See you for breakfast…?

For almost a year now, DemolitionNews has been producing LiveStream video shows on both our DemolitionNews and Diggers and Dozers channels. The response to those shows has been hugely positive. So positive, in fact, that it has prompted me to think about a new way in which to interact and engage with our global on-site audience.

And so, starting Monday, the combined demolition and construction sectors will get a dedicated daily video show. That show will take the form of a “flash briefing” and will be broadcast LIVE at 10 am (UK time) to coincide with the traditional on-site break time. The video version of the show will be broadcast LIVE via our Facebook pages; while an audio-only recording of each show will then be made available later the same day.

Our aim will be to capture the “banter” that takes place during break time. So while the core of the content will be construction and demolition-based, we will also include news items of note, football, and the issues facing site workers here and across the world.

And that’s not all. We want this show to have input from you. You can comment during each live show, even if it’s just to let us know where you’re working. Alternatively, you can record a message on your phone and email or text that message to us for possible inclusion in the show. Obviously, we’d prefer you to keep those messages clean; but we’re also keen that these shows should replicate the real talk on site as much as possible.

Based on previous experience, it will take a few episodes for the show to find its true voice. But we hope you’ll bear with us while we set in motion our most ambitious and demanding challenges to date.

All of this kicks off at 10 am on Monday 22 February 2021. You can tune in via the Facebook page of DemolitionNews or the Facebook page of Diggers and Dozers. If you’re not already following one of these, please click the link and follow us now so you don’t miss anything.

Oh, and while there is never any shortage of subjects to discuss, if there are any specific topics that you think worthy of our attention, please let us know between now and Monday.

So that’s it. The combined DemolitionNews and Diggers and Dozers’ Break Fast Show starts at 10 am on Monday. We hope to see you there. (And yes, it IS pronounced Break Fast!)