The Break Fast Show #324

In today’s show: Need a dozer? Then how about building one yourself from scratch; things are getting just a little less ugly in Newcastle; Hillhead 2022 prepares for a Turkish delight; and Kobelco double-team demolition. PLUS for those of you that enjoy a bit of culture and history, we’re taking you for an exclusive Night…Read moreRead more

A Night at the Museum

The Munktell Museum in Eskilstuna, Sweden charts the development of the companies, the products and the people that together were part of the history of Volvo Construction Equipment. DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony was lucky enough to get a private showing.

The Break Fast Show #323

In today’s show: We have the most stunningly beautiful demolition you are ever likely to see; what does Hyundai have up its sleeve?; and that is one beefy backhoe. PLUS there is an epic journey for a long reach LiuGong. All that and more, on The Break Fast Show.

The Hillhead 2022 Pre-Show Show

On Tuesday next week, the Hillhead 2022 exhibition opens its doors once again after an enforced four-year absence. With the show marking its 40th anniversary, we took the opportunity to look through some of the hottest equipment that will be on display including several never-seen-before models. The prize draws mentioned in the show are now…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #322

In today’s show: UK demolition equipment enthusiasts rejoice – KTEG gets a UK dealer; out with the old and in with the new, Mammoet-style; out for 38 – The Prindville Stand at The WACA falls; and Doosan deal at the double. PLUS we will be looking ahead to a jam-packed Hillhead 2022 pre-show show that…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #321

In today’s show: Volvo is seeking first-mover advantage with a hydrogen-fuelled ADT; Italmek brings the demolition fire-power; we’re scraping by in Southern California; and there is mining on an epic scale from China. PLUS we take a double look ahead to the Hillhead 2022 exhibition that starts just one week from today. All that and…Read moreRead more

EXCLUSIVE – Epic voyage to Eskilstuna

Volvo Construction Equipment recently hosted an event to introduce its hugely updated product line to a select group of industry influencers. DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony was fortunate enough to receive an invitation. So join Mark as he takes you behind the scenes at the Volvo Construction Equipment headquarters in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

The Break Fast Show #319

In today’s show: Stiff penalties for company bosses behind sledgehammer demolition that freed asbestos fibres; how to keep your fuel safe and secure as thefts spiral; how many Cats does it take to demolish a bridge? And we’re off to Hillhead once again, this time in the company of Bobcat. PLUS there is a WORLD…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #318

In today’s show: Olympus delivers the Thunder from Down Under; we’re going Dutch on a demolition time-lapse; there’s a two-headed look ahead to the fast-approaching Hillhead show; and there is a Liebherr for all seasons. PLUS our roving robot reporter Reg is back to tell us about a smart Doosan excavator. All that and more,…Read moreRead more

EXCLUSIVE – The future of demolition equipment

DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony popped over to Sweden a few weeks ago to visit those fine folks at Volvo Construction Equipment. During his visit, he got to play with some stunning machines and got to see some truly remarkable new equipment. But, while he was blown away by the big excavators, the big dumptrucks and by…Read moreRead more