Top 10 of 2017…

A look back at the hottest stories of the past 12 months.

As is now customary, we like to end the demolition year with a look back at the stories that stole the headlines and which drove traffic on to new and often unprecedented heights.

This has been a particularly enjoyable task this year: partly because not all of the most-read, most-liked and most-shared stories were bad news; partly because was the first to break several of them; and also because this year has seen traffic to the website hit new highs in terms of both views AND new subscribers.

So grab yourself a mince pie or a large glass of egg nog, sit back, and let us lead you through the key highs and lows of the past year in the demolition world:

10.          Director sentenced over site crush incident
9.            Worker sustains horrific injuries
8.            Collapse caught on camera
7.            CDC acquired
6.            Waste boss jailed for illegal dumping
5.            J. Bryan goes, bounces back
4.            Biggest in the world
2.            AR Demolition struck by second arson attack
1.            DSM Group sold