CMA fallout continues to spread

The Competition and Markets Authority has today announced that it has secured the disqualification of another demolition director involved in the unlawful conduct. Nicholas (Nick) Brown – a current director of Brown and Mason – has been disqualified for a period of seven years. Brown admitted being personally involved in two breaches of competition law…Read moreRead more

Similar yet so very different…

The Confederation of British Industry and the National Federation of Demolition Contractors. Both are business organisations. Both claim to speak on behalf of their members. The CBI was incorporated by royal charter ; the NFDC claims to have been created at the behest of Winston Churchill. Both find themselves embroiled in a scandal. But that…Read moreRead more

CMA plot thickens

The Competition and Markets Authority has made public details of why three directors of demolition firms have been banned for a total of nearly 18 years following its probe into bid-rigging in the sector. The revelations include how one director set up a firm to receive £175,000-worth of so-called ‘compensation’ payments, how another agreed to…Read moreRead more

Comment – I do declare!

It is that time of the year when many of us will be heading to the Hellhole that is the modern airport ahead of our summer vacation. Assuming you can navigate the mountains of unclaimed and misplaced baggage, the queues of disgruntled and frustrated holidaymakers and the TV news crews there to capture the chaos…Read moreRead more

NFDC considers anti-collusion declaration

Building magazine is reporting that the National Federation of Demolition Contractors is considering implementing an anti-collusion declaration in an attempt to rebuild trust after 10 of its members were named in the bid rigging probe by the Competition and Markets Authority. Howard Button, chief executive of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, told Building that…Read moreRead more

The Weekend Wrap – CMA Special

After a week in which the outpouring of revelations from the CMA investigation into big rigging in the UK demolition sector has grown from a trickle to a deluge, we look back at all the key news items of the past seven days in the exclusive and special edition of The Weekend Wrap.

The eye of the storm

The “voice of the demolition industry” is characteristically silent amidst the bid rigging scandal that has named 10 of its members. The Federation is choosing inaction when action is so clearly required. In the eye of the storm, the NFDC is apparently hoping the whole thing will blow over. Anyone that has seen the movie…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #329

In today’s show: With the National Federation of Demolition Contractors seemingly planning to soldier on unaltered by the CMA debacle, we look at what that actually means for the Federation and – more importantly – for its members. With the latest Ritchie Bros sale now in full swing at their Maltby facility, we’re bringing you…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #328

In today’s show: As McGee Group sets aside £2.4 million to cover fines arising from the price-fixing probe, you have your say on the CMA fallout. As one of the eight NFDC companies that have admitted involvement in price fixing is fined over the death of a worker back in 2019, we ask: What price…Read moreRead more

CMA – Our viewers have their say

In light of the findings of the Competition and Markets Authority probe into alleged bid rigging and price fixing in the UK demolition industry, we asked our viewers what they thought about the companies named and about the trade association of which they are all members. These are their thoughts.