Redcar tragedy update…

Recovery procedures ongoing after further blasts.

The bodies of two men tragically killed in an explosion at the former SSI site might not be recovered for days, according to local newspaper reports.

Several further blasts were reported over the weekend as fires continue to rage in towers at the South Bank site.

Two men who were working at height sadly died in a blast on Thursday – and it is still considered too risky for the emergency services to retrieve them.

Fire crews are unable to tackle the blaze due to the safety hazards posed. No operation to retrieve the men can be launched until at least 48 hours after the last flare-up, meaning they might not be taken down until the end of the week.

The men were three weeks into a six week contract to strip furniture from the towers to prepare them for demolition, when the disaster happened.

A multi-agency investigation involving the Health and Safety Executive has been launched. Full investigations on site are yet to begin however as it remains an ongoing incident.