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Breaking News – Major incident at Didcot…

Media reports of explosion at power station that is undergoing demolition.

UK media outlets are reporting a “major incident” at the former Didcot A power station in Oxfordshire which is in the midst of demolition by Birmingham-based Coleman and Company. Several news feeds are reporting an explosion while others suggest that the noise and dust witnessed by locals was caused by a collapsing building.

The Daily Mail is reporting that several people have been injured although the nature of those injuries is not yet known. Six ambulances and two air ambulances have been sent to the scene by South Central Ambulance Service which has described it as a “major incident”.

One person was reported to have died, according to the deputy leader of Oxfordshire county council. Rodney Rose, told the Oxford Mail: “I have been told there has been one fatality, but the rest is currently unknown.

“The fire service is there now and we are still trying to find out if this was a demolition. At the moment this is being treated as a collapsed building, not an explosion, but there was a bang,” Rose said.

Video – A brief history of Bauma…

Looking forward to the world’s biggest construction equipment exhibition by looking back.

In approximately six weeks’ time, more than half a million equipment buyers, owners, operators, enthusiasts and assorted tyre and track-kickers will descend upon Bavaria for the world’s largest construction equipment extravaganza.

Our buddies over at Diggers and Dozers will be there to film some of the hottest new equipment on Planet Plant. But, while they’re packing their camera bags, they have produced this nifty video trip down memory lane, charting the history of the Bauma show and whetting the appetite for this year’s show.

Video – Behind the scenes of bridge blast…

Video tells story of Oklahoma bridge demolition.

The majority of bridge implosion videos we bring you are little more than a money shot; a blast, a few seconds of debris falling, fade to black.

But this new film from the Oklahoma Department of Transport tells the full story of the explosive demolition of the Taylor’s Ferry Bridge, looking at the specific challenges facing te demolition crew, the explosives used and then a multi-camera look at the bast itself.

Check it out below:

SH-51 Taylor's Ferry (Richard D. Newkirk) Bridge Demolition 02/17/16 from ODOT on Vimeo.

Video – Stairway to heaven…

Brokk demolition robot shows stair-climbing capabilities.

Think that robots can’t climb stairs? Then think again. This Brokk demolition robot demonstrates its ability to climb and demolish a narrow flight of stairs that descend into a subterranean shopping centre.

STD Escalier 4 Temps from Matthieu LE GRELLE on Vimeo.

Video – CDI takes Whitewater ride…

The CDI blast portfolio just keeps on growing.

It sometimes seems that the Controlled Group Inc. blasting crew just doesn’t sleep. No sooner have they felled a series of structures in Florida than they pop up in Indiana to dispose of a 100 metre long strcutural steel bridge.

Equipment – Liston loves Lehnhoff

To bring you details of the latest demolition equipment, we are trialling a new publishing platform that allows us to provide you with more depth, more photos, and more interactivity.

Just click the picture below and then scroll to enjoy.

Liston loves Lehnhoff

Defiant stack succumbs…

Fifth Shell Clyde chimney falls, appropriately, at fifth attempt.

Demolition crews have finally managed to bring down a chimney stack at a defunct oil refinery in Sydney’s west after several failed attempts, over the past few days.

The stack came down after five attempts and a day and half after the other four, which were all slated for demolition, on the site of the former Shell refinery at Clyde.

An explosion at the base of the stack was finally enough to shatter its foundations on Monday and it slowly toppled over.

Emergency crews gave the all clear late on Monday and lifted the exclusion zone that was in place around the area.

Yesterday four of the stacks came down without a hitch, after hundreds of holes were drilled in the structures and 50 kilograms of explosives rigged to each, but one remained standing.

Read more here.

Video – The one that got away…

Four Australian stacks fall, one stands defiant.

Demolition eyes turned to Australia yesterday as a planned implosion by Liberty Industrial was set to fell five stacks at the Shell Clyde refinery in New South Wales.

At the appointed time, five explosions rang out and gravity seized four of the stacks and dragged them Earthwards, precisely as planned. A fifth stack, however, remained defiantly upwards like a raised middle finger and simply refused to do gravity’s bidding.

Three smaller blasts later and the stack still refused to budge, seemingly mocking explosives and gravity and screaming “your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries,” at the laws of physics.

Video – Boone goes boom…

Is there a river in America that doesn’t have a bridge lying in it…?

After some brief weather-related delays, the Boone Bridge finally went boom just a short time ago.

A further blast will remove the remaining portion of the Missouri bridge on a date to be confirmed.

Video – Multi-blast from CDI…

CDI chalks up another big blast success.

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), acting as implosion subcontractor to Southern Salvage, has performed the explosives felling of a number of key structures at Hookers Parairie in Florida.

The blast included a 120’ tall mixed feed structure, a 120’ tall washer structure, a 110’ tall bank of four concentrate storage bins, 110’ tall bank of four pebble storage bins, a 110’ tall CP conveyor, and a 110’ tall pebble conveyor.

Check out the superb video below:

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