Alford scores world first…

Eight chimneys felled in contract organised in the UK and conducted in Australia.

UK explosive demolition company Alford Technologies scored a COVID-19 lockdown first when they demolished eight 137 metre tall chimneys in Victoria, Australia using a local team recruited to carry out the demolition after the original UK team were unable to travel to Australia due to the lockdown of Australia’s borders.

The company worked alongside principal contractor Delta Demolition, Australia’s largest demolition contractor, for site owner ENGIE Australia.

Hazelwood Power Station once held the dubious title of the World’s most polluting power station and is now the site of the biggest demolition in the southern hemisphere.

Planning for the demolition took over eight months but after the lockdown took on a different aspect involving late night teams calls and WhatsApp messages to ensure that every detail of the work went to plan. As far as the company is aware, this is the first time 8 chimneys have been demolished as a single event. Approximately 300 kg of explosives were fired over 30 seconds to bring the chimneys down perfectly.

Alford Technologies was the company that was brought in to demolish the remaining half of Didcot Power Station after a tragic accident killed four workers in 2016.