Pulling Together…

What can we do to help you during the COVID-19 crisis?

I have just got back from the ConExpo exhibition in Las Vegas and, on the advice of the US’ Center for Disease Control, have placed myself in self-isolation for the next seven days. I am fortunate in that I generally work from home; so my period of confinement will be pretty much like any other week.

However, I am very conscious that the current COVID-19 crisis is having wider and far more severe implications in the demolition community. We are aware of many jobs that have been placed on hold and others with start dates that have been pushed back. This is likely to have a big impact upon many demolition companies; and an even greater impact upon demolition workers, many of whom are not directly employed and, therefore, don’t have employment benefits to fall back upon.

I am not a health specialist, nor am I an employment specialist so I can offer no assistance in either of those areas. But what we do have is a massive global audience of demolition professionals, together with the ability to communicate directly with that audience.

And so, we are throwing open our channels to you. If you want to express your fears or concerns over the virus, we’re here to listen. If you want to communicate with your fellow demolition professionals to find out how they are managing the spread of COVID-19, then we will put you in touch. If you are a demolition worker in need of help or alternative employment, then please get in touch.

In truth, I am not entirely sure what help we can offer; so we’re hoping that you can help us shape our response. If we need to set in place a fundraising initiative to help those that are struggling financially, then that’s what we will do. If you need us to be purely an information conduit, we’ll do that.

To cut a long story short, or channel is your channel. The demolition industry has been very kind to us over the years. If it is within our powers to return that kindness now, then we will certainly do if it’s within our powers.

Most of all, now is the time for the demolition community to pull together. There is every likelihood that we are about to enter a Coronavirus recession that could have a devastating effect upon demolition companies and individual workers.

While it might be of scant consolation, we are here for you, come what may.