Jackson returns to remediate…

A new remediation contractor, Jackson Remediation, was launched today by the former MD of Keltbray’s specialist business, Joe Jackson.

The Keltbray Remediation business was one of the tier two contractor’s fastest growing and highest performing divisions thanks to Jackson’s leadership. That will now be applied to his new company Jackson Remediation as it commences an aggressive launch into the market.

Jackson Remediation will deliver the following three services to property developers and contractors throughout the UK: Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation Design; Remediation Construction and Enabling Works; and
Waste Management.

“Our mission is to deliver quality remediation and enabling services at the best price possible. We specifically focus on value creation and quality delivery, drawing upon our deep technical expertise and profound understanding of the construction process,” Jackson says. ” We are agile and highly focussed on how contamination issues can be overcome in the most robust yet cost effective manner throughout the project lifecycle.”

It is this appreciation of the whole project lifecycle and where remediation fits within that journey that Jackson explains should generate greater value and collaboration on projects going forward. He continued, “The early stages of a project are essential to get right and are often neglected. Jackson Remediation can work with the client team not only earlier but also in a far more collaborative way, setting the correct course and ensuring the remediation objectives are achievable, robust and we are maximising the scope for value engineering opportunities.”

Jackson has over 20 years’ experience in Contaminated Land and Brownfield Remediation, having worked for numerous blue-chip consultancies and major contractors. With a deep technical understanding of the subsoil environment and the legislative context of Remediation, he has designed and delivered numerous Remediation and Enabling schemes to unlock former industrial sites across the UK and Europe. He is also well versed in the challenges surrounding bringing large-scale industrial sites back into beneficial use, balancing multiple drivers from site owners, developers and wider stakeholders whilst ensuring a sustainable and compliant solution.