Breaking bread…

Going full circle with a random act of kindness.

Imagine that – as a child – you have watched a school being built. Imagine that you were among the first intake at that school when it first opened. Imagine if your children then subsequently attended that same school. And imagine if your granddaughter was among the last to attend the school before it was demolished directly opposite from the house in which you still live.

Well that was precisely the case with a local resident near Rokeby primary school in Rugby that is currently being demolished by Armac Group on behalf of client BAM Construction.

Upon hearing this tale, Armac’s Lance Hawkins decided that the man in question should get a keepsake from the school he saw built; that taught him, his children and his grandchildren; and that was now being demolished before his eyes.

During the course of the demolition, Armac had uncovered an old sports hall bench that had been locked away in the loft of the building.
Unbeknown to Armac or to the neighbour, Lance turned a part of that bench into a breadboard that he then presented to the gentleman in question.

Armac reports that the neighbour was truly touched by this random act of kindness that simultaneously proved that there is space for consideration in these troubled times while underlining the demolition industry’s prowess in the field of materials recycling and reuse.

Hats off to you Lance – You did Armac and the demolition industry proud.