The Break Fast Show #443

In today’s show: America’s first Doosan dozer goes to work; we’re looking back at one of Australia’s biggest and most challenging demolition projects; and we’re going to feel the chill with an Avant wheel loader. PLUS surf’s up for a Caterpillar long reach excavator.

The Break Fast Show #442

In today’s show: Breaker attachments take an electrifying twist; we’re checking out Volvo Haul Assist system; and we get up close with the latest generation Hitachi wheel loaders. PLUS how Volvo excavators are reshaping the sport of BMX racing.

The Break Fast Show #441

In today’s show: Car park collapses – Yet another reason to question the viability of electric vehicles; we’re getting salty with some Liebherr wheel loaders; we’re blasting chimneys in Slovakia’ and we’re out on site with a smart new Komatsu mini excavator. PLUS it may have a price tag of a trillion dollars but work…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #440

In today’s show: Barratt Homes freezes recruitment and the impending recession just became very real; we get the New Year off to an explosive start with CDI; we’re dozing with Komatsu; and a Spanish power station falls to the power of Liebherr and MB Crusher. PLUS Volvo looks to make wheel loader accidents a thing…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #439

In today’s show: We’re looking at Intelligent Machine Controls with Komatsu; it’s hammer time for Takeuchi; we’re paving the way with Wirtgen Group; and we’re giving ConExpo 2023 more screen time. PLUS the change starts here with Volvo Construction Equipment.

In conversation with | Ben the Operator

A lot is said about the younger generation: its work ethic; about its reluctance to undertake manual labour; and about its refusal to pursue a career in the demolition and construction industry. But if 17-year old Ben “The Operator” Wade is anything to go by, the future of the sector is in safe hands.

The Break Fast Show #438

In today’s show: DSM sets aside £1.6 million for its CMA fine, taking the total to almost £29 million and counting. We have a sneak preview of our conversation with Ben the Operator; and a Spanish demolition firm is looking to do something that Europe’s best football clubs have generally failed to accomplish – Complete…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #437

In today’s show: A perfect storm is approaching the UK construction industry. Should we batten down the hatches now or is it already too late? We’re off to the US in the company of those fine folks at Doosan; we’re celebrating fifty years of Gallaghers; and we’re looking ahead to an electrifying ConExpo with Volvo…Read moreRead more

Tech 4 Sites #2 – JCB’s hydrogen dreams

The demolition and construction industry is facing its biggest change since mechanisation – The switch from traditional diesel fuel to a new and largely unproven future fuel. Quite what that fuel might be is still open to discussion. But, having experimented with electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology, construction equipment giant JCB looks set to…Read moreRead more

Demolition’s Greatest Threat – Episode #1

It has been described as the single biggest threat to the demolition industry; an amalgamation of academics, environmentalists, politicians, architects and the national media attempting to slow, block and even ban demolition to protect the so-called embodied carbon locked within the world’s building stock. It is a campaign that is gathering traction and gaining momentum….Read moreRead more