Demolition Directory 2020

The industry’s most eagerly-awaited publication is HERE.

On the face of it, it is a listing of all the UK demolition contractors worth their salt. But delve deeper and you will see it’s WAY more than that.

This forward-focused publication looks in depth at the possible replacements for diesel fuel; the likely impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things on the wider demolition sector.

This is a publication that you will want to bookmark and to read again and again.

Playing by Aussie Rules…

South Australia football stadium falls to McMahon might.

Football Park, formerly the largest stadium in South Australia, is coming down. The stadium, which opened in 1974, was primarily used for Australian Football League matches up until 2013 and had a capacity of over 51,000. The stadium was the headquarters for the league from 1974–2013 as well as being home to the West Adelaide Football Club.

But the stadium has been demolished by McMahon Services during a 10-month, 38,000 man-hour demolition contract. This superb new video captures the best of the action.

Cypriot solution sought

RVA appointed to oversee dismantling of Cypriot power station

Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) has awarded RVA Group a consultancy services contract for Moni Power Station (MPS) dismantling and associated works. MPS is located on the south coast of the island of Cyprus, approximately 14 km east from Limassol. It started operation in the mid-1960s and was taken out of commercial operation in 2013.

The consultancy services will include the provision of independent expert support to EAC during the planning and preparations phase, confirming the demolition contractor’s scope of work and developing contract and technical specifications.

The major items for dismantling/demolishing include six 30 MW steam/heavy fuel oil-fired turbine/boiler generating units and all their ancillary equipment including all pipework; six chimneys; the fuel oil pump house; and the 66/132KV Switchyard.

An international tender procedure for the selection of a dismantling demolition contractor for a turnkey project, is envisaged to be issued in February 2020 and the contract award is expected to take place in October of the same year.

And they’re down…!

Implosion fells Ironbridge cooling towers.

At 11 am this morning, a controlled blast felled the four cooling towers at the Ironbridge Power Station. We will be nringing you more news and more footage as it arrives.

Sinclair goes global…

“Grandfather of demolition” shows no signs of slowing.

Someone recently described David Sinclair as the “grandfather of demolition”. I am sure it was not intended to be disparaging in any way. Sinclair turns 74 fairly soon and he has spent much of his working life in the demolition sector. He is also a grandfather.

But the term grandfather of demolition suggests that he will soon be sat in a rocking chair, a blanket strewn across his lap, reminiscing about the “good old days” in his native Scotland; Australia, where he lived for some time; and the US where he now resides.

And that could not be further from the truth. Sinclair was recently recruited by the international firm of consulting engineers, Wood Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions Inc. He will operate from his base in the USA and will be involved in the future with Wood on demolition and dismantling projects on a global basis.

He plays a major role in the development of project specific demolition and decommissioning execution plans including assisting with the preparation of the health and safety plan, means and method statements, risk assessments, scheduling and project budget costing.

In addition to his new role, Sinclair will continue to assist US-based Envirocon Inc.

A grandfather he might be. But David Sinclair shows no signs of slowing. If anything, he just got his second breath!

Demolition thrill ride…

You will not see a better demolition drone video in this lifetime.

If you uffer from motion sickness, look away now. If you have just eaten breakfast, hold on tight as you might be seeing it again VERY soon.

We were sent the video below all the way from Russia and, without wishing to spoil the surprise, it is an astonishing thrill ride through, over and around a demolition site like nothing oyu have ever seen before. So strap in, brace yourself for the G-force, and hit the play button below:

Indian cooling towers felled…

Video captures double cooling tower demolition.

Crews have carried out the controlled explosive demolition of a pair of cooling towers at the Gandhinagar power station in the Indian province of Gujarat.

Ironbridge implosion imminent…

Less than a week till the colling towers come down.

Work is progressing one the demolition of the Ironbridge Power Station. But on Friday this week, the project will hit a major landmark as the former power station’s cooling towers are blasted.

Jet powered implosion…

Precision blast fells former bank building in South Africa.

Jet Demolition successfully imploded the fire-damaged Bank of Lisbon building in Johannesburg CBD yesterday.

Standing at 108 metres tall and within less than eight metres of its neaest neighbour, the contract qualified as one of the most technically demanding projects Jet Demolition has ever undertaken.

It took 894 kg of explosives, and approximately eight seconds to safely bring this giant down. The blast managed to place the structure within its’ own basement, on a bias due to space restrictions, with no overspill on an incredibly dense site.

Florida felling…

CDI chalks up another major blast success.

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), acting as explosives subcontractor to Hardin Industrial Services, LLC. of Cypress, Florida has carried out the explosive felling of a boiler and a 99 metre tall reinforced concrete chimney in Auburndale, Florida.