The Break Fast Show #222

In today’s show: A House of Lords committee calls for the CITB to be “improved or replaced”; Chinese authorities are more environmentally aware than you might believe. And, as a result, 39 newly-built tower blocks face imminent demolition; and Hyundai gets set to change the world. PLUS stick around to the end of the show…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #221

In today’s show: Eco-Warriior 2.0 – How the tree hugging protestors of old have been replaced; and how science is being used to prevent demolition; we wave an explosive goodbye to an Oregon University landmark; we get chilly with Hidromek; and Chinese SOCMA wheel loader goes all electric PLUS stick around for the end of…Read moreRead more

Comment – Eco-Warrior 2.0

There was a time when you could spot them a mile off. In fact, there was a time when you could smell them a mile off. Environmentalists and eco-warriors attempting to block demolition or construction works used to look like escapees from the Glastonbury Festival – Unkempt, pasty and with unwashed hair clumped into a…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #220

In today’s show: We’re swapping kiss me quick hats for hard hats in Blackpool; machine paint jobs that will leave you green with envy; we go behind the scenes at Komatsu’s excavator manufacturing plant in the UK; and, if that wasn’t impressive enough, we bring you the world’s largest dumptruck. All that and more, on…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #219

In today’s truly international show: We are off the Las Vegas to see Bobcat’s latest offering in the field of electric equipment; we say buongiorno to some stunning Italian demolition footage; we are dozing in China with Shantui; and before we say sayonara today, we take a trip down memory lane with a look at…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #218

In today’s show: We have a stunning time-lapse film that charts the demolition of a tower block and its ultimate replacement; we get up REALLY CLOSE with the explosive demolition of a concrete silo; and we say a well-deserved congratulations to demolition veteran David Sinclair who is about to receive yet another industry accolade. PLUS…Read moreRead more

A national disgrace…

In just a few weeks time, it will be the sixth anniversary of the UK demolition industry’s darkest day – The Didcot Disaster in which four demolition workers were needlessly and tragically killed. Six years on, and the investigation has still presented no findings. There have been no prosecutions and no answers as to why…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #217

In the first episode of 2022: Doosan goes Blue; we take a flying visit to an imploding power station in the US; CASE looks back over a landmark year; the Benelux countries get their first Kobelco SK400DLC-10E demolition excavator; and we have the footage; and we are dreaming of Manitou. PLUS we will look back…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #216

In the final show of the year: Asbestos exposure fears bring demolition to a halt in Stroud; we will be visiting the Liebherr bakery; there’s a new project that requires the attention of a demolition contractor near Warwickshire; and we will also be ruminating on the subject of luck. All that and more, on The…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #215

In today’s show: No escape for dodgy directors as the Insolvency Service is granted new powers; the HS2 project celebrates a landmark year; Mecalac makes merry for the festive period; and you can feel free to take it easy over Christmas; Ausa technology has got you covered. All that and more, on The Break Fast…Read moreRead more