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Video – DSM does the double…

Twin blasts fell Leicester council offices.

Leicester residents were woken with a bang this morning as DSM carried out the controlled explosive demolition of the New Walk Centre, former home of Leicester City Council.

The demolition of the two 1970s tower blocks, which have been part of the city’s skyline for 40 years, was recorded for people to watch.

The former Leicester City Council headquarters had been declared unsafe in 2010.

Hundreds of people cheered as they watched the demolition from outside an exclusion zone.

Video – Bucket protection reinvented…

Form meets function as excavator buckets are made demolition ready.

If there are two things in the world that excavator buckets hate most, it is impact and abrasion; demolition delivers both – quite literally – by the bucketful.

Hidden rebar encased in jagged concrete grind, wear and eat away at buckets. And all the Hardox steel, ground engaging tools, reinforced teeth and cutting edges and enhanced operator care offers about as much long-term protection as a silk-line cloak afford a Matador.

According to fabrications specialist Rich Holt, one of the key issues is that buckets are generally designed with digging in mind. They are manufactured to ease the flow of material in and out of the bucket with the minimum resistance. And that same lack of resistance tends to corral material – debris in the case of demolition – ensuring that the wear is contained and concentrated in the same place over and over again. The result is premature bucket wear and a hefty repair or replacement bill. “The front of the bucket is where all the wear and tear is contained as, basically, this is where it strikes the material,” Rich Holt says. “Over time, this will wear, causing the bucket to lose its strength and, ultimately, to fail.”

Rich Holt, founder of Fabrications by Design, comes to buckets and demolition with a fresh pair of eyes. And rather than replicate the straight line bucket protection that is the stuff of tradition and received wisdom, the bucket protection provided by Holt and his team is characterised by an intricate and unique tribal tattoo aesthetic. “People used to weld rebar on or solid strips of hard facing wire.” Holt continues. “Our solution is basically putting hard facing wire down through a MIG welder, which is quick and cost effective. What’s really different with the way we do it is basically we heat the steel up, temp it, and then put the wire down in lots of different directions so it has more places to wear.”

According to Holt, this approach is doubly effective. “By laying down the hard facing in these swirls and patterns, we are able to give the bucket greater protective coverage,” he explains. “In addition, the tattoo-style pattern helps to ensure that the material is dispersed and doesn’t follow the same path over and over again. This too helps reduce overall wear.”

As you will see from this exclusive Diggers and Dozers video, it also looks pretty damn good too. You can view the video below or click here to read the full Diggers and Dozers article.

Video – Dock gets knocked…

Hyundai excavator and Prodem hammer tackle 100-year old dock demolition.

London’s docks were built to last. The very hub of the British Empire, they were the terminus for a network of trade routes that spanned the globe.

During the height of World War II, they withstood a constant barrage of attacks by the German Luftwaffe.

But now, one of those docks has succumbed to an attack from a Hyundai excavator, a Prodem hydraulic hammer, and the crew from Rye Demolition.

Video – A Grand outcome…

Full story of the demolition of quake-hit New Zealand landmark.

It was the tallest building in Christchurch, New Zealand. But when the devastating earthquake hit in February 2011, the Grand Chancellor Hotel was rendered unsafe and marked for demolition.

This following video charts the painstaking demolition, and its place as the figurehead of the city’s regeneration.

Not so Grand from Robyn Clements on Vimeo.

Video – Engineering error in bridge fatality…

Surprise admission over bridge collapse that killed demolition worker.

As a legal wrangle threatens to escalate between the various factions of killed demolition worker Brandon Carl, the demolition company behind the US bridge collapse that killed him have accepted that an engineering error may have contributed to the incident.

In a letter from its assistant vice president, John Householder, Kokosing Construction Company reports that it has now analysed the preliminary findings of the investigation that left one man dead and another injured when the Hopple Street Ramp Bridge fell onto the 1-75 highway.

In the letter, Housholder says: “….Kokosing Construction made an engineering error that may have been a contributing factor to the collapse of the bridge and the subsequent death of our colleague, Brandon Carl…”

To find out more, view the video below:

Video – Windmill catches bus…

Shop demolition paves way for new bus depot.

The good folks at Leicester City Council have just released a film that shows the demolition of a number of shops in preparation for the extension of the Haymarket Bus Station.

The demolition – carried out by Windmill Group – took place in November 2014 over a four-night possession in an extremely busy city centre location.

Check it out:

Video – Giraffe eats Frankfurter…

High reach makes light work of German high rise.

The colour scheme and livery of this high reach excavator might leave some scratching their heads. But there is no question about the power and productivity of this giant giraffe look-a-like.

Watch this superb film that utilises both time-lapse and drone footage to capture the high reach demolition of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Video – CDI bounces back…

Successful blasts put Vegas stand-up in context.

The Clarion Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas might have refused to fully comply with the laws of gravity. But just a week after the partial stand-up of a stubborn lift shaft, it is back to business as usual for the team at Controlled Demolition Inc.

The company bounced back with a pair of textbook blasts to remind the blasting world that the Clarion was a very small fly in a very big vat of ointment.

Video – Texas contractor nicks gas line…

Line ruptured as contractor rushes to complete works.

Texas Gas Services was called to a site in East Austen after a demolition contractor ruptured a gas main.

According to local news reports, the demolition works were taking place in advance of the SXSW event that is now less than a month away.

Video – There’s no business like snow business…

After the Sapporo Snow Festival comes the Sapporo Demolition Festival.

The 66th Sapporo Snow Festival has now come to a close. This annual event is when people from around the world come the snowy city of Sapporo, Hokkaido to create massive and gorgeous works of art out of ice and snow.

However, a lesser-known festival has been spreading around Twitter recently.

It’s the unofficial Sapporo Demolition Festival, where excavators come in and mercilessly rip apart these massive and gorgeous works of art. While it doesn’t have the same international drawing power of the Snow Festival, many people have been on hand at the Demolition Festivals past and present to take plenty of video and images of the fun.

You can view one such video (below) but click here to get the full details and many more films and photos.

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