The plot thickens…

Court papers reveal CMA raid on DSM.

The legal battle between the current and the former owners of DSM Demolition grows more acrimonious with each passing day. But while the legal machinations are unpleasant, they are also illuminating.

The England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions entry for the case posted on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute website is an impenetrable morass of legal jargon, littered with litigants, appellants and other phrases designed to confound and confuse.

But item 34 of Lord Justice Simon’s findings is revealing as it confirms that the DSM offices have previously been raided by officers from the Competition and Markets Authority, presumably as part of the ongoing investigation into alleged collusion within the UK demolition sector.

That investigation remains ongoing; and there is nothing within the court papers to suggest that DSM has been guilty of any wrongdoing. But this is the first time that the name of one of the six or seven demolition firms thought to be under investigation has been made public; and it gives lie to the suggestion that the CMA investigation is merely a journalistic fiction.

You can read those court papers here.