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Video – French do double demolition…

Pair of tower blocks fall to implosion.

A pair of 16-storey residential tower blocks have been demolished in a controlled explosion in the Beauval neighbourhood of Seine-et-Marne

Check out the video below:

Seine-et-Marne. Spectaculaire destruction de… by leparisien

End is nigh for Avondale stack…

Blast planned for tomorrow.

The Avondale Mills smokestack in Pell City will be demolished next week.

The structure will come down tomorrow at 9 am local time. About 70 pounds of explosives will be used to demolish the final remains of Avondale Mills. During the Pell City City Council meeting on Nov. 9, the council approved the demolition, arriving at the decision after examination of the property revealed disintegration of the smokestack.

In 2008, a report suggested upkeep on the structure would involve a costly process of lengthy repairs and periodic observation. Surveyors estimated it would cost more than $250,000 to fully repair the structure.

The explosion from the demolition will not be major, nor is it expected to cause any damage to the mill property or surrounding properties. The explosion itself is considered to be less than a third of the strength needed to cause any damage to surrounding areas.

Read more here.

Video – Farewell to Birmingham eyesore…

Demolition of 22-storey NatWest tower underway.

Redevelopment partners Rockspring and Sterling won approval in August to demolish the 22-storey eyesore tower, which dates back to the 1970s and has been empty for more than a decade.

It will be replaced by a new 26-storey landmark building which is expected to be completed in 2019.

The developers say part of the banking hall’s façade is being retained temporarily, to create a noise and dust buffer along Colmore Row. The removal of the banking hall itself will create a working zone on site for contractors to store the demolished material before it is transported off the site.

Materials salvaged from the 1970s building, including timber, metal and concrete, will be processed and removed to a recycling plant. Around 94 per cent of the total waste will be recycled.

Read more here, or view the video below:

Video – Weyehaeuser crane demolition…

Crane looks like dying giraffe as it falls.

We know pretty much nothing about the origins of this video. But when you see the crane fall, you will understand precisely why we chose to share it with you:

Weyerhaeuser Crane Demolition from Velocity Video Productions on Vimeo.

Video – Lilly Bridge blasted…

65-year old West Virginia bridge dropped in morning implosion.

Summers County locals came to say goodbye to the 65 year old Lilly Bridge on Sunday morning.

The old Lilly Bridge was one of seven remaining cantilever truss bridges in West Virginia. It was named in honour of the flooded town of Lilly.

Bent and broken pieces are all that remains, but the new Lilly Bridge is now open. Construction crews will be working with cranes to get the scrap metal off the embankment and out of the river.

Video – New view of Jersey City blast…

Drone provides unique perspective on triple implosion.

Regular readers and viewers will recall that we brought you a film of the controlled explosive demolition of three Montgomery Gardens tower blocks in Jersey City. The blast was that good that – even though the video was a bit raw – it made it into our countdown of the year’s most awesome implosions.

But we have just stumbled across a new drone’s eye view of the blast that truly does the implosion justice.

Check it out:

Keltbray turns green to gold…

UK company crowned a world champion.

logo_keltbray_headerAt the 2015 Green World Awards held in New Zealand, Keltbray was crowned Green World Champion in the Building & Construction category for its commitment to environmental best practice for works carried out at two London sites, including a Gold Award for Mitre Square, and a Silver Award for Chelsea Barracks.

“For our work at Mitre Square we were awarded a Green World Gold Award for achieving 97% waste recycling figures, and by pioneering the Casella real-time noise and dust monitoring system. At Chelsea Barracks we won a Green World Silver Award for saving energy and reducing carbon generation on site,” explained Environmental Manager for Keltbray Group, Altin Lleshi.

These awards, which date back to 1994, have become one of the world’s most prestigious recognition campaigns, and were launched as the top tier of the Green Apple Awards. They are presented by The Green Organisation, which is an international, independent, non-profit, non-political, non-activist environment group, to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice by companies, organisations and Governments around the world.

At the 2015 Green Apple Awards UK ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in London, Keltbray won two further environmental awards:

A Gold Green Apple award was presented to Keltbray for its demolition and enabling works at Victoria Circle in London, where the overall environmental performance of the project was optimised through the re-use of 53,000 tonnes of demolition material in the latter project stages; to backfill the basements and in the construction of piling mats. “This eliminated waste to landfill, saved 5,400 vehicle movements and the associated carbon emissions, and eased congestion in this already busy area of London,” said Altin.

The company also won a Bronze Green Apple award for works undertaken at BBC Television Centre, also in London, where the company has implemented a software tool (SMARTWaste) to streamline environmental reporting. The result is better recording, a reduction in waste and an optimisation of operational resources. The success on this project has helped to bread best practice and extend the use of SMARTWaste across Keltbray’s divisions.

Keltbray Group’s Managing Director, John Price said: “At Keltbray we aim to balance our economic achievements with a contribution to society and the environment. We are therefore honoured to have won these prestigious Green Champion Awards, which demonstrate that waste reduction and improved resource efficiency have now become integral to the way we operate.”

Video – CDI implodes FIFA’s South African HQ…

Former World Cup HQ dropped in controlled explosion.

Given the multitude of corruption accusations circling the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), it is a wonder that the organisation’s home during the 2010 World Cup did not implode itself.

Instead, the explosive demolition was charged to Controlled Demolition, Inc (CDI) acting as technical consultant to UK-based Global Offshore Projects and main demolition contractor S.A. Demolishers of Durban, South Africa).

Video Exclusive – Safedem drops Hawick Court…

Early morning blast draws Belville Street demolitions to a close.

Safedem has completed the series of controlled explosive demolitions it started in Belville Street, Greenock back in 2013 when the company felled three similar blocks.

Despite having imploded three identical blocks, the latest blast was not without its challenges. A historic church with significant stained glass windows was located nearby; a five storey block was just 12 metres away while a railway line was just 18 metres away. To cap it all, live water, sewers and gas mains were all located within 10 metres

“The biggest challenge was the duration of the operation. We had the exclusion zone up from 10 am Saturday to 10 am Sunday, a 24 hour shift, in horrendous conditions. Over 5 inches of rain fell in a Greenock during the period with extensive local flooding , it never let up all night,” says Safedem managing director William Sinclair. “The plaudits on this project must go to every single team member that endured the relentless deluge. The Safedem team, along with the sentries from our long term security partner Specialized Security, and the officers from Police Scotland did an incredible job manning the exclusion zone. No doubt spirits were kept high by the excellent hot soup and provisions supplied by local catering business Riverside Cafe, who looked after us really well.”

Video – Bay Bridge pier popped…

Bubble curtain used to minimise damage to marine life.

Caltrans imploded an underwater pier of the old Bay Bridge eastern span at 7:17 a.m. Saturday, triggering 22,000 pounds of dynamite to pulverize the upper portion of the structure.

Spouts of water shot skyward from the force of the blast, but the explosives detonated mostly below the waters of the bay. Caltrans had placed a wooden and steel mat on top of the 80-by-140-foot concrete pier to contain the 20 million pounds of debris.

Spectators hoping to see a towering explosion may have been disappointed — the blast heaved water about 100 feet above the pier, but little debris was visible other than the remains of the mat that had covered the structure.

Contractors employed a “bubble curtain” to protect marine wildlife.

Read more here, or view the video below:

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