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Video – Long Island bridge blasted…

First of series of implosions fells part of span.

A large section of the Long Island Bridge was demolished Monday as contractors imploded a 750-foot-long piece that connects to the island, officials said.

The Coast Guard had set up a 1,000-yard safety zone between Moon Island and Long Island, and marine units from State, Boston, and Quincy police were on the scene to steer boaters away from the area, officials said.

The demolition targeted three sections of the bridge — sections 12, 13, and 14 — each of them 250 feet long, according to Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s office.

Part of the ailing bridge was already removed in late February.

Read more here, or view the video below:

Video – Epic time-lapse…

High reach excavators set to work on Toronto tower block.

This is a short (but awesome) time-lapse movie comprised of six sequences shot on March 19, 2015 between 1400 – 1800 hrs, documenting the demolition of architect Peter Dickinson’s 1950’s modernist style residential tower in Regent Park, Toronto, Canada.

The controlled demolition is being carried out by ProGreen Demolition Co.

Brace yourselves for some epic music and some equally epic demolition action:

DEMOLITION: 4 HOURS OF PROGRESS (Regent Park, Toronto) from Randy and Brenda Hoffmann on Vimeo.

Video – Latest inductee to 40-watt club

We’re starting to believe there’s more than one born every minute.

There’s just so much wrong here I scarcely know where to begin.

First off, from the opening frame, the impending disaster is clear for all – other than the dingbat wielding the sledgehammer – to see. Secondly, rather than stepping in and pointing out the patently obvious “if you remove the bottom of that wall, the top is likely to land on you”, his colleague decides for the far more amusing “you carry on and I’ll film it from a safe distance” strategy so common in the YouTube age.

Perhaps most remarkable of all is that, just before the inevitable does happen, an entire wall appears be defying gravity, balanced on a wafer of blockwork just a few millimetres wide.

All that aside, our 40-Watt Club just gained another member.

Video – Bradford & Bingley HQ coming down…

Former home of building society falls to high reach power.

A pair of high reach machines are slowly removing the former headquarters of the Bradford & Bingley building society from the Bradford skyline.

Although the machine featured here is emblazoned with the Forshaw name, local newspaper reports suggest that the contract is actually being run by Wembley-based TE Scudder.

Read more here or watch the video below:

Video – Did DSM really blast Greyfriars bus station…?

Leaked video suggests terrorists might have been behind blast.

We may all have been duped by the Mother’s Day implosion of the “mouth of Hell” Greyfriars bus station.

On the face of it, this was another well-executed demolition contract to swell still further the DSM portfolio.

But a video has just reached us that suggests that the bus station was actually imploded by a previously unknown terrorist organisation.

We’re not usually big on conspiracy theories. But the compelling video evidence (below) seems to speak for itself:

Video Exclusive – Hull’s Highcourt dropped…

Robinson & Birdsell implodes one of city’s tallest buildings.

A 46-year old tower block in Hull has been demolished as part of a regeneration scheme in the area.

The 20-floor Highcourt tower in the Orchard Park area was brought down via a controlled explosion on Sunday lunchtime.

Robinson & Birdsell was appointed by Hull City Council to demolish the tower block. Highly experienced explosives engineer John Turner worked alongside the team from R&B to manage this challenging project.

The safety exclusion zone was developed in preparation for the blowdown day by Martin Smith, Health & Safety Manager. From the outset, a resident liaison officer – Rachel Larder – was appointed to act as a direct link between all 141 residential properties within the identified exclusion zones, stakeholders and other third parties.

In addition, R&B worked closely with the community including running competitions for the children at The Parks Primary School and St Anthony’s Catholic School (both schools directly opposite the site, one falling within the exclusion zone). The winners of the poster competitions had there poster printed onto a site banner which was fixed to the site boundary fencing for all to see.

Highcourt tower was built in 1969 and was one of the tallest buildings in Hull.

Contractor pursued for $271,000 fine…

Demolition firm sued over failure to pay demolition/asbestos fines.

Federal workplace safety officials have sued Scarborough-based Downeast Construction Corp., seeking to collect fines for a series of safety violations during a demolition and asbestos removal operation at the embattled Forster Mill complex in Wilton.

U.S. Attorney Thomas Delahanty on Sunday filed into the court’s electronic record system the lawsuit, seeking to enforce $271,979 worth of penalties assessed by the Occupational Hazard and Safety Administration after inspections in 2011.

The lawsuit alleges that Downeast Construction owner Ryan Byther has not paid or contested any of the penalties and seeks a judgment from the court for the cost of the assessed penalties and interest since the inspections.

Federal officials attempted to deliver notifications of the penalties to Byther around their assessment in 2011, according to the lawsuit, but later discovered he was in prison on charges of theft by deception and left the notification of penalties at his residence.

He was sentenced in 2012 to a six-month prison term after being convicted of bilking a York County American Legion post out of $50,000 and using a portion of it to open a bar in Portland.

Read more here.

Jobs – Howard Stott seeks estimator…

Burnley-based contractor on expansion trail.

DSC_0776As the feel-good factor continues its inexorable creep Northwards, Burnley-based Howard Stott Demolition has become the latest to join the recruitment drive.

The company is seeking an experienced demolition estimator to join its workforce.

The fast-growing growing contractor requires somebody with at least three years’ experience in an estimating role, working for a demolition and asbestos removal contractor.

The successful candidate must be computer literate and adept at all aspects of this role, and be self-motivated and keen to win new work/clients.

Full details of the job and how to apply can be found by clicking here.

Video – Excavator onslaught…

Contractor opts for sheer weight of numbers to tackle bridge demolition.

“We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there” as Jerry Reed famously once sang. Well, we can’t tell if this highway is Eastbound but it sure as Hell is Down after a team of eight (or possibly more) excavators set about some intense overnight demolition.

The work is captured in this superb time-lapse film.

Bridge Demolition Time Lapse from In Blue Productions on Vimeo.

Video – Mother of all implosions…

Mothers Day peace shattered as “mouth of Hell” bus station falls.

DSM Demolition is like Mike Tyson in his pomp (bear with me; I know where I am going with this). The company doesn’t go in for razzmatazz, grand entrances or press interaction. It just turns up, does the job, and then goes home again.

And, much like the former heavyweight champion of the world, the company is pretty damn good at flattening the opposition.

And so the notorious Greyfriars Bus Station in Northampton – once described as looking like “the mouth of Hell” stood very little chance against a professional and overwhelming onslaught from DSM today.

You can see the knock-out blow below:

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