Didcot – Five years of anguish…

Lack of progress prolongs the agony.

1,825 days ago, the landscape of the UK demolition industry changed forever when the boiler house at Didcot A Power Station collapsed, killing four workers.

1,825 days ago, the reputation of the UK demolition was tainted as the sector’s safety record was laid bare before the watching world.

1,825 days ago, four families were rendered bereft as their loved ones went to work and never returned home.

The fact that it took 199 days to recover the remains of the first of those four men was tragic and painful beyond words. The fact that another 1,600 days have elapsed since without resolution, explanation or prosecution is nothing short of disgraceful.

Once again – just as we have on each anniversary since the tragedy unfolded – we will be dedicating our coverage to the Didcot Disaster for the next few days.

At 4.04 pm tomorrow – 4pm because that was the approximate time of the incident and a minute of silence for each of the four men – we will premiere a new film that includes a personal recollection of the incident and the lack of progress since.

Before then, you can see a brief trailer of that film below.

In addition to this, we will be hosting a LiveStream show dedicated to the Didcot Disaster at 6pm on Tuesday 23 February. That show will be broadcast via our Facebook page to allow you to offer your own recollections and comments.

We hope you can join us.