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Video – Gone in 40 seconds…

Utah bridge gone, gone, goodbye.

We have featured so many bridge demolition films of late that there’s a danegr that we’ll start repeating ourselves.

But watch as Utah Department of Transport crews completely demolish the bridge over I-15 at 400 North in 45 seconds.

The freeway was shut down in both directions overnight on the South Davis Improvements Project to complete the work.

Exclusive Audio – Heat of the moment…

A look behind the scenes of the emergency demolition of the Player’s factory in Nottingham.

On 30 March 2015, a massive fire ripped through the former John Player cigarette factory in Nottingham.

Among the first responders was C&D Consulatncy’s Mike Kehoe who – together with the crew from Newline Midlands – worked alongside the fire service to help extinguish the fire and make the building safe. This is Mike’s story.

You can listen by hitting the play button below or, if you’d prefer to take this with you, download the free SoundCloud app and listen to it on your iPhone.

Video – Goodbye Mr Smiths…

Iconic Warrington nightclub falls to Excavation & Contracting might.

Those of a certain vintage might recall a UK TV show called The Hitman and Her from way back at the end of the 1980s. This “yoof culture” and music show combined the talents of producer Pete Waterman (the Hitman) and TV starlet Michaela Strachan (Her) long before they sought pastures new with model trains and sick animals respectively.

Well, the venue for that show – Mr Smiths in Warrington – has gone the way of the the odd mix of rave and banal Waterman-esque pop music featured in the programme. And Warrington-based Excavation & Contracting is now laying this once iconic venue to rest.

Video – Meet the bridge busters…

Armac pops bridge over M1 motorway.

Video footage has finally emerged of Armac’s spectacular bridge implosion over the M1 motorway which took place a few weeks back.

This silent movie from the Highways Agency uses time-lapse to capture the preparation and the blast before the work really starts with around with something like 10 excavators cutting up and processing the fallen bridge deck.

The “Bridge Busters” then deploy a veritable fleet of equipment to clear the site in readiness for the reopening of Junction 19.

Video – The best bridge demolition film you’ll see this week…

Delsan fells viaduct in overnight possession.

There’s very little information accompanying this film. But don’t let that put you off.

What follows is just over two minutes of the best bridge demolition action you’re likely to see this week, all courtesy of Canadian contractor Delsan.

Viaduc Principal – Démolition from HBT – AIM on Vimeo.

Volvo joins NATO alliance…

The first EC480D HR high reach demolition excavator to be deployed in the Benelux countries is doing battle with an old NATO military base.

zeebruggeLocated on the North Sea coast in the northern Flanders region of Belgium, the village of Zeebrugge literally ‘Bruges on Sea’ is located at the end of an eight mile (13km) canal, connecting the city of Bruges to the sea with a purpose-built harbor that serves as a modern, international port.

Built during the Cold War era of the 1950s, clearing this former NATO site represents the first phase of a much larger scheme – the Stevin project – which aims at upgrading the region’s electricity grid. It will include the construction of a new, high-voltage substation, which will convert electricity from 380 kV to other voltage levels. The work is being done for Elia, Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator (30 kV to 380 kV), which operates 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of lines and underground cables throughout Belgium.

The Stevin Project is crucial in connecting offshore wind farms and renewable energy facilities in West Flanders, and is considered vital if Belgium’s goal of 13% of energy consumption in Belgium to come from renewable sources by 2020 is to be achieved. The project will boost economic development in West Flanders and other projects will also establish power links with the UK and Germany.

The demolition contract was awarded to Belgian company, Aannemingsbedrijf Princen NV – a specialist in high-voltage projects. Founded in 1998 by Wesley Princen, the company has evolved from construction to more specialized electricity projects. With its carefully selected operators certified to work in proximity of high-voltage power lines, the company has participated in numerous complex and demanding electrical development schemes.

This project includes demolishing two heavily reinforced storage tanks, each of which once contained five million liters of kerosene to fuel military facilities and civil airports across Europe. It also includes the removal of other structures, buried cables, two buried pump stations and some remediation work to remove areas of contaminated soil.

