DemoExpo bumped…

Combined DemoExpo and LetsRecycle Live postponed.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has claimed anther victim as Demolition Expo and Letsrecycle Live have been rescheduled to 15-16 September 2021.

The exhibition was due to be held in May 2021. With uncertainty continuing, the September date has been confirmed by the organisers.

“Following consultations with key stakeholders, the show has been rescheduled until after the summer holiday period,” says Rob Mowat of Environment Media Group. “While there is cautious optimism surrounding the vaccination programme, the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors and the wider community remains our number one priority. We are pleased to confirm the new dates which also allow us time to further develop the show and increase its overall size.”

Body of second worker recovered…

The body of a second worker killed in a power plant collapse in southern Ohio has been recovered, according to his employer.

A spokesman for Detroit-based demolition contractor Adamo Group expressed “tremendous sorrow” in saying loved ones had been notified of the recovery of the body of 47-year-old Jamie Fitzgerald from the Killen Generating Station site in Adams County.

The body of Doug Gray was recovered from rubble last month.

The cause of the collapse remains under investigation.

Co-Operative building felled in emergency demolition…

Emergency demolition removes hazard.

An historic former co-operative building in north Manchester was the subject of an emergency demolition this weekend, the council has confirmed.

The former Failsworth Industrial Society building at the corner of Oldham Road and Old Church Street in Newton Heath had been branded ‘dangerous’ by inspectors.

Issues with the derelict building, plus ongoing resurfacing work, have caused major traffic delays on Oldham Road this week.

Local demolition contractor D Hughes Demolition & Excavation was tasked with the emergency demolition featured in this exclusive photo.

The building, which dates back to at least the 1890s, has had several planning applications approved in recent decades but work never progressed.

The site was recently acquired by L2 Property.

Work to start at massive Avlon Works

Maynards Europe will oversee the initial stages in one of the most important regeneration projects in the UK from 2021 onwards. Work is set to begin this following the acquisition of the 100-acre Avlon Works pharmaceutical processing site in the heart of Avonmouth Severnside by the Vancouver-based Epta Development Corporation (EDC) in December.

Maynards, a global leader in industrial auctions and liquidations, is to manage the asset recovery and demolition of the former pharmaceutical plant. DemolitionNews understands that the demolition element of the works will be handled by Divestiture, a specialist company headed up by demolition veteran Darren Palin.

The project is so vast that the asset list runs to 144 pages and Maynards expects to put together a sales catalogue of more than 5,000 lots, to include “everything above ground”.

Once the site has been cleared, EDC propose creating a modern, master-planned warehousing and logistics park comprising c.1,850,000 square, a project that is set to be a major contributor to economic development, job creation and regeneration for the region centred on South Gloucestershire.

The Avlon Works were operational for 50 years from 1969 to 2019. In 2016 AstraZeneca sold the site to Avara Pharmaceutical in the hope of securing the operation’s future, but Avara fell into administration and the entire site was put up for sale.

“With the complete contents of the 100-acre facility for sale, Maynards is offering a unique opportunity to purchase complete pharmaceutical production lines or individual assets,” says UK Managing Director Daniel Gray. “The spares inventory alone is valued at more than £2.5 million, but add to that site support equipment, site infrastructure, offices, labs, warehouse equipment, workshops, data centres, building structures and much more, and it is easy to see just how substantial and significant this offer is.”

All the equipment has been professionally cleaned and purged, and Avara staff have been retained to assist in answering technical questions, providing data and assisting with sales and equipment removal from site. Full data sheets of the complete inventory are available to interested parties.

“The Avonmouth site has long been a major national distribution hub for its products, and so is perfectly situated for effective asset disposal, with additional nearby port connections,” Gray explains

Maynards Europe is part of the Maynards group of companies, a global enterprise launched in 1902 which pioneered the Industrial and Retail auction industry from the early 1950s. A formidable track record in asset disposal includes numerous blue-chip partnerships in the automotive, pharmaceutical, energy supply and other industries that have enabled the repurposing of highly specialised machinery and equipment.

One of the company’s main focuses has been the pharmaceutical industry. Most recently that has included the dispersal of the complete contents of Recipharm’s Ashton-under-Lyne pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. As with that project, Maynards Europe will work with logistics partners offering turnkey solutions to relocate and recommission equipment from the Avlon Works site globally.

Comment – The possibilities are endless

It is 1 January 2021 as I sit down to type this. I am sat at a new desk, beneath a new video lighting rig, in my new-look office/studio. On the desk in front of me is a brand new notebook. That notebook is currently empty. Like the year that stretches before us, that notebook is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled.

Starting each New Year with a new notebook is something of a ritual for me. In fact, I have been doing it for so long that I can no longer remember when or even why the habit started.

I lack the self-discipline required to keep a diary. And my life is not sufficiently interesting to justify a journal. So, instead, I use a notebook to jot down ideas that might eventually become articles, or podcasts, or video shows or even books. Some will evolve over the coming months; others will wither and die. I figure that if ideas are good enough, 12 months is enough time for them to reach maturity. After that, the slate is wiped clean, and the process begins again.

I like to start each new notebook with a word or a phrase that I believe will set a tone for the year ahead. I remember starting a new notebook in 2009 by scrawling JOBS at the top of the first page as the recession that hit the previous year was wreaking havoc within demolition employment circles.

There was another year in which I used a thick black marker to write the word REVENGE sideways in order to fill the entire first page of my new notebook. Looking back now, I can see that it looks like the work of a wannabe serial killer. But I do remember being especially productive that year.

