Fed’ unveils scaffold guidance…

Animated video produced in response to series of incidents.

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), has issued a new Safety Guidance video to educate demolition contractors on the most appropriate use of scaffold protection during demolition works.

The seven-minute animated video guidance walks-through the process to follow when determining risk control measures. Clarifying the purpose of scaffold in demolition, the guidance explores the hazards and alternatives to be considered to reduce or eliminate risks.

Spearheading the new Safety Guidance initiative is Nick Taylor, Demolition Director at McGee, an NFDC member company with over 60 years of demolition expertise and thousands of demolition projects successfully delivered. Following an incident on site in 2019 (the first of a number of unconnected scaffold collapses to happen in quick succession), the team at McGee has played an instrumental role in the production of new best practice guidance.

“Safety in our industry is paramount, which is why it’s critical that on the extremely rare occasion an incident occurs, we all learn from them. Not just demolition engineers but an industry as a whole. The comprehensive NFDC video guidance for Use of Scaffold in Demolition has been developed with a team of experts including the National Association of Scaffolding Contractors (NASC) and other NFDC accredited demolition contractors,” says Nick Taylor. “It is our aim to circulate the new guidance as far and wide as possible, in order that future incidents may be prevented.”