COVID hits nuclear power plant…

Plant decommissioning slowed following Coronavirus outbreak. Decommissioning work has been scaled back on the site of former nuclear power station following an outbreak of COVID-19. Magnox said a “small number” of employees tested positive at the Trawsfynydd site in Gwynedd, where they are working to remove nuclear reactors and towers. Those affected and others found…Read moreRead more

Ramping up again…

Time-apse video encapsulates impact of Coronavirus. Skanska has led the demolition of a 1960s concrete ramp and canopy at Euston station in London, prior to the construction of the new HS2 Euston station. The action from that project is captured in a pleasant but largely forgettable time-lapse video (below). But the reason for sharing the…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #47 – The Final

That’s all folks! In this bumper FINALE episode, we welcome back Builders’ Conference CEO Neil Edwards to look at the industry’s prospects post COVID-19. We will also be joined by Peter Haddock of Content with Media. And please be sure to stick around to the very end for our Ferris Bueller tribute closing scene.

Demolition Daily #46

In our penultimate daily show, we fire a shot across the bows of the elements of the house-building sector that are seeking to exploit the current pandemic by screwing sub contractors. House building companies may wish to look away.

Demolition Daily #45

“…greater collaboration will be the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the Coronavirus pandemic…” In this episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream, we look at the lessons we have learned from a prolonged period of lockdown; the importance of friends and family; why it is better to work for the long-term greater good than…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #44

Today’s guest on the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Roland Alford, managing director of Alford Technologies which this weekend carried out an eight chimney implosion in Australia from the comfort of the UK. The show is brought to you by our t-shirt sponsor for the day, Repalo, the company behind the self-assembly concrete cracker we featured…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #43

Brace yourselves – Today’s episode of the Demolition Daly LiveStream contains a rant. It is a sprawling rant of many colours that takes in personal tragedy, eye candy girlfriends in newly-purchased Ferraris, Band Aid, Live Aid, slimming tablets, social media influencers, boob jobs, chocolate fireguards. And construction industry training.

Demolition Daily #42

In this episode we look ahead to the evolution of the brand; how we are embracing video and social media even more; how we will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of an epic trip to Japan. You can also read about the birth of the Demolition Daily LiveStream here.

Demolition Daly #41

These episodes of the Demolition Daily LiveStream don’t have names If they did, this one would be called “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”. In this episode, we look at those companies that have pivoted during the current times of crisis; that have thought WAY outside the box to forge new paths through the turbulent waters of…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #40

Our guest on today’s episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Richard Dolman of AR Demolition; the soon-to-be president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers. In a fascinating interview, we look at how AR Demolition has managed to keep some sites open during the OVID-19 lockdown; we touch on the need for innovation; and how…Read moreRead more