Slavery study…

Can anyone help with this academic study…?

We have been asked to help with the preparation of an academic study into modern slavery and exploitation within the construction sector.

The details of the study are as follows:

I am researching how the construction industry is tackling labour issues, including exploitation, modern slavery, and improper payment. I would like to talk to contractors that have worked on projects run by large principal contractors to better understand how responsibility is passed down the supply chain, and what the view is of those carrying out the works compared to those managing the project at the head of the supply chain. In other words, are principal contractors’ policies viewed as being effective? Are principal contractors driving and supporting change or are they expecting smaller contractors to do this?

All responses are confidential so no company or individual names will be used, in order to allow for honest answers (I’ve attached a form which explains this in full).

If you’re happy to take part we can either talk online (via Teams, Zoom, Skype etc) or in person might be possible depending on travel. You can contact me by email:

Christopher Pesterfield