Already a winning team…

Two important flights are scheduled to leave the UK bound for Hamad International Airport in Qatar this week. The first will carry a team of highly-paid yet mostly unproven football players who are scheduled to take part in perhaps the most controversial World Cup in history. Whether they can win remains to be seen. The…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #405

n today’s show: We’re talking future fuels and technology with Hyundai Construction Equipment; there’s an exclusive look at the all-new and all-electric TX7 compact loader from Bobcat; it’s plane sailing with FAE; and there is a familiar-looking elf that will not be left on the shelf this Christmas. PLUS we’re giving you an exclusive insight…Read moreRead more

Opinion – Demolition equipment is NOT a lifestyle sell

Have you noticed how the latest wave of TV advertisements for mobile phones seem to mention everything EXCEPT the function for which the device was originally invented? The manufacturers will talk at length about how you can now shoot cinematic video on one of the numerous cameras packed into the device. How people can be…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #401

In today’s show: Liebherr steals the show; Yanmar unveils a new electric wheel loader; Wacker Neuson puts on an amazing display at Bauma 2022; and Komatsu demonstrates its gratitude. PLUS we will take you for a stroll among the diggers in the first of our Bauma 2022 walk-arounds.

The Break Fast Show #395

In today’s show: The misinformation surrounding the death of a demolition worker at Ironbridge Power Station; we have Prinoth tracked carriers in epic action; if it’s good for rail then why isn’t it good for demolition and construction? and, as we look forward on the Road to Bauma, we’re looking back with Hitachi. PLUS we…Read moreRead more

Misinformation over death of demolition worker

A jury has concluded that demolition worker who died three weeks after breaking his leg at Ironbridge Power Station died from the “combined effects of an accident and natural causes”. But the jury of 10 men and women were unable to conclude how Paul Wilson had suffered a broken right tibia (shinbone) on Valentine’s Day…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #392

In today’s show: We belatedly get behind the wheel of a Volvo R100 rigid dumptruck; it will be all white on the night with Cardem; we’re ground engaging on the Road to Bauma; and Dynaset comes clean. PLUS we will bring you a film that is so bad it’s good. And it features an electric-powered…Read moreRead more

Opinion – Awareness is not the same as Action

Have you ever seen an abandoned car by the side of the road? It might be the aftermath of an accident; it may have been ditched by a joy-rider; maybe it just broke down. But the car is swathed in blue and white tape that proclaims “Police Aware”. Or have you ever been walking through…Read moreRead more

Goodbye to Paul Johnson

It has been announced that the funeral of Bradley Demolition’s Paul Johnson will be held at Charnock Richard Crematorium on Friday 7 October at 2.30 pm followed by a reception at Shaw Hill Golf Club in Whittle-le-Woods. Those who are unable to attend the service are welcome to join the reception from 4 pm. I…Read moreRead more

Who ordered the Build UK word salad…?

You might think the question “has the National Federation of Demolition Contractors quit Build UK” would require a simple yes or no answer. Apparently not.