Ferrybridge sentinels downed

More colling towers blasted during weekend implosion. Demolition at Ferrybridge C Power Station in West Yorkshire has begun in what’s been described as a “significant milestone” in UK energy. The demolition of the towers, which stood at 114 metres high, took around 10 seconds. The West Yorkshire power station provided the UK with energy for…Read moreRead more

Brayton Point blaze…

“…fires can be a common occurrence during demolitions..” Fire crews are tackling a blaze at the former Brayton Point power plant in Massachusetts which was the subject of a controlled implosion back in April of this year. According to local TV news stations, this is actually the fourth such blaze to occur at the site…Read moreRead more

Divide & Conquer…

CDI splits paper mill stacks in text book blast. Controlled Demolition, Inc (CDI), acting as explosives subcontractor to main demolition contractor, Envirocon, has carried out the explosive felling of a pair of two 70 metre tall brick chimneys in Milford, New Jersey.

Dykon paves the way

Weekend implosion clears path for new Invesco HQ. Work on the future home of Invesco’s headquarters started this weekend — with a bang. A five-storey building, originally developed more than 60 years ago, was imploded to make room for the new 26-storey tower that Atlanta-based Invesco Ltd will occupy. The demolition of 1330 West Peachtree…Read moreRead more

Blast fells French tower block…

Six seconds to drop 16 storeys. Just after lunchtime on Sunday, demolition crews carried out the controlled explosive demolition of the Albret tower which stood in the Beauval district, in Meaux, France. Within seconds, the block – which comprised 169 apartments spread over 16 floors in three wings – was gone in the latest phase…Read moreRead more


Digger driver goes on destructive rampage. CCTV has captured the moment an excavator operator ran amok in a company yard, attacking first a car and then a lorry. Reports suggest that the incident took place at the yard of UK demolition contractor Thomas Crompton Demolition of Bradford although this is unconfirmed at this time:

Documenting a mammoth project

Washington State Department of Transportation video follows viaduct demolition. The Alaskan Way Viaduct was a double-deck concrete highway that marked Seattle’s waterfront for more than 60 years. Old and seismically vulnerable, crews began carefully demolishing the roadway in February 2019. In September 2019 they brought down the final section of double-deck highway. This video captures…Read moreRead more

Beech Hill towers down

Time-lapse film captures triple tower block demolition. Rhodar has completed the demolition of three, 18-storey high rise tower blocks, nine garages and a council depot as part of the regeneration of the Beech Hill area of Halifax in Calderdale. The demolition of Beech Hill towers is a significant part of the development project by the…Read moreRead more

Demolition tool, Ikea-style

Italian company offers kit-form concrete cracker. It is not unusual for demolition companies to make modifications to their equipment; to toughen them up for the hostile work environment; to make them more aesthetically pleasing; to put their own spin on a proven product. But just how many build their own attachments? Yet, as you will…Read moreRead more

First outing…

Liberty Industrial’s new Hitachi high reach makes its debut Down Under. Liberty Industrial has carried out the demolition of several redundant installations at a coal mine in Queensland, Australia. This included the Road Load Out installation, a concrete silo of approximately 10 metres in diameter and 34 metres high and adjoining 200 metre long inclined…Read moreRead more