The Break Fast Show #29

In today’s not entirely serious show: Miller GroundBreaking lights the way with new glow-in-the-dark bucket; Armac Group narrowly misses out on Good Food Award; and DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony is set to give up his caretaker role as host of The Break Fast Show.

All this and more in this special episode the industry’s only live daily news broadcast.

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The Break Fast Show #28

In today’s show:  Kobelco unveils its biggest short radius excavator; Balfour Beatty wins big in Egham; and we’re calling BS on spurious manufacturer marketing claims.

You can check out all this and more in our extended show notes here:

The Break Fast Show #27

In today’s show: JCB clinches the biggest order in its 75-year history; Liebherr enters the “used” parts business; and the Rising Sun Hotel near Sheffield is earmarked for demolition.

All this, PLUS an exclusive glimpse at a Content with Media interview with Sunbelt Rentals CEO Andy Wright who has just confirmed that £65 million equipment order with JCB.

You can find all this in our extended show notes here.




The Break Fast Show #26

In today’s show: The lifting of lockdown restrictions offers some well-deserved relief for the construction and demolition key workers that have carried the weight of economic expectation on their shoulders this past year; Hitachi and Norplast set to unveil new excavator vandal guards; and Hillhead Digital prepares to open its cyber doors. All this and more in the 26th episode of The Break Fast Show.
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All hail the new President

William Crooks takes NFDC chains of office

Although the National Federation of Demolition Contractors annual general meeting is likely still in progress, Cawarden Demolition’s William Crooks has apparently been sworn in as the new NFDC President.

DemolitionNews understands that Newline’s John Lynch secured the backing of the membership to become 2nd vice president; while embattled former 2nd vice president Gary Bishop has become vice president, paving the way for a second shot at being an NFDC President.

Everyone at DemolitionNews wishes William Crooks every success in his two years as NFDC President.

Crooks has worked tirelessly for the Federation at both regional and national level for something like 15 years.   His chains of office are a just reward for his dedication and commitment to the cause.

Earlier this week, we reported that an anonymous letter calling for Bishop’s resignation had been circulating.   But it appears that, even though he apparently took on the 2nd vice president’s role in a caretaker capacity until a suitable replacement stepped forward, he is planning to take a second stab at being NFDC president when William Crooks tenure comes to an end in two years’ time.

The Construction Collective rides again

Last night saw the fourth outing for The Construction Collective show and was co-hosted by DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony and Peter Haddock of Content with Media.

The show covered a whole host of topics and included a huge range of companies including Bobcat, Rammer, Leica GeoSystems, Miller GroundBreaking, DigBits, FHOSS Lighting, Lynch Plant and many more besides.

You can watch the show below.   But, since it was an 80-minute marathon, you might want to save it for the weekend.

The Break Fast Show #24

In today’s show: The Construction Collective will assemble TONIGHT; impending Easter holidays raise urban exploration and trespass fears; and The Builders’ Conference has delivered another demolition project lead, this time in Godalming. All this and more in The Break Fast Show, today at 10am.

And you can view our previous coverage of the dangers of urban exploration here:

The Break Fast Show #23

In this show: The UK construction industry racks up a staggering £83 billion in new contract awards since the national lockdown began; and the curious case of an anonymous letter calling for the resignation of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors’ incumbent 2nd vice president.

And here’s the link to The Builders’ Conference article discussed in the show:





Mystery letter calls for resignation of NFDC officer

The curious case of the anonymous letter requesting Gary Bishop’s departure.

It s a mystery that would tax the combined brains of Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes himself.

DemolitionNews is in receipt of a copy of a letter addressed to the current 2nd vice president of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, calling for his resignation.   It has also been received at the NFDC’s Resurgam House headquarters although the Federation has said there will be no response to the anonymous letter.

Adding to the mystery still further, the anonymous letter is signed in Latin. The Latin translates as “to each his own”.   The letter is also purportedly sent from an address that is the home of the Royal Society of Arts in London.

The letter is reproduced (below):

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that we request you step down from advancing to the roll [sic] of Vice President National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) when you retire the position as second vice president.   The General feeling amongst the membership is you make room for someone with the Commitment time energy passion and Leadership to devote to this roll [sic].

You have previously stated that in your opinion officers should not seek re-election to the same position and that you see your roll [sic] to act as caretaker till a suitable candidate steps forward.   It is clear from the information received from the NFDC HQ that this time has now arrived.   Everyone agrees a change is necessary. Over the past years it seems that certain members of the board were more interested in campaigning for their board position than in developing worthwhile policies. The board needs to focus efforts on improving the performance of the NFDC and to effectively represent the interest of all members.   We are confident with the new leadership the Federation can move forward on a more solid footing.

History will judge the NFDC will be best served by your honourable decision to withdraw which will contribute to the stability and prosperity for years to come.

It would be appreciated if your last official duty ensures a smooth transition minimising disruption to NFDC operations.   We would like to express our thanks to you for many years of service and a debt of gratitude for the input you have had.

Bishop was previously President of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors in 2011 to 2013.   During his time, he was forced to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to address what was described at the time as “member apathy”.

EXCLUSIVE – The man who would be President…

Unless the Earth is struck by an asteroid or the planet falls to the zombie apocalypse (and, frankly, after 2020, nothing would surprise me) Cawarden Demolition’s William Crooks will shortly become president of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

The presidency will be the culmination of more than 15 years commitment to the Federation cause.

In this exclusive interview, we speak to William Crooks about his hopes and aspirations for his two years in the NFDC hot seat.

The interview goes LIVE at 6pm on Monday 22 March 2021.