Demolition LIVE – Akula demolition robots…

In this special episode of Demolition LIVE, we are joined by Chris James, managing director of ES Manufacturing, the company behind the Akula range of dual-fuel demolition robots. We talk about British-built demolition robots, Russian-named hydraulic breakers, and Italian demolition attachments.

Dates for your diary…

Lots of reasons to be at your screen in the coming weeks. With the demolition business still occupying that strange limbo between work and quarantine, DemolitionNews has pulled together and will continue to do so a packed programme of live shows to keep you both informed and entertained. And, since some of you are now…Read moreRead more

Clearing the way…

Stadium removed in a minute. The Los Angeles Memorial Stadium has been demolished in preparation for the construction of Banc of California Stadium, future home of the Los Angeles Football Club. This epic video captures the action: LAFC Presents : Los Angeles Memorial Stadium Demolition from Chaz Curry on Vimeo.

From on high

Drone captures demolition of fire tower. No explanation needed – Just check out this fantastic drone video from the City of Waco: Fire Tower Demolition Drone from WCCC.TV – City of Waco on Vimeo.

We’re back…!

It’s not the shortest retirement in history; it’s just as a change of platform. COVID-19 cases appear to be on the decline. Sites are reopening and demolition men and women are slowly and cautiously returning to work. But that doesn’t mean the crisis is over. So, the Demolition LiveStream is coming back. And this time,…Read moreRead more

Downtown Dominion detonated…

The downtown skyline of Richmond, Virginia is officially different after Dominion Energy’s former headquarters was demolished. The building was imploded Saturday at 7 am after a brief delay. All 21 floors of the former headquarters were brought down in a matter of seconds. Controlled Demolition Inc. handled the implosion and said that thirteen levels of…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #47 – The Final

That’s all folks! In this bumper FINALE episode, we welcome back Builders’ Conference CEO Neil Edwards to look at the industry’s prospects post COVID-19. We will also be joined by Peter Haddock of Content with Media. And please be sure to stick around to the very end for our Ferris Bueller tribute closing scene.

Demolition Daily #46

In our penultimate daily show, we fire a shot across the bows of the elements of the house-building sector that are seeking to exploit the current pandemic by screwing sub contractors. House building companies may wish to look away.

Demolition Daily #45

“…greater collaboration will be the phoenix that rises from the ashes of the Coronavirus pandemic…” In this episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream, we look at the lessons we have learned from a prolonged period of lockdown; the importance of friends and family; why it is better to work for the long-term greater good than…Read moreRead more

Demolition Daily #44

Today’s guest on the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Roland Alford, managing director of Alford Technologies which this weekend carried out an eight chimney implosion in Australia from the comfort of the UK. The show is brought to you by our t-shirt sponsor for the day, Repalo, the company behind the self-assembly concrete cracker we featured…Read moreRead more