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Video – Shock and awe bridge blast…

When the Chinese implode a bridge, they do not take prisoners.

Over the years, we have brought you countless films of bridges being brought down using a controlled explosion. Almost without fail, the bridges have been fully prepared, the ground upon which they fall has been made ready, and just enough explosives are deployed to ensure that the bridge deck falls effectively and safely.

Such subtlety is apparently lost in translation with our Chinese cousins. As this film of a recent bridge felling in east China’s Jiangxi Province illustrates, our Chinese counterparts prefer to deploy enough explosives to blow the snot out of the bridge and scatter its remains over a huge area.

Video – Surely there’s a better way…?

Necessity is the mother of invention; but sometimes her offspring is questionable.

The ingenuity of man never ceases to amaze and bewilder. And for every great invention – the steam locomotive, the internal combustion engine, the jet aircraft, the Space Shuttle, and the iPhone – there is a Sinclair C5.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that man has cooked up a way to forego formalities such as structural engineering and frivolities like floor propping. Instead, they have opted to suspend a Bobcat compact loader – and it’s unfortunate operator – from a crane to catch it when the floor upon which it is standing all-too-predictably collapses.

The new Demolition magazine has dropped…

The Azure Edition is landing on demolition desks as we speak.

The latest Demolition magazine is currently landing on desks across the land with a mighty whump.   If you’re not subscribed or if you’re outside the UK, then fear not.   You can check it out in all its sky blue glory just by clicking here.

Those that have subscribed and who have received their copy through the post will have noticed an additional treat enclosed within: the Demolition magazine 2017 Wall Planner.  

This is our first-ever wall planner and we’re delighted that so many industry suppliers chose to support it and make it possible.   There are a few additional copies going spare too – If you’d like to grab one for your wall, please send us your address.  

There are a limited number of wall planners left and they will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis so act fast.

Video – Herding Cats…

Fleet of Caterpillar machines tackles demolition.

Illinois-based Omega Demolition called upon the full might of its extensive Caterpillar equipment fleet to tackle the demolition of Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Check out the video below:

Video – Pretty in pink…

Demo Diva makes it big on TV.

Demo Diva Simone Bruni started out as a demolition broker after Hurricane Katrina tore through her home town of New Orleans.

Following her exclusive appearance on back in 2010, she is set to air on CNBC’s TV series Blue Collar Millionaires.

You can check out the trailer below:

Video – Narrow escape for family of five…

Demolition debris crashes through window into family home.

A mother and her four young children escaped serious injury when debris from a building being demolished next door came crashing through their window.

Marissa Williams was in her first-floor apartment in Wilkinsburg on Tuesday with her 7-month-old son and three young daughters when bricks, mortar and wood came crashing through her living room window.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

However, Williams said at first she didn’t know what had happened because the debris showered her living room with a cloud of heavy dust.

“The only thing I knew was that there was a bunch of bricks and a big wooden stick coming through our window, near my children as we were watching TV, and I just raced to get my kids out of harm’s way,” Williams said.

No case to answer at Seaforth…

Public was not put at risk during failed implosion.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has ruled out taking any action over the failed demolition of two Seaforth tower blocks earlier this year.

Residents were not allowed to return to their homes for more than a week after a demolition attempt by contractors left one of the blocks still standing but in an unstable condition.

The tower eventually had to be brought down piece-by-piece using a high reach excavator transported to Merseyside from Scotland.

The area where the two tower blocks once stood has now been landscaped.

Affected residents have been calling for an apology and compensation for the disruption and loss of earnings they suffered. But that prospect may have taken a knock following the HSE ruling, which said no member of the public was put at risk.

An HSE spokesperson said: “Following the failure of the explosive demolition which left part of the tower block still standing, detailed contingency plans were put into place and as a result no operative or member of the public was put at risk.

“Following an investigation the HSE have not identified any material breach of health and safety legislation, and no do intend to take any action against any contractor.”

Read more here.

Video – Black Hawk casino down…

CDI fells casino parking garage with controlled blast.

The Monarch Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado has imploded its old parking garage to make way for a new hotel and spa.

It’s all part of a $400 million development plan.

Three stories were turned into a half a story in about three seconds thanks to Mark Loizeaux and teams from Controlled Demolition, who placed 303 pounds of explosives to bring the garage down on itself.

“It isn’t much when you talk about 10,000 pounds of concrete, but gravity really does most the work,” Loizeaux said.

Someone needs a new calculator…

Low bid on bridge demolition comes in $11.1 million under estimates.

The state of Rhosde Island received six bids for the work demolishing the old Sakonnet River Bridge between Portsmouth and Tiverton, the state Department of Transportation said today.

The lowest apparent bid of $9.4 million was submitted by S & R Corporation, the DOT said. According to local newspaper reports, the apparent low bid is $11.1 million below the engineer’s estimate for this contract.

“The Sakonnet River Bridge is located in one of the most beautiful parts of this state,” Director Peter Alviti Jr. said. “We’re eager to complete the contract award process so we can get the contractor started on this long overdue effort to remove the old bridge.”

This contract is the first of two contracts to remove the entire bridge, and will focus on the bridge’s deck and superstructure elements. Once work begins, the removal of the superstructure is expected to take approximately one year, according to the press release, and “RIDOT will make every effort to limit the impact of the work on the summer boating season.” The project will be completed in Spring 2018.

Read more here.

Video – Flaming Hell…

D Hughes Demolition responds to mill fire.

A quick-thinking representative of D Hughes Demolition & Excavation has captured an equally quick-thinking response to a fire that destroyed Maple Mil in Oldham.

The Manchester-based company was first on the scene, bring down the building while the fire raged on:

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