Demolition Daily #28

In today’s episode, we look at the lunacy of cutting jobs and cutting wages when the industry stands on the cusp of a surge in demand and workload. We also look ahead to the Demolition Social Club 3 – The Revenge which will take place next Wednesday.

Demolition Daily #27

Today’s guest on the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Neil Edwards, CEO of market intelligence provider, The Builders’ Conference. Edwards reveals that April 2020 was a HUGE month for new construction contract awards; but expresses some concerns over the industry’s ability to realise these contracts to fruition against the COVID-19 backdrop.

Demolition Daily #26

Today’s episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream celebrates the birthday of a former IDE president, a true ambassador of the industry, and one of demolition’s finest.

Demolition Daily #25

The latest episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream was produced to coincide with International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) and looks at the construction and demolition sector’s failure to eradicate industry accidents and fatalities.

Demolition Daily #24

In this episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream, we speak to James Morley of JCB who has been using a home 3D printer to produce vital PPE for front-line NHS staff while his normal place of work is on lockdown. The show also mentions a new article called “The New Punks of Podcasting”. You can…Read moreRead more

Crowds gather for Bulgarian blast…

Successful blast, but at what cost. Most explosives engineers now agree that explosive demolition is not a spectator sport and that implosions are best carried out well away from the general public to eliminate the risk of injury or encroachment upon the exclusion zone. That, surely, is even more relevant today when the threat of…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #23

In today’s episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream, we look at the importance of maintaining training during times of downturn and recession; we call for your funny, shocking and amazing demolition stories; and we share a few of our own.

Demolition Daily LiveStream #22

Today’s Demolition Daily LiveStream refocuses on the prolonged HSE investigation into the boiler house collapse at the Didcot A Power Station; and the effect of those delays upon the families, friends and colleagues of the four men that were killed 1,521 days ago. The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown CANNOT be used as an excuse to forestall…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #21

Our guest on the Demolition Daily LiveStream today was Steve Tombs, Professor of Criminology at The Open University. He has published extensively on matters of health and safety at work, law and various aspects of corporate crime. Steve has written an explosive article about the failure of some parts of the construction industry to close…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #20

Today’s episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream features Shane Pace of risk assessment and insurance specialist Gallagher. We look at the demolition industry’s risk assessment track record during the COVID-19 pandemic; discuss the widely-reported rise in plant theft from sites left unoccupied during the lockdown; and we scan the horizon for any possible hike in…Read moreRead more