CMA – The story that refuses to die

In a recent interview with Building magazine, newly-appointed NFDC CEO Duncan Ruddal said: “I’m not going to keep recapping over the CMA. I’m a new CEO and I will draw a line in the sand on the issue at some point.” That point, apparently, has not yet been reached. Following the publication of the full…Read moreRead more

CMA fallout continues to spread

The Competition and Markets Authority has today announced that it has secured the disqualification of another demolition director involved in the unlawful conduct. Nicholas (Nick) Brown – a current director of Brown and Mason – has been disqualified for a period of seven years. Brown admitted being personally involved in two breaches of competition law…Read moreRead more

Squibb takes a stand against CMA fine

Essex-based Squibb Group has announced that it has launched an appeal to overturn the fine levied against it by the Competition and Markets Authority. Along with Erith, Squibb was one of two firms that contested the CMA’s provisional findings last summer. But even though the CMA cleared it of making so-called ‘compensation payments’, having initially…Read moreRead more

CMA – Word is spreading

Any hopes that news of the near £60 million fines handed down to 10 UK demolition companies entangled in a bid-rigging cartel might just “blow over” have been dashed as word has spread across the media here in the UK and much further afield. DemolitionNews has compiled a list of more than 30 publications that…Read moreRead more

The CMA Files – A chapter closes

An investigation into bid-rigging, price-fixing and collusion within the UK demolition industry has finally delivered its findings after more than three years. Three company directors have been disqualified and ten companies have received fines that total almost £60 billion. But while this marks the closing of the Competition and Markets Authority investigation, at least for…Read moreRead more

CMA fines – £29 million and rising

DSM has become the latest demolition company to declare the amount of money it has earmarked to settle fines that are expected to be levied by the Competition and Markets Authority following an investigation into alleged bid rigging in the UK demolition sector. The Midlands-based company has set aside £1.6 million, taking the total so…Read moreRead more

CMA prolongs the agony…again

If the Competition and Markets Authority investigation into bid-rigging and price covering within the UK demolition industry has taught us anything, it is that the CMA views deadlines as a movable feast. Ever since the investigation began back in March 2019, the CMA has promised further updates on no less than six separate occasions. And…Read moreRead more

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CMA hands down massive collusion fines. The competition watchdog has fined two major suppliers to some of Britain’s biggest construction firms more than £15 million for colluding to reduce competition and keep prices up. Vp Group and MGF (Trench Construction Systems), which supply excavation groundworks products, have been slapped with fines of £11.2 million and…Read moreRead more

Six in collusion probe…

Cartel busters’ decision imminent as spotlight turns on demolition sector. Up to six demolition companies and their directors face some sleepless nights as the findings of an anti-collusion probe carried out by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) draws to its denouement. The CMA launched a probe into possible collusion in the supply of construction…Read moreRead more