So I am sat here thinking about what word or phrase I can write in my shiny new notebook for 2021. It was originally going to be COLLABORATION. That was very much my watchword for the second half of 2020 and I firmly believe it will be a key weapon in the industry’s armoury in the year ahead. But I am also mindful of just some of the things that await us in the coming year.

With the UK’s departure from the European Union now ratified, we now take our first uncertain steps upon the path of national independence and self-reliance. Who knows where that might lead?

There must surely now be an end in sight for the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into alleged collusion within the UK demolition industry. The findings of that investigation have the potential to rewrite the very landscape of the industry. So while I enter the New Year filled with hope and ambition, I do so with a nagging sense of dread and trepidation.

That dread will also be tinged with sadness and growing frustration. In less than two months, the UK demolition industry will once again fall silent to honour the memory of the four men killed in the Didcot disaster back in February 2016.

And I am typing this from a home office within an area that has been designated as Tier 4, which means that I am currently under a kind of house arrest. COVID-19 overshadowed virtually everything in 2020. And until widespread vaccinations take effect, it will likely do so again in 2021.
If we have learned anything from the past year, it is the fact that forecasts are futile; that predictions and projections are pointless.

Despite all this, I enter 2021 with greater optimism and excitement than I have for many years. Regardless of your personal feelings on the wisdom of Brexit, the will they/won’t they is now over with. Now is the time to make our own luck.

The BCLive league table – the barometer of real construction industry performance – ended 2020 on an unprecedented high. The monthly average of new contract awards usually runs at around £4.0 billion. In December, it was more than three times that figure.
From a personal and business standpoint, 2020 marked a steep learning curve for us here at DemolitionNews. But we have taken those lessons on board and we begin 2021 with fresh ideas that build upon those hastily erected foundations. We will be working more closely with demolition companies, equipment manufacturers and service providers to help them spread their message more widely and more effectively. We will be harnessing the world’s largest demolition audience to shift perceptions about this industry and to help shape the sector for a technological future.

We are also going to take on a small number of hand-picked PR clients that we believe have the potential to be the sector leaders in the years ahead.

So, despite my concerns over the Brexit fallout; despite my fears for a continuation of the Coronavirus crisis; despite my trepidation over the findings of the CMA investigation; and despite my growing frustration and anger over the endless Didcot investigation, I start 2021 with a surprising degree of excitement and optimism.

In fact, having written this, I have just decided upon the first four words that will adorn the opening age of my new notebook: THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Demolition LIVE – Lockdown 3 – Episode 1

One of the many unwanted side effects of a third national lockdown is the return of the Demolition LiveStream show which is back with a new studio set-up and an even greater sense of frustration.

In this episode, we ask why so many demolition companies insist on populating their social media feeds with aerial photos of unnamed buildings they’re about to demolish; and why they fill their electronic newsletters with details of staff retirements and local sponsorships that are of interest to virtually no-one.


BPH bags LaBounty…

Attachments giant switches allegiance.

Hydraulic attachment specialist BPH Attachments has been named as the new LaBounty dealer for the UK and Ireland.

BPH Attachments was approached by LaBounty to become its exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland. The decision to work together with BPH was easily made as its core values align with those of LaBounty.

The main focus for BPH will be LaBounty’s unrivalled and market leading MSD range of Steel Shears, which add to its already vast collection of attachments. Being the only dealer for LaBounty creates new opportunities in the demolition and scrap metal arenas and, with BPH’s extensive facilities, the company will also be able to refurbish and service the existing LaBounty users’ equipment.

Matthew Bastable, Sales Director at BPH Attachments, said: “We are known in the industry for being a supplier and distributor of quality attachments, no matter the job. Being chosen to work with LaBounty, the world’s best and most sort after brand, is a very proud moment for us. It’s testament to the focus we place on customer service and having a friendly team filled with expert knowledge who can ensure we best match our products to our customers’ projects back up by our in-house team of mobile specialist engineers.”

Kenan Cirak, Regional Sales Manager – Europe, added: “We are looking forward to support our existing LaBounty customers in UK and Ireland Republic with BPH’s intensive sales and after sales network. LaBounty has a strong presence in the UK and Ireland Republic and our focus will be on helping our existing customers to keep their productivity at optimum levels with active product, service and spare part support as well as reaching to new customers who are looking to improve their productivity and profitability.”

An appointment with Dr Demolition…

Terry Quarmby’s blunt and honest autobiography is OUT NOW.

“…As blunt as a wrecking ball; as abrasive as reinforced concrete; and as tough and uncompromising as the industry he helped shape…”

The new book from Dr Terry Quarmby is everything you would expect from the straight-talking, no-nonsense former president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers. And it is so much more.

The book follows Quarmby’s lifelong journey from troubled teen to respected head of an industry, stopping off on countless sites and including endless scrapes with the authorities along the way.

There is something here for everyone that has ever set foot on a demolition site; and also for those that have no interest in the industry whatsoever.

You can buy Dr Demolition exclusively through AmazonAND watch our exclusive video interview with the author below:

Armac wins at Wembley…

Impressive team performance fells Wembley Way.

In November 2020, Armac Group scored a stunning victory at the world-famous Wembley Stadium. With an impressive display of teamwork, the company felled the famous Wembley Way that links the nearby Wembley Park station with the landmark stadium.

You can read all about it in this exclusive Demolition magazine article.

Triple toppled…

Three giant stacks fall at Navajo Generating Station.

The Navajo Generating Station’s three 236 metre smokestacks have been a visual reminder of decades of coal power generation in the Page area of Arizona. But those smokestacks fell in a controlled blast later today.

The towering stacks came to define the skyline near Page and could be seen for miles throughout the surrounding canyon country and Lake Powell. The structures replaced the plant’s original stacks in the 1990s.