A call for compassion…

Contractor calls for NFDC and IDE to take COVID-19 lead.

Andrew Hope MIDE, contracts manager at Bath Demolition, has written to both the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and the Institute of Demolition Engineers, urging for the industry’s two trade bodies to demonstrate leadership amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

With the industry seemingly left in limbo by last night’s lockdown announcement from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Hope has called for the demolition industry to lead the way:

In his message to the NFDC, he says:

“..I’m writing to you in the hope you may be able to offer some sensible guidance to our industry in what is a completely unprecedented situation.

The PM has instructed everyone to stay at home apart from travel to and from essential work. People are wildly interpreting this across the industry with no one keen to be the first to close doors.

I believe we should stand up and lead the way showing the construction and demolition industry to be a considerate and compassionate employer who cares about its workforce and the general public. It would be impossible to adhere to a two metre distancing rule on sites without compromising H&S.

Perhaps some guidance from you or a word to say that although our work is important it is not essential. Let’s not be competitive. Let’s all stay home and safe lives…”