 6 million pounds of force per inch. The RDX preheats the steel and drives the copper jacket through the steel. It is the industry standard in steel bridge demolitions, he said.

Read more here:

Video – You’re ‘avin a giraffe…

Animal print Liebherr tackles tower block.

It has a long neck like a giraffe and it has spots like a giraffe. But that’s where the similarities end.

This Liebherr 974 high reach is a purpose-built demolition machine that is being used by German contract Chantre to perform a true public service – The demolition of the tax office in Frankfurt.

Video – Another bridge collapse, another life lost…

Worker killed during demolition of Cincinnati bridge.

A worker was killed and a tractor-trailer driver injured when an interstate overpass undergoing demolition collapsed in Cincinnati, fire and emergency medical officials said.

The Cincinnati Fire Department said the collapse onto southbound interstate 75 happened near Hopple Street north of downtown at about 10:30 p.m. Monday.

Police Chief Jeff Blackwell called it a workplace accident, saying crews were taking down the old bridge when something went “terribly wrong.”

“The big-rig driver is very lucky; in a matter of seconds his fate would have probably been different,” Blackwell said.

The driver was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with minor injuries.

Fire officials said the tractor-trailer struck the collapsed section as the bridge hit the ground. They said the construction worker was killed in the collapse. His name was not immediately released.

Blackwell said the city will work with the Department of Transportation to figure out what happened. He said several hundred tons of concrete had to be removed from the road.

This latest collapse follows just days after a bridge collapse in Russia claimed the lives of four workers.

Read more here or view the video below:

Video – Demolition en Francais…

Truly stunning footage of Liebherr 984 high reach in action.

Parlez vous Francais? Well, while it might be helpful to understand the commentary, it doesn’t matter either way as these stunning images from Brunel Demolition pretty much speak for themselves.

Watch from above as a Liebherr 984 high reach excavator dismantles this tower block and get up close with the crane-mounted protective curtain.

A great demolition film.

Brunel Demolition à Levallois from Gestion du Net on Vimeo.

Video – People like this ruin the cinema experience…

Quiet at the back – I’m trying to watch a movie.

You know what it’s like. You settle down in your cinema seat waiting for the movie to begin when someone starts to rustle candy wrappers, chew popcorn like a camel, or talk loudly on their mobile phone.

But I would take all of those over the experience of these two “cinema goers” as they watched Demolition Man. And, for what it’s worth, the acting ability of the participants is pretty much on a par with those of Stallone, Snipes and Bullock!

After the war…

Stunning photos show remnants of Afghanistan’s largest military base.

The combat mission in Afghanistan officially ended last Sunday, marking the end of the longest war in American history. Now, a new non-combat mission centered at Bagram Air field will take its place.

Originally built in the 1950’s, the Bagram Air Field in the Parwan province of Afghanistan served as an important base for the US first during the Cold War and later during the 1980’s Soviet war in Afghanistan. During the US-led war in Afghanistan the base was greatly expanded — once nothing more than a runway, by 2007 Bagram had become the size of a small town.

Now, the base is being shrunk as large swaths of housing are demolished to accommodate the 13,000 foreign NATO troops who will stay behind in a reduced, NATO-led “Resolute Support” mission to train and advise Afghan soldiers.

Located about 25 miles north of Kabul International Airport, Bagram is the largest US military base in Afghanistan. At its peak, it had 40,000 inhabitants and conducted 14,000 operations per year.

Read more and view more superb photographs here.

Video – Hydrock doing the Doo…

Remediation specialist puts new Doosan excavator to work on power station contract.

Hydrock, the leading provider of consultancy and specialist contracting services for construction, infrastructure and the environment, has purchased several new Doosan Stage IIIB compliant products including crawler excavators, a DA30 articulated dump truck (ADT) and a DL350-3 wheel loader, for a prestigious contract delivering land remediation services on the Waterside Regeneration Contract in Northampton.

This scheme involves the remediation of the former Nunn Mills Power Station and Avon Cosmetics Factory as an enabling works package for a 55 acre development project to house a new campus for the University of Northampton.

Supplied by Kellands (Plant Sales) Ltd, the new DA30 ADT and DL350-3 wheel loader are currently working alongside new Doosan DX225LC-3, DX300LC-3 and DX420LC-3 Stage IIIB compliant excavators and existing Doosan DX300LC excavator and DL300 wheel loader models on the Northampton site.

In this exclusive film from Diggers and Dozers (which is shot in stunning 4K high definition by the way), you can see the new DX300LC-3 making a pretty fine rebar bird’s nest:

Video – 40-watt Club keeps on growing…

How stupid are you; let me count the ways.

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man a club hammer and he’ll be stupid for a lifetime.

The latest recruit to the DemolitionNews 40-watt Club is a portrait in bad decision making and a fine example of why demolition is best left to the experts:

Video – Dust-up in Turkey…

Amateur footage captures collapse and ensuing dust cloud.

Having hosted a European Demolition Association conference and several subsequent demolition conferences of its own, there is no doubt that Turkey is seeking to improve the image of its demolition industry.

That image will not be helped, however, by this raw, amateur video that captures a multitude of demolition sins from an unplanned collapse, poor traffic management, lack of perimeter protection, and a dust cloud of a size not seen since someone sneezed in Pablo Escobar’s lock-up.

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