Giving for Redcar…

Buy a book. Better still, make a donation.

It is the morning of Sunday 22 September. The news of the tragic accident at SSI Redcar is still raw, and the ensuing investigation has barely begun. But, in typically generous fashion, there are already moves within the industry to help raise funds for the families of the two men so needlessly killed in this accident.

Although details will likely follow shortly, DemolitionNews is throwing its weight behind the cause.

Now we would far rather you donate directly when the details of the campaign emerge. But, if you’d like to help AND grab yourself an early Christmas gift or two, here’s what we have planned.

DemolitionNews will donate £1 from the sale of every book and every item of merchandise sold between now and Christmas. You can find our merchandise and clothing store here. And you can click below to purchase the individual books. If your company is planning a school open day, seriously consider buying a n

We will be sharing our accounts details with the Redcar campaign just as soon as they’re available for complete transparency and so they can monitor our sales.
DemolitionNews books:

Just one final point. To the best of my knowledge, the families of the two men are currently unaware that this fundraising initiative is taking shape. If they decline any money raised, I will be urging the individuals behind the campaign to use the money to start a demolition workers’ benevolent fund or something very similar.

As I said at the beginning, it is FAR BETTER that you donate directly to the find just as soon as the details emerge. However, if you’d rather not wait, please click any of the book or merchandise links above and please spend freely.

Thank you.