The shut-down begins…

UK demolition sites shut their doors.

We truly live in unprecedented times. The nation is in lockdown; police are patrolling the streets to actively disperse gatherings of two or more people; and a website that depends upon an active demolition industry for its very survival is celebrating the closure of sites up and down the country. (OK, celebrating is probably not the right word but you know what I mean).

Social media is filled today with news from employers and employees alike that they have decided to shut up shop for the time being while the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control.

This will have been a difficult decision. It is a bold decision. But it is the RIGHT decision.

As an industry, demolition lives and breathes risk assessments. It is a sector that is – perhaps more than any other – adept at analysing hazards and finding safe solutions.

In this instance, that risk is too great; that safe solution is to stay at home.

There will, of course, be financial implications to all this. There will be casualties. And no demolition company would willingly close sites unless it was absolutely necessary.

We salute those that have taken this brave and wholly correct decision.