DemolitionNews just got stronger…

New publishing partner will drive growth and professionalism.

I am delighted to announce that DemolitionNews (together with the Demolition magazine and our sister titles (Diggers and Dozers and TechForSites) has agreed terms with a new publishing partner, Eljays 44.

Eljays 44 is a highly-reputable and established publishing company that will enhance the professionalism of and allow it to build upon its position as the demolition world’s largest and most-widely-read news platform. Eljays 44 also recognises the growing importance of social media and brings with it extensive experience in event planning and organisation that will be invaluable as the industry seeks new ways to consume news and industry information.

This new partnership secures the future of all DemolitionNews and Diggers and Dozers titles whilst seeing off new pretenders to their undisputed crown.

“I have known Eljays 44 founder Jim Wilkinson for more than 30 years and we have worked together previously on titles including Plant Managers Journal and the Demolition magazine. Together with his team, Jim has established a formidable reputation for professionalism and for serving industries with news and editorial content they want,” says owner Mark Anthony. “Importantly, Jim and I share a mutual trust and respect which will allow us to each focus on driving our various websites and magazine titles forward.”

The partnership with Eljays 44 could not be better timed, coming just 24 hours before hosts the first-ever Demolition Technology 2020 virtual event. “This event is just another example of DemolitionNews working for the industry it serves,” Anthony continues. “Our aim is to serve the demolition industry, and that ethos ties in perfectly with Eljays 44’s ambitions.”

This is a view shared by Eljays 44’s Jim Wilkinson. “We at Eljays44 are delighted to be working with Mark again. The most important part of any media business is getting the content right and with Mark there is no doubt of his knowledge, understanding and connections – he lives and breathes demolition,” he concludes. “With his experience and sector knowledge and our understanding on all things media and delivering a greater reader/visitor experience it’s a match made in heaven.”

The next issue of Demolition magazine is due our midOctober, as planned.