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Competition – For the love of the glove…

Get your hands on (or in) a revolutionary pair of safety gloves.

£72 is not a lot of money if it is going to save you from a likely limb amputation in the event of a Fluid Injection Injury. But wouldn’t it be better if you could have the same protection for free? Well, enter our latest competition and that’s precisely what you might get.

As you may be aware, fluid transfer solutions specialist Pirtek recently introduced a revolutionary new safety glove to protect workers from Fluid Injection Injury. And we have snagged a pair to give away to the reader that can fill in the missing figure, shown in red below:

The velocity of fluid forced through a pinhole break in a hydraulic hose can be in excess of 000 metres per second.

To enter, please just send your correct answer to

The winner of an exclusive pair of Pirtek Safety Gloves will be chosen at random from the correct answers received.

The competition closes on 12 February 2016.

Video – If you see me running…

…try to keep up.

When a demolition man runs out of the site, it’s a sure sign that something is not quite right.

So fact forward to the 29 second mark of the video below, and see how much faith in the excavator operator the hard-hatted Usain Bolt has:

Video – Central Library revisited…

A fresh perspective on DSM Demolition’s work in the centre of Birmingham.

Judging by the sheer volume of video footage emanating from the Central Library site in Birmingham, it appears that the eyes of the world (or at least the eyes of the West Midlands) are on DSM Demolition as it tackles this complex inner city project.

Check out this latest footage from the site:

Video – Greystone rising…

Reverse video provides haunting memorial for former psychiatric hospital.

Back in October last year, we brought you some great footage of the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital being demolished by a high reach excavator.

Now, as outcry over the premature of this landmark building continues to circulate, this haunting reverse video of the demolition provides a haunting reminder of what might have been.

Taking a bite from chocolate factory…

Former Nestle facility is coming down.

crunch barThe central New York plant that produced Nestle chocolate products for more than a century is being torn down.

Demolition is set to get underway at the former Nestle plant in the city of Fulton, in Oswego County 25 miles north of Syracuse.

The 24-acre site along state Route 481 was seized by the city last year for back taxes. Fulton officials say the plans for the site call for building a supermarket, a warehouse and a truck rental business.

Crews are removing asbestos from the complex before demolition work can begin in the spring.

The plant was the hub of Nestle’s chocolate production in the United States through the 20th century, churning out such products as the Crunch Bar.

Brokk and the state of independence…

Vegas preview for latest demolition robot.

Brokk Family

Leading demolition robot manufacturer Brokk will this weekend offer World of Concrete visitors a sneak preview of the all new Brokk 120 Diesel – the world´s smallest diesel-driven demolition robot. This compact machine can operate independently and un-tethered for over 8 hours and effectively tackle jobs that no other machine can.

The Brokk 120 Diesel will be officially introduced at Bauma, the 11-17 of April 2016 in Munich Germany, but a preview is possible at World of Concrete the 2-5 of February, 2016, in Las Vegas, USA.

The Brokk 120 Diesel is the world’s smallest independently-powered demolition machine. Its compact size (only 780mm wide) enables it to enter through any standard door opening and makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Meanwhile its low weight of only approx. 1,200 kg gives it access to work even on weak floors and makes it easy to transport to and from work sites.

Powered by a compact but powerful diesel engine it has a minimum of eight hours of operation without refueling, making it truly independent from any power source for at least a full work shift. And all this flexibility comes without sacrificing any of the power and performance of its similar-sized electrical sibling Brokk 100. The Brokk 120 Diesel uses the same tools and attachments, and has the same hydraulic power.

The Brokk 120 Diesel is designed for use in a variety of applications. In the Rescue area (e.g. disaster response, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), firefighting) as well as in the Nuclear area there is a need for a compact independent ROV with power enough to carry out tough jobs. In the construction industry there is a use of the flexibility of easy movement and relocation of the machine between work sites. And finally in the process and underground industries there are areas where the use of a power cable could be an obstacle or where the needed electrical power simply isn’t available.

“The Brokk 120 Diesel is developed based on the needs communicated to us by our customers facing especially challenging situations, where they need a very compact machine that is completely independent from a fix power source. We are therefore convinced that this new model will bring great value to a variety of difficult applications” says Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group.

The Brokk 120 is the third, and by far the smallest, diesel-powered machine in Brokk’s lineup. Since several years, the Brokk 400 Diesel and the Brokk 800 Diesel have been available in the market. But they are significantly larger machines – the Brokk 120 Diesel weighs less than one-fourth of the Brokk 400 D. Thus, the Brokk 120 Diesel breaks new ground by establishing an entirely new segment: the compact diesel-powered demolition robot.

The new machine officially goes on sale on 11 April 2016.

Video – Truck damaged in Hulton Bridge blast…?

Blast blew window out of rental truck.

In the aftermath of the Hulton Bridge implosion, a local business owner is claiming that a piece of metal ejected from the blast blew out the back window of a pick-up truck and “could have killed someone”.

Bill Harvanek said when his employees at Oakmont Truck Rental returned to work Wednesday, they found a blown out back window on one of their rental vehicles.

“If you would have been standing here – that’s about head high, it would’ve killed you,” Harvanek said.

Authorities found a 3-inch piece of metal inside the truck. In his report of the incident, an Oakmont police officer wrote that he believed the metal was a blast cap from Tuesday’s implosion of the Hulton Bridge.

Video – No trouble at mill…

Rhodar paves way for further redevelopment of London’s Docklands.

Rhodar was commissioned by The Silvertown Partnership as Principal Contractor, as part of the £3.5 billion Docklands Silvertown Regeneration project to oversee the process of returning the Millennium Mills building back to its original structural shell.

This is in preparation for its development into a multi-use centre for new business and enterprise.

Throughout 2015, Rhodar successfully removed a range of hazardous materials, using specialist techniques that ensured many of the original building features could be retained. Amongst other waste and recyclables, this resulted in the removal of over 660 tonnes of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) over a 10 month programme period.

You can read the full story of this impressive project in the next edition of Demolition magazine. In the meantime, check out the superb project video below:

Video – Prison break…

Excavator takes a bite out of former county jail.

The inmates of the former Ramsey County Jail have long since left, but there’s a prison break going on nonetheless.

An excavator is currently munching away at the building in preparation for a $13 million redevelopment of St Paul, Minnesota.

Rachel the Rex from David Zierott on Vimeo.

Video – Rocking the house down…

World-famous amplifier maker destroys building with the power of rock music.

Make no mistake about it – AC-DC are LOUD. I have heard Thunderstruck live and there were moments when I was certain that Angus Young’s guitar was about to make my head burst.

But it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that the power of the Aussie rockers’ music could destroy a building. However, given that the good folk at amplifier maker Marshall have provided the soundtrack to the lives of rock music fans the world over, we’re willing to allow them a little artistic license.

So check out the video below and watch the mighty AC-DC fell a tower block with just a little assistance from Robinson and Birdsell.

Demolition Sound from Alan y Maria on Vimeo.

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