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Blackpool braced for blast….

New date set for postponed triple blast.

A date has been set for the three remaining tower blocks in Layton to be demolished.

Elizabeth Court, Churchill Court and Walter Robinson Court were due to be brought down by an explosive demolition on Sunday May 15.

However, more time was needed to ensure the safe demolition of the blocks so it was delayed and it will now take place on Sunday July 31 between 10am and 11am.

Forshaw Demolition, which will be carrying out the explosion, has written to residents who live in the ‘exclusion zone’ around the three blocks to inform they will need to evacuated during the operation to nearby support centres.

If all goes to plan, it is hoped the exclusion zone will be lifted by 12.30pm on the day.

Read more here:

Video – Autostem speeds up military demolition…

Anglian Demolition deploys “chemical weapons” in assault on RAF Marham.

Work is underway to help make the RAF Marham facility in Norfolk ready to receive the Air Force’s new F-35B Lightning aircraft that will operate from the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

To speed up the demolition process, principal contractor Balfour Beatty and sub-contractors Anglian Demolition have utilised a new chemical demolition technique called Autostem.

The primary use of Autostem is to rupture the concrete to separate it from the reinforcement and create fissures which can be exploited by secondary hydraulic breakers and munchers. The technique involves drilling holes into the concrete, inserting the Autostem cartridges.

“As a Royal Engineer I’m used to loud bangs, but this one was a little louder than expected,” says Royal Engineer Lt Col Grant Kerr. “However, with Autostem there is no mass explosion, thus no flying debris which is clearly an advantage on a live airfield when what we call Foreign Object Debris is a concern and a danger to people, equipment and aircraft.”

Read more here, or view the video below:

Detroit unveils demolition tracker…

Interactive map shows all properties that have been demolished or are scheduled to be razed.

The city of Detroit – the motto of which is “it shall rise from the ashes – has launched an interactive map that allows residents to track the progress of blight removal.

The Detroit Demolition Tracker shows the locations of all properties that either have already been demolished or are scheduled to be razed. The website also discloses cost, date of demolition and what contractor did the work. This is part of an effort by the mayor’s office to emphasise operational transparency in city government.

“We want it to be consumable for the community residents, which is why we got the mapping software on there, but also for the people who want to take this data and mesh it with their data, so higher-end data users have an easier format,” said Brian Farkas, director of special projects for the Detroit Building Authority. “The mayor’s charge is that he wants to be aggressively transparent with all of our data, so I think you’re seeing more and more of that.”

The new system was developed in-house by the city’s Information Technology Department using Socrata, Salesforce and Esri ArcGIS software. The system automatically updates every day at 5 a.m.

Read more here.

Breaking News – E Rankin Ltd closes its doors…

London demolition contractor folds.

Blackheath-based E Rankin Ltd has become the latest demolition company to close its doors and join the dead pool.

The company has been the subject of rumour and speculation for several weeks now but DemolitionNews this morning received confirmation that the company has folded, all staff has been laid off, and work has ceased across all its live sites.

Founder and managing director Eddie Rankin was clearly distraught when DemolitionNews spoke to him this morning. He openly blames the demise of his company on a recently sacked former director (who we cannot name for legal reasons). “I have always treated everyone with respect, especially the men working for me. And this is what I get.”

Rankin says that he only became aware of the company’s true financial state when it was served with a winding up petition. “Together with our accountant, we did an investigation and we uncovered false invoices that suggested we were owed more money than we really were,” he says. “I believed that we were making good money on work in the City of London but we were not only making losses but then making more losses by doing the same type of work again.”

Video – Demolition TV Episode #2

Never mind the Hollywood sequel – Here’s something good to watch on Independence Day.

I will be honest. The first episode of Demolition TV was a pilot; a suck it and see; a dipping of a metaphorical toe into the imaginary and potentially icy waters of regular TV programming.

But with accumulated views on now Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and on DemolitionNews now just shy of the 80,000 mark, I think it’s fair to say that the industry is ready for an online TV show ABOUT demolition and FOR demolition professionals.

And so, we went and did it again.

Our second episode once again strives to get under the skin of some of the leading names in the UK demolition industry. And we are absolutely delighted by the access we have been afforded.

The second episode features:

Erith Contractors and its involvement with the Passion Project to help young people into a demolition career
Robert Collard talking about his company’s 20th anniversary and how he juggles a full-time demolition job with a full-time career as a racing driver
• And bucket specialist MST giving us an exclusive insight into what goes into the making of a demolition bucket

You can view the second episode in all its HD glory below:

Video – Act of God…

Film captures moment church collapses during demolition.

If a church really is the House of God, then the likely explanation for this unplanned and near-catastrophic collapse can be attributed only to divine intervention.

Check out how the demolition workers run to avoid this apparent wrath of the Lord:

Silverdell demise blamed on “banking error”…

Former CEO Sean Nutley takes to LinkedIn to reveal “truth” of Silverdell collapse.

