Demolition tool, Ikea-style

Italian company offers kit-form concrete cracker.

It is not unusual for demolition companies to make modifications to their equipment; to toughen them up for the hostile work environment; to make them more aesthetically pleasing; to put their own spin on a proven product. But just how many build their own attachments?

Yet, as you will see from the video below, that is precisely the offer from Italian company Repalo. The company is offering to supply detailed drawings and assembly instructions together with a specification list of the parts required including the piston, motor gear, and rotation unit. Alternatively, the company can provide all of the above, together with the components, allowing customers to assemble a concrete cracker or pulveriser in their own workshops.

The company also offers an advice line to help talk customers through the assembly process, to ensure that the resulting tool is fit for purpose and ready for work.

Whether this will take off remains to be seen. But in an age in which patent and copyright infringement is viewed as a money-making scheme as much as a protector of intellectual property, the fact that a company is willing to “give away” its trade secrets in such a way is refreshing. And it could just be a game-changer.