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Video – Behind the levers with a Rammer 5011…

AR Demolition’s Matt Thackray gets to grips with big Rammer breaker.

The opinions of machine operators are all too often overlooked. They are paid lip service by contractors. fobbed off with a complimentary hard hat by manufacturers, and ignored entirely by the trade press.

But no-one knows or understands plant better and their opinion is, in fact, invaluable.

So check out this Behind the Levers video from our buddies at Diggers and Dozers. The film features AR Demolition’s Matt Thackray talking about his experience with the Rammer 5011 hydraulic hammer.

Take it away Matt:

Video – If only all corporate videos were this honest…

Robinette Demolition tells it like it is.

If you sit through corporate presentations and videos as much as I do, they all start to merge into one after a time. Give me a pound for every time I have been force-fed largely meaningless phrases such as “solutions provider”, “partnering with our clients” and “setting new standards” and I’d be writing this column from my own private island in the Bahamas.

So it is deeply refreshing when a demolition company steps up and tells it like it is; uses language that everyone will understand; and says what – frankly – we were all thinking int he first place.


Robinette Demolition | Pete Stacker Funny Version (2007) from Fig Films on Vimeo.

Video – Feel free to comment…

Undersized. Undercut. Under-impressed.

As we have stated on numerous occasions in the past, we here at Demolition News Towers have never demolished anything other than a plate of sandwiches. We merely report the news and are not, therefore, equipped to comment on best practice and demolition methodologies.

But we know a lot of people that are.

And so we are throwing out the following video – shot in Toronto – and will leave you to decide upon the efficacy and safety of the chosen method:

Demolition, Maisonette Towers in Regent Park Toronto, Peter Dickinson Architect – YouTube from Duman Aydın on Vimeo.

Video – Ledbetter Bridge downed…

Explosive end to river crossing that opened in 1931.

A contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said they successfully brought down one truss span of the Old Ledbetter Bridge near Paducah.

Boat traffic on the Tennessee River was halted for about 90 minutes by the U.S. Coast Guard. KYTC said there were several audible warning signals, then a countdown, followed by a flash and puff of smoke from the explosive charges.

As sound of the explosion echoed along the river banks, KYTC said the steel truss dropped into about 30 feet of water below the bridge.

Once an all-clear was issued, river traffic was allowed to resume and a crane was moved in to start pulling steel from the river. The constractor believes it should take about 48 hours to remove the steel and place it on barges to be hauled to a scrap yard.

On Monday, Sept. 15, a crew placed explosives at nine key points on the truss closest to the McCracken County shore of the Tennessee River.

There was four, 400 foot sections all together. The first 400 foot section came down on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Next week a second 400 foot section on the Smithland side will come down and then the middle 400 foot section will come down the following week. After that, the pillars will be blasted.

Read more here, or view the video below:

Video – Lean, green machines…

Wilko Wagner excavator fleet tackles airport car park demolition.

German demolition giant Wilko Wagner knows all about green machines as this great new video proves.

The company utilised an extensive fleet of Komatsu excavator – all decked out in the familiar green livery – to tackle the demolition of an old airport car park.

Get your entries ready…

Construction News Specialist Awards are open for business once again.

cnspecialists-logo_0If you would like to showcase your company’s capabilities in the only industry awards with any real credibility, you will need to act fast.

The Construction News Specialist Awards are open for business; and a panel of high-ranking industry experts – including former IDE president John Woodward – are eagerly awaiting entries for a total of 18 categories including Demolition Specialist of the Year, Health and Safety Initiative of the Year, Training Excellence, and Specialist Contractor of the Year.

Unlike other so-called awards, you don’t need to be a member and the outcome is decided by purely by quality of entry.

For full details of the awards categories and information on how to enter, please click here.

And good luck.

Demolition boss hit with fire fine…

Richard McKenna admits bringing controlled waste onto site and burning it.

A demolition boss has been hit with a £3,210 bill after starting an illegal fire in Biggin Hill.

Richard McKenna, of Melody Road, was found guilty at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (September 23) of burning controlled waste including demolition timbers and materials near to Saltbox Hill.

Police were forced to close Saltbox Hill on December 10 last year, after smoke from the fire McKenna had started mixed with fog on the highway. The London Fire Brigade were called to tackle the flames.

Bromley Council’s public protection team conducted an investigation following the fire.

McKenna pleaded not guilty to unlawful disposal of controlled waste by burning on behalf of himself and his company McKenna Demolition Limited.

He acknowledged demolition timbers were burnt on the land near to Saltbox Hill and that he had occasionally taken waste from his company’s demolition sites for burning.

But Mckenna claimed there was no fire on December 10 when three fire engines had attended his property and implied the use of fire hoses on a pile of ashes had reignited an old fire.

Magistrates did not find sufficient evidence to link the matter to McKenna Demolition Limited but found McKenna guilty as he had by his own admission brought controlled waste onto the site and burnt it.

He was fined £1,100 plus a £110 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £2,000 towards Bromley Council’s costs.

Read more here.

Video – US’ biggest high reach finds home…

NADC readies 55 metre Cat machine for more work.

In Europe – birthplace and spiritual home of the high reach demolition excavator – a 55 metre machine is no longer considered newsworthy, machines having long since surpassed the 60 metre mark. In the US, however, where the high reach concept is proving as difficult to digest as another Ryder Cup defeat, such a machine still warrants news coverage.

So when North American Dismantling Corp took delivery of a Cat 5110B to claim the record for the continent’s largest high reach, it was big news in the company’s home town of Lapeer, Michigan and national news as well.

“When work needs to be done safely, efficiently, and effectively in close quarters, or near sensitive environmental areas, our new high-reach excavator is a perfect solution,” Tim Seagraves (NADC Sales/Marketing Director) said.

Read more here, or view the machine in action below:

Return of the mighty Demolition magazine…

Brighter, bolder and better than ever.

It has been a mere two months since the last edition of the Demolition magazine rolled off the production line at Demolition News Towers. But for those that like their demolition editorial original, well-written and unfiltered, that must have seemed like an eternity.

But it’s back, in a bold new hue and crammed to the very rafters with articles to entertain, inform and delight the senses.

Shining like a beacon of style AND substance in a sea of reheated press releases and the inward-looking dirge of other so-called industry magazines, the new Demolition magazine arrives in paper form this week. But we just couldn’t wait to share with you the electronic edition which you can read below right now.

We are exceptionally proud of the entire magazine but would also like to point out a few key highlights:

• Our interview with Julia and Toby Comley which begins on Page 6
• Our discussion on why the recession might yet claim more demolition victims on Page 12
• Our test drive of a Tesla Model S supercar on Page 18
• Our Page 30 interview with Rich Holt, the man redefining the demolition spec’ excavator
• Our visit to Folkestone Harbour with Ling Group on Page 34

There is much more besides to please click here to read the magazine yourself. And, if you’re one of the millions that have updated their iPhone to iOS8 and have the Issuu app installed, we recommend you give the magazine a try there too – It looks astonishing!

Excavator falls during Kuwaiti demolition…

Machine crashes several storeys – no news on operator.

At first glance, the excavator lying in a tangled heap atop a pile of debris looks too large to have been involved in top down works. But with nothing around it to offer any real perspective or scale, it is difficult to tell.

What is clear, however, is that this was the disastrous conclusion to an avoidable accident.

It is interesting to note the comments on the original source article in which top down is decried as an unsafe methodology. Obviously, the comments have been left by individuals with little or no demolition knowledge as – if it is practised properly – it is a highly acceptable and popular means of demolition.

Check it out here.

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