NutleyIt is well over two years since the collapse of the Silverdell empire that took demolition firm and group company Euro Dismantling Services (EDS) with it.

But former Silverdell CEO Sean Nutley last night took to the social media platform LinkedIn to “set the record straight”. In a prolonged and unprecedented outpouring, Nutley blames the demise of the company on a banking error that saw HSBC placing the “wrong business” into administration.

According to Nutley, “millions of pounds of shareholders money and millions of pounds of suppliers money wiped out because HSBC sent a representative to a small and no risk court hearing who didn’t understand the instruction, placing (group company) Kitsons into administration without the business, the bank of even the administrators knowing.”

Nutley goes on to describe the confusion when the mistake was recognised some 12 hours later. He claims that HSBC said “we don’t know what you’re so worried about. Kitsons is a dormant company isn’t it?” It wasn’t. It employed 60 staff and turned over revenues of £60 million annually.

Nutley says that Kitsons being placed into administration “was the catalyst for what was the eventual collapse of Silverdell PLC>”

DemolitionNews is currently trying to speak to Sean Nutley to find out more about his claims.

RWE faces Parliamentary questions over Didcot delays…

Company behind recovery could be hauled before Parliament if there are more delays.

Bosses of the company tasked with recovering the remains of the three men killed in the Didcot disaster have been warned they could be hauled before Parliament if there are more delays.

In a letter seen by the Oxford Mail, Government ministers said there were ‘bound to be demands for an explanation’ if RWE Power took too long in recovering the victims from the rubble.

They wrote: “The delays to date have caused considerable distress to the families of the men…the longer that RWE takes in providing suitable plans, the greater the cost to all who are affected by this tragic event’.

RWE has revealed that it plans to implode the remaining half of the boiler house to help recover the remains of the three trapped men.

The firm said it was necessary to carry out the demolition following the collapse of half of the structure in February. The disaster killed worker Mick Collings, 53, from Cleveland, and buried three others, Chris Huxtable, 34, Ken Cresswell, 57 and John Shaw, 61.

Their families have been campaigning for more action on the recovery.

In the letter addressed to RWE chief executive Peter Terium on June 14, which has only now emerged, minsters Mike Penning MP and Justin Tomlinson MP said the company was “eroding” confidence in its ability to deliver a “safe and effective” demolition plan.

They wrote: “No one doubts there are complex engineering challenges being faced to demolish the existing building safety.

Read more here.

Video – Demolishing with Wolves…

Wolverhampton firm helps deliver Mander Centre demolition project

C&D Consultancy is playing a key role in one of Wolverhampton’s most iconic demolition projects, which is set to breathe new life into the Mander Shopping Centre.

The company was initially brought in by Cawarden Limited to provide expertise on the form of demolition to take and has since been retained by principal contractor Bowmer Kirkland to support it with the technical elements of the contract.

It is a ‘home match’ for boss (and lifelong Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) John Woodward, who, along with Project Lead Les Hemmings, is managing a four-strong team to ensure the successful demolition of the TJ Hughes building to make way for the new £35m Debenhams flagship store.

The C&D approach has been one of collaboration, ensuring all parties are working to a shared goal to ensure the extremely tight timescales are going to be met.

This has included overseeing technical elements of the demolition, arranging site meetings and completing regular safety audits to protect the people working on the contract and also the general public.

“We look after demolition projects all over the UK and Europe, but it is especially pleasing to be ‘clearing the past to create the future’ in our home city of Wolverhampton,” explained John Woodward, who formed C&D in 2003. “It’s a fairly challenging contract in that the demolition involves a reinforced ‘pot’ floor, robotic demolition work and a structural propping scheme that avoids damaging the basement of the existing building. The fact the shopping centre is still open for business means a lot of work has to be carried out at night, so we have had to be aware of noise levels and how this impacts on the local community.”

The Mander Centre project is the latest in a long line of contract wins for C&D Consultancy who is on course to secure a £1m turnover for the first time in its 13-year history.

Jobs already completed in the last twelve months include the Stanlow Refinery, Ferrybridge Power Station and a number of residential schemes in Glasgow.

It was also called in to tackle Seaforth in Liverpool after the initial explosives failed to bring down the two tower blocks.

“Our reputation as a troubleshooter and technical expert has really driven our growth and we have had to open three offices in London, Merseyside and Scotland to cope with demand for our services,” Woodward concludes. “The training side of the business has enjoyed similar success, delivering essential courses in health and safety, working at height and dealing with asbestos to more than 4000 people.”

Video – Dust 1, firefighter 0…

A brave attempt sir, but you’re going to need a bigger fire truck.

Have you ever heard the expression “farting against thunder”? Well here is that expression made real.

A single brave firefighter armed with nothing more than a hose takes on the dust from a collapsing building…and loses even more thoroughly than the England football team in just about any tournament of the past 50 years.

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