Opinion – Awareness is not the same as Action

Have you ever seen an abandoned car by the side of the road? It might be the aftermath of an accident; it may have been ditched by a joy-rider; maybe it just broke down. But the car is swathed in blue and white tape that proclaims “Police Aware”. Or have you ever been walking through…Read moreRead more

Goodbye to Paul Johnson

It has been announced that the funeral of Bradley Demolition’s Paul Johnson will be held at Charnock Richard Crematorium on Friday 7 October at 2.30 pm followed by a reception at Shaw Hill Golf Club in Whittle-le-Woods. Those who are unable to attend the service are welcome to join the reception from 4 pm. I…Read moreRead more

Who ordered the Build UK word salad…?

You might think the question “has the National Federation of Demolition Contractors quit Build UK” would require a simple yes or no answer. Apparently not.

The disappearance of Dr Diesel

DemolitionNews Exclusive – On the anniversary of his mysterious death, we recount the tale of the disappearance of the inventor of the diesel engine: Rudolf Diesel.

The Break Fast Show #384

In today’s show: Construction’s image problem is contributing to the industry skills shortage; John Deere embraces tech to control excavator arm speed; SensorZone makes landfall in the US; and more machines are going under the hammer today ad Ritchie Bros declares its latest sale OPEN. PLUS we peer into the future to see the new…Read moreRead more

Opinion – The Mark Noble way

You will have to bear with me. The story I am about to lay before you really IS rooted in demolition, even if at first it might feel like an excuse for me to talk about my beloved (and beleaguered) West Ham United. Mark Noble has just been appointed as Sporting Director at West Ham…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #371

In today’s show: The environmental impact of protecting the environment; Volvo showcases the latest additions to its excavator line up; and the electrification of quick couplers. PLUS the former home of two Las Vegas magicians is set to disappear. All that and more, on The Break Fast Show.

The Break Fast Show #370

In today’s explosive show: We have a massive blast from the US; we have a massive blast from Italy; and we are looking ahead to a massive blast that is scheduled to take place in India this weekend. PLUS Komatsu and Cummins have signed an agreement for the development of hydrogen powered mining equipment. All…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #368

In today’s show: We’re off to Germany for some top-quality demolition action; cone crushing goes mobile; and gamers rejoice – There’s yet another simulator game in the works and this time the focus is on demolition. PLUS China’s biggest excavator gets an upgrade. All that and more, on The Break Fast Show.

The Break Fast Show #366

In today’s show: Demolition swings to the rescue after a building collapse; H.E. Services digs into history; and there’s girl power at Ward Demolition in New Zealand. PLUS there is another chance to see our exclusive interview with Ritchie Bros Johan Lustig as we discuss the present and future for electrically-powered equipment.