The latest Volvo EC480D HR high reach demolition rig is part of the onsite fleet and is equipped with a short, straight boom and arm configuration.

“With the short boom, I have a pin height of 14 meters and because of the machine’s weight of 63 tons, additional counterweight and four meter track width, I can work with a 4.8 ton crusher with excellent stability,” says operator and company owner, Wesley Princen. “I also like the hydraulically variable undercarriage and Volvo’s hydraulic joint, which makes equipment changes quick and easy.”

Leveling the sloping site will involve recycling 12,000 tons of concrete and 50,000 m3 of earth. Given the clay conditions and high water table, the terrain will have to be prepared for the construction of the new substation, which will require covering the entire site with sand, 0.7 m deep. The sand used will be recovered from the site and stored until the work begins. In total, 95% of the materials used will be recycled.

When fitted with its high reach, 27 m boom and arm configuration, the Volvo EC480D HR can carry an attachment up to three tons and offers excellent stability and safety. Safety features include boom-and-arm holding valves, forward and rear view cameras, as well as roof and front screen protection. It also has a Total Moment Indicator that warns the operator if the machine approaches the maximum safe working load. For enhanced visibility and reduced operator fatigue when working at high reach, the tilting cab pivots up to 30 degrees.

When not required for high reach work, the machine’s innovative design, including its unique modular joint, enables a switch from demolition equipment to a standard digging boom and arm in just 1.5 hours.

The project began in December last year and the demolition and clean up phase will be completed shortly. Support for the machine will be provided by Volvo’s local dealer, VCM.

Did contractor follow plan in tragic contract…?

Mayor questions whether contractor followed its own demolition plan.

Bonney Lake Mayor Neil Johnson said it appears to him that Highway 410 overpass contractors didn’t follow their own detailed demolition plan, when a long piece of concrete barrier fell and killed a young family in a pickup below.

The accident, at 10:30 a.m. Monday, happened at the same time project managers and city staff were in a routine weekly meeting in city offices, to preview upcoming tasks, he said.

“What was indicated to us is that demolition wasn’t going to happen for another week or two,” Johnson said Wednesday.

Instead, Johnson said, the city understood that contractors would do other jobs this week, such as installing conduit for utility lines.

If the city had known barrier demolition was imminent, there at least would have been a “pre-meeting” to review the plan and safety measures, he said.

Read more here.

Video – Another bridge tragedy unfolds…

Family of three killed as concrete barrier falls onto road below.

A young Washington State family, including an infant boy, was killed in a nightmare stroke of bad luck when a concrete barrier fell from an overpass onto a moving pickup.

Josh and Vanessa Ellis and their 8-month-old baby Hudson were identified as the unlucky victims in the heartbreaking tragedy. The trio happened to drive beneath the roadway on Monday when the nearly 50-foot-long slab toppled from a construction project and crushed the cab of the Toyota, Bonney Lake police Officer Todd Green told the Daily News.

Workers installing a walkway along State Route 410 were trying to remove a portion of the temporary barrier when the entire span toppled onto Angeline Road East.

The barrier weighed “tons, enough to flatten a vehicle,” Green said.

Read more here or view the local news video below:

Plantforce earns ISO accreditation

Specialist hirer achieves certification.

Plantforce, the plant hirer with a specific focus on the demolition sector, has been awarded OHSAS 18001 Certification for Health & Safety Good Practice and ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management Systems.

According to Plantforce Managing Director Claire Trott, “Achieving these certificates recognises that the procedures we have in place at Plantforce ensure consistent high standards in both our service and our product. It also provides reassurance to all our customers that we are committed to continually improving across the board”.

Plantforce are aiming for ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems next year.

Video – Statesman Towers coming down…

Wrecking ball takes first swing ahead of five-month contract.

Demolition of the Statesman Towers on the campus of Indiana State University began Monday morning.

The first hit of the wrecking ball to the East Tower started at 11 a.m. These towers, built in the late 1960’s, were originally used as residence halls and then later as the Schools of Education and Business.

The total demolition will taken an estimated four to five months with the majority of that time spent removing debris.

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