The Weekend Wrap #59

In this week’s show: Volvo delivers on its fossil-free promise; we have an Italmek attachment that eats axles for breakfast; and a giant Kobelco excavator goes to hospital in Rotterdam.

All that and more, on The Weekend Wrap.

Death from Above…

Something a little more lighthearted for a Friday afternoon.

I have today received what is probably the greatest press release I have seen in more than 30 years of journalism.

Sadly, it doesn’t really suit our demolition audience but it is so good that I wanted to share it with you anyway.

The title of the press release is Death for Above. But that only hints at the horrors within.

The Break Fast Show #362

In today’s show: We’re travelling to Texas for some awesome scraper action; we’re travelling back in time to check out a Terex dozer in action; the shear power of Caterpillar attachments; and there’s yet another hot new project lead, this time in Kent.

PLUS we’re taking a tour of one of the biggest civil engineering projects in Europe.

Union rails against demolition incentive

A union has reacted to reports that residents have been offered financial incentives to allow a proposed demolition project to go ahead.

GMB London has been informed that One Housing is offering carrots of £7,100 of public money to Juniper Crescent residents for a vote for demolition in the face of the previous overwhelming vote against demolition in 2020. This is absolutely outrageous and this ballot must be stopped by the Mayor Sadiq Khan says GMB London

Peter Roberts, GMB London Region Political Officer said: “GMB London is calling on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to instruct One Housing to stop plans for a second ballot for residents and its underhanded attempts to engage with residents of Juniper Crescent near Camden Lock.”

“One Housing is using a loophole in the Mayor’s guidance to propose a second ballot but residents feel that this is a deliberate attempt to sway the original ballot outcome that rejected demolishing the estate to build housing unaffordable for most current residents and with limited social housing.

“One Housing has not responded to attempts by residents asking for specific information or a response about the unwelcome continual pursuit and badgering of residents.”

GMB London calls on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to act now and get behind the residents in Juniper Crescent to support the outcome of the original ballot in 2020 that rejected the regeneration of the estate.

The Break Fast Show #361

In today’s show: The NFDC is hit with yet another very public departure. So you think your workplace is hot? Caterpillar trusts the process; MB Crusher opens up a new wheel loader capability’ and we have yet another hot demolition project lead, this time in Newcastle under Lyme.

PLUS a giant Kobelco goes to hospital.

Exit Kane. NFDC not able

A well-known UK demolition contractor has taken to social media to announce his shock departure from the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

Andrew Kane of Kane Group, which owns NFDC member company GJ Gaywood, revealed his decision to leave the NFDC on the LinkedIn social media platform.

His post reads:

To all my LinkedIn contacts I wish to make the following announcement.

Following [sic] an strong disagreement between myself and the senior management of the NFDC In the manner in which the organisation is managed I felt that the continued membership of GJ Gaywood Ltd as a member of that organisation was untenable.

As a result I have formally resigned the GJ Gaywood Ltd membership with immediate effect.

Going forwards GJ Gaywood will no longer promote membership of that organisation or use any paperwork or signage that references membership of the NFDC.

To all existing and future clients please be advised that all Kane Group Companies will continue to maintain the high standards of workmanship and safety that you have come to expect on past contracts.

At the time of writing, GJ Gaywood was still shown in the members’ listing on the NFDC announcement.

There is no indication what the “strong disagreement” was about, but it follows hot on the heels of several other high profile departures. It also comes just a few days after a meeting of the Federation’s Midlands and Wales Region during which officers were asked repeatedly to expel those companies that have admitted involvement in the CMA bid rigging scandal.

One member said that the companies named in the CMA investigation had “brought the NFDC into serious disrepute” while another said that the “NFDC no longer had credibility”. Another said it was “one of several incidents where National Council have not shown any strong leadership”.

DemolitionNews has reached out to Andrew Kane to find out more about his resignation.

The Break Fast Show #360

In today’s show: Fire hits Teeside site for the second time in a month; Lynch Plant gives site safety the thumbs up…digitally; an attachment that eats axles for breakfast; CASE is bringing the noise; and there’s another hot lead for demolition contractors in the North of England.

PLUS we are going to play out with a tale of mystery, intrigue and a disappearance that remains unsolved more than 100 years later.

The Break Fast Show #359

In today’s show: Volvo delivers on its promise of a fossil-free steel hauler; we take a sneak peek at a new Chinese-built compact wheel loader; Caterpillar unleashes its demolition jaw; and demolition contractors in Yorkshire, we have a hot new project lead for you.

PLUS in a Break Fast Show exclusive, we will bring you the Acco Super Dozer – The giant that never was.

Short-sighted. Greedy. Stupid.

How the greed, stupidity and short-sightedness of the demolition and construction industry’s training regime is potentially costing the sector experienced workers.

Opinion – Demolition Duality

In the unlikely event that I should ever find myself on Death Row, I already know what last meal I would request. It would be that London favourite, Pie and Mash. More specifically, it would be pie and mash from Manze’s eel and pie house in Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey. Even more specifically, it would be a “double-double”. Two pies, two mash and lashings of liquor (if you’re not from London, you will just have to take my word for it).

Based upon extensive research and personal experience, I know that a double-double is a double that goes down well each and every time. But there are doubles that are harder to digest and that I find more difficult to stomach. Like the huge number of double standards that continue to exist within the UK demolition and construction industry.

Double standards you say? Surely not. I shall require evidence. Then, loyal reader, evidence you shall have.

For the past four or five years, the industry has been riding the mental health awareness bandwagon for all it is worth. And yet the industry continues to operate within a bubble in which bullying is rife and in which job security is merely the stuff of dreams.

The industry claims that it is doing more to encourage women into its fold. Yet with the exception of the begrudged addition of a female toilet, many sites remain as inhospitable and toxic for women as they ever were.

The industry claims a determination to stamp out accidents and fatalities. But rather than sharing details of any accidents that do transpire as a potential lesson to others, those details and those accidents are regularly swept beneath the nearest carpet.

The industry claims to have a culture of safety. Yet those that point out shortcomings in safety often find themselves pushed towards the exit, dismissed as trouble-makers or blacklisted entirely.

The industry will continually piss and moan about the lack of skilled workers. But it has engineered a training and competence card regime so complex and so expensive that it is no longer a stepping-stone into the industry but an insurmountable barrier to entry. Rather than being a means by which to nourish and replenish the industry’s workforce, training has become the lush pasture used to fatten training’s cash cow, benefitting only those in the business of bovine ownership.

The industry complains bitterly that those above them in the sector food chain are slow to pay their bills. Yet those further down that food chain inflict the same suffering upon their suppliers on a daily basis.

Industry bodies claim to have codes of conduct. But when push comes to shove, the rules that support that code are applied selectively. And if your face fits, they simply do not apply at all.

Is that enough evidence or would you like me to go on?

In each instance, the industry’s duality is explained in the same way. There are the things that we would like others – clients, regulatory bodies, our peers, the media – to believe. And then there’s the truth. Indeed, many of the claims made by the industry in an attempt to look good should be taken with a pinch of salt; so much salt, in fact, that we each run the risk of hypernatremia.

If you type into Google “saying one thing when you mean another”, the search engine says that this is the very definition of irony. But it says something else too.

“Someone who says one thing and does another thing is called a hypocrite .”

Now. Double-double anyone?

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