Ohio collapse latest…

Search dogs picked up a scent at the collapsed power plant in Adams County where two workers went missing three days ago and crews are scouring the spot right now, according to Sheriff Kimmy Rogers.

The dogs got the hits indicating a person may be in there late Thursday at the Killen Generating Station, which collapsed about 8:30 am Wednesday as crews attempted to perform a demolition project.

The sheriff vows the search will continue “as long as we have to” until the workers are found. “Obviously we have no other option. Regardless of the outcome, these people have to be found,” he said Friday.

Jamie Fitzgerald of Boyd County, Kentucky, and Doug Gray of Greenup County, Kentucky were last seen more than 48 hours ago, just before the Killen Generating Station on U.S. 52 near the Ohio River collapsed as crews attempted to perform a demolition project.

The effort turned from search and rescue to search and recovery by Thursday, meaning authorities do not expect to find the missing workers alive, search crews on scene told FOX19 NOW.

Meanwhile, newly-released audio recordings from first responders and rescue crews hint at the magnitude of the task that lies ahead.

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