Helping you back into work…

Resurrecting Demolition-Jobs to aid those left jobless by COVID-19.

It is a sad fact that there will be some (possibly many) demolition workers left unemployed as the COVID-19 pandemic as current sites are closed and start-dates for new projects are pushed back.

And so, we have partially resurrected a tool that we last called upon when the recession hit the sector back in 2008. was a website created to act as a reverse recruitment site. Rather than employers advertising their positions vacant, demolition workers were able to advertise FREE OF CHARGE their availability to work. Thankfully, that site slipped slowly into disrepair as the global economy recovered. And, with the advent of GDPR, we chose to close the site once and for all.

However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are restating this project, although in a different way. Rather than take weeks to create a purpose-built website for this purpose, we have created a simple form that will allow demolition workers to fill in their contact details, together with their experience and qualifications. The resulting database will then be made available to demolition contractors seeking employees.

Once again, this service is 100 percent FREE OF CHARGE. The important thing at this time is not to turn a profit but to help demolition men and women get back into work as quickly and as soon as possible.

You can find the form here.