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    Video – Minority inspiration…

    How minority contractors are contributing to Detroit’s rebirth.

    Here within the pages of DemolitionNews, we often talk about regeration which, in this context, normally means demolishing the old to make way for the new.

    That’s all fine and dandy and certainly keeps the wheels of the demolition industry turning. But there’s more to regeneration than simply knocking down some old houses and replacing them with shiny new ones. And this inspirational video shows how demolition can be a wider part of that regeneration.

    The film comes from Detroit which, for the past few years, has been Demolition Central as the city tackles the blight that has tarnished this once great icon of US motor manufacturing might. It features a couple of minority contractors that have embraced the change that is sweeping across “Motor City” to create their own thriving demolition companies.

    Trust me – This will give you a warm fuzzy feeling on the regenerative powers of demolition:

    Video – Central Library time-lapse…

    Video footage of DSM’s high reach work in Birmingham.

    The following video is aimed primarily at our readers in Texas, California and Australia who insist on send us videos where skies are blue, the sun seemingly never sets, and landscapes are constantly bathed in summertime.

    Things are a bit different here in the UK as this video illustrates beautifully. Shot during DSM‘s ongoing demolition works at the Central Library in Birmingham, it shows just what a UK demolition site looks like for roughly ten months of the year. It’s a wonder dust suppression systems ever caught on here!

    Video – New Bern silos no more…

    Little and large blasts fell North Carolina structures.

    The implosion of two concrete grain silos took place in New Bern this morning, without too many problems.

    As planned, the first 75-foot silo fell, followed by the 175-foot structure at 10:30 a.m. The demolition company said there were a few broken windows at a house across the street, and they’ve already been replaced.

    Date set for Hulton Bridge blast…

    Century-old river crossing faces date with explosive destiny.

    PennDOT will implode the 107-year-old Jonathan Hulton Bridge in Oakmont, Pennsylvania on 26 January.

    The bridge, which spans the Allegheny River between Oakmont and Harmar Township, is being demolished because a replacement span built next to it is now open to traffic and substantially complete.

    “We’re looking at mid-morning on Tuesday the 26th,” said PennDOT’s Steve Cowan. “A major snowstorm or an ice storm could postpone that.”

    PennDOT will keep people 1,000 feet away from the blast and close nearby Route 28 for 15 minutes to ensure motorist safety. Students at nearby Riverview High School will be moved to another building during the detonation.

    “We are going to implement the safety zone at 7 a.m. and start closing down roadways around 9:30 a.m.,” Cowan said. “The blasting subcontractor will make sure the explosives went off, we’ll do an inspection of the Hulton Bridge, and if everything’s okay, we’ll release traffic,” Cowan said.

    Brayman Construction Corp. is handling the implosion. The new $66 million bridge is open, though one of its new lanes remains closed while crews complete connecting roads on the Oakmont side of the bridge.

    Video – Pier into the past…

    Florida says goodbye to St Petersburg Pier.

    The inverted pyramid of the St Petersburg Pier has stood as an iconic landmark on Florida’s coastline for many years.

    But with plans for a redevelopment of the waterfront location now agreed, that landmark has been erased from the skyline.

    This time-lapse video – which covers the works from August to November last year – covers the core demolition works.

    Video – Heim Bridge passing slowly into history…

    Video footage of deck removal as landmark Californian bridge is replaced.

    The Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge was built from 1946 to 1948 by the US Navy. The striking north-south lift-span bridge casts a steel-pillar shape over the port landscape, carrying countless trucks and automobiles between Terminal Island and the mainland where Wilmington and Long Beach meet.

    Several times a day, traffic is stopped as the bridge’s metal-plate roadbed rises up elevator-style to allow tugs, sailboats and other vessels to pass beneath. Painted green, the bridge’s profile features two cross-braced steel towers suspended by cables.

    But no longer. The bridge is being replaced and, as you can see from this striking Caltrans time-lapse video, the original bridge is slowly being removed from the landscape.

    Gilpin check in at Quality Hotel…

    Works underway at Plymouth “eyesore” hotel.

    Work to demolish the derelict eyesore Quality Hotel will begin this afternoon, the city council has revealed.

    The city council completed a deal to buy the site at the start of last week, and have now appointed Gilpin Demolition to undertake the work.

    Cllr Mark Lowry, cabinet member for finance and assets said: “We’re wasting no time. We want this eyesore down as soon as possible so that we can prepare the land for redevelopment. We want a hotel of international standing.

    “With Mayflower 400 on the horizon, we need to act now to attract a high-calibre hotel. If we want to make the most of the amazing opportunity Mayflower 400 presents this city, we need to offer as wide a choice of accommodation as possible, including four or five star.

    Gilpin’s most recent demolition job in Plymouth was taking down the YMCA building at North Cross. The company is also working on the new coach station site in the West End.

    Read more here.

    Video – Taxi for Armac…

    High reach in action near railway station.

    Anyone wanting a taxi at Coventry railway station might have a wait on their hands as it seems the city’s taxi drivers are rather more interested in the demolition works taking place nearby.

    Check it out below:

    Video – Say hello to my little friend…

    Demolition underway at Miami mansion of drug lord.

    Demolition began yesterday on a pink waterfront mansion in Miami Beach owned in the 1980s by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

    The U.S. government seized it in 1987. It was acquired in 1990 by a private owner, and Chicken Kitchen owner Christian de Berdouare bought it in 2014.

    De Berdouare wants to build a modern home on the site. Watching construction excavators tear into the mansion, he said he was elated to see “the house of the devil” disappearing.

    Video – Saks of debris hit street below…

    Film captures moment rubble falls onto busy Pittsburgh street.

    At first glance, this time-lapse video is just another work-a-day film of a high reach excavator going about its business at the Saks building on Pittsburgh’s 5th Avenue.

    But watch closely at the 11 second mark and you might just spot something a little more sinister in nature as the machine causes debris to fall onto the street below with cars driving past.

    Thankfully, no-one appears to be hurt and the evidence is quickly swept away.

    Saks 5th Avenue Building Demolition, Pittsburgh, PA from Clinton N Godlesky on Vimeo.

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