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Video – Dramatic footage emerges…

Film captures moment West London office block collapsed during demolition.

Within just a few hours of the partial collapse of the Hounslow House collapse earlier this week, DemolitionNews was on site to capture the immediate aftermath.

But now, with investigations ongoing, dramatic new footage has emerged that shows the very moment the seven storey block came down. And while it sheds no new light on the precise cause of the partial collapse, the new films certainly illustrate just how pedestrians, passing cars and packed passenger buses came to disaster.

Video – And down they came…

East Toledo Acme plant smokestacks imploded.

With the push of a button detonating 86 pounds of dynamite, two brick smokestacks remaining from a long-closed East Toledo power plant crashed to the ground Wednesday.

The two smokestacks that once poured forth smoke from the coal-fired Acme power plant that powered the city of Toledo came down yesterday at 12:30 p.m.

Remaining after the demolition is a third tower, which will be reduced by about one-third of its 298-foot height. The mayor’s hope is to paint and decorate the remaining brick structure to look like a lighthouse, and then install a revolving red and green lamp, symbolic of the lamps used on boats to indicate port and starboard.

Read more here or view the video below:

Acme stacks to fall today…

Dykon makes final preparations ahead of twin stack blast.

Two smokestacks that once poured forth smoke from the coal-fired Acme power plant that powered the city of Toledo will belch their last today.

Using a controlled explosion, explosives specialist Dykon at 12:30 p.m. is set to bring down in a cloud of dust and concrete and brick rubble two of the three stacks left over from the old power plant in the Marina District in East Toledo.

A third stack, which stands 298 feet tall, will remain for now. The city must lower it by at least 100 feet to comply with new Federal Aviation Administration rules about tall structures.

The city acquired the old Acme coal-burning plant from Toledo Edison Co. in 2003, along with a check for $4.3 million to help with cleanup. The plant ceased operation in 1994.

Read more here.

Hounslow collapse – Supplemental…

Raw video and full suite of photos from yesterday’s collapse.

DSC_0212While we’re waiting for an official statement from GBM Demolition – the company involved in the unplanned building collapse that brought Hounslow to a standstill just before rush-hour yesterday – we have an exclusive (if shaky) video from the site shot in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

In addition, we have a full suite of photos showing the extend of the damage caused by the collapse.

You can view the video below, or access all the photos by clicking here.

Video – Shear power from Kinshofer…

Exclusive video walk around of DRS demolition shear.

The boys over at Diggers and Dozers have done it again. While most of the watching world was focused on the quarry kit at the recent Hillhead 2014 exhibition, they dug a little deeper to find some hot new equipment that is destined for demolition fleets.

Key among them was this new DRS 45 demolition shear from Kinshofer.

According to Diggers and Dozers, there was an issue with the audio file recorded on the day. But that does not detract from a great walk around of an impressive new attachment:

Breaking News – Hounslow collapse update…

DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony reports LIVE from site of unplanned collapse.

DSC_0230An access platform is extended to its full height, a hosepipe snaking up its boom and continuing to drip water onto the rubble below. A high reach excavator sits flaccidly and forlornly alongside, its boom now parallel with the ground. Nothing out of the ordinary, you might think.

But pan back slightly and it is clear to see that all is not well on this site in Hounslow, West London.

A pile of debris, far too large to have been taken down in a controlled manner, dwarfs the high reach machine; rubble has breached the site perimeter, escaping through the site hoarding and littering the road in the neighbouring bus garage; and police line a street that should be bustling with shoppers, restaurant goers and local residents.

At around 4pm this afternoon, Hounslow High Street was brought to a standstill as Hounslow House – a tower block next to a busy bus terminus – collapsed whilst undergoing demolition. No official cause has been provided and, according to the police on the scene, no-one has been hurt.

It could have been very different. The rubble strewn across the exit from the bus station could so easily have hit a bus packed with passengers; the debris that breached the site hoarding could so easily have struck a pedestrian.

At the time of writing, the site team from Lincolnshire-based GBM Demolition – were awaiting the arrival on an HSE inspector while trying to figure out what had gone wrong and how they were going to contain a large section of the building that remains hanging precariously the full height of the eight-storey block.

DemolitionNews will be attempting to get a statement from GBM Demolition in the morning.

Breaking News – West London building collapse…

Witness felt ground shake as debris was sent crashing to the ground beside Hounslow bus garage.

Part of an office block being demolished beside Hounslow bus garage has collapsed, sending debris crashing to the ground, according to one witness.

Hounslow House, in London Road, just east of Hounslow High Street, is being demolished to make way for a possible housing development, dubbed Tesco tower.

A witness living in Asis Court, beside the long-empty office block, said he felt the earth shake as the building came down.

Bernard Zieja said it was a miracle no one had been injured by falling debris as about a third of the building collapsed in ‘an uncontrolled manner’ at about 4pm this afternoon.

He said he had been complaining about the demolition work for weeks as it had created huge amounts of dust blanketing neighbouring properties.

Read more here.

Jobs – Elvanite seeks supervisor…

Essex-based contractor hits expansion trail.

ElvaniteColchester-based Elvanite has continued its expansion plans with the news that it is seeking a new Demolition Supervisor to help fuel its growth.

The successful candidate will hold relevant CCDO Card and have proven demolition background (minimum 3 years).

To check out full details of this exciting job opportunity, please click here.

Video – Demolition kit at the cutting edge…

Demolition kit takes top spot in innovation countdown.

There was a danger that – following hot on the heels of the equipment-fest that is ConExpo in Las Vegas – that the UK’s Hillhead show might be lacking in innovation.

As it turned out, the show was a showcase for the very latest equipment to be setting the industry benchmark. And, if the new Top 10 countdown show from our buddies at Diggers and Dozers is anything to go by, it was demolition equipment that was the leader in the innovation stakes:

Video – Ottawa’s big boom…

Ottawa’s Sir John Carling Building is brought down by explosive demolition.

Advanced Explosive Demolition (AED) has imploded the former home of Agriculture Canada.

The biggest blast in Ottawa’s history was over in seconds on Sunday, reducing the 11-storey John Carling Building to 40,000 tonnes of rubble by 420 kilograms of explosives.

Hundreds of people gathered 300 metres away from the federal office tower at 930 Carling Ave. that overlooked Dow’s Lake to catch a glimpse of the $4.8 million demolition.

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