Mind officially blown…

DemolitionNews to celebrate Instagram milestone with new book.

Picture the scene. It is FA Cup Final day and Wembley Stadium is filled to capacity. The sun casts a shadow across part of the pitch as the players enter. As they do so, 90,000 peope rise to their feet in unison.

Well, you see that 90,000 people, THAT is how many people now follow DemolitionNews on the Instagram social media platform. 90,000! Mental, right?

Of course, this is no accident. Recognising both the growth and the potential of Instagram, we went “all in” on the platform just over a year ago, setting ourselves the target of becoming Instagram’s biggest demolition feed. We achieved that months ago, but the growth has continued and we are now targeting a following of 100,000 by this Christmas.

However, to celebrate this current milestone, we are producing a new guide that will lay out precisely how we have attracted so many followers in such a short space of time.

“We have enjoyed a truly remarkable growth on Instagram in 2019 and we’re hoping that can continue into the New Year and beyond. Aside from our subscription list, Instagram is now the number one source of traffic to DemolitionNews.com,” says DemolitionNews’ Mark Anthony. “But there are no trade secrets here. We have tried and tested the best way to attract followers and to engage with those followers. And we are going to share those methods.”

DemolitionNews will be taking a slightly different approach with the launch of this guide, however. “It is our intention to offer the first 100 copies totally free of charge,” Mark Anthony explains. “Once they’re gone, the book will go on sale on Amazon as part of our Demolition Marketing Masterclass series.”

But DemolitionNews is not finished there. “Many companies now recognise the enormous promotional power and reach of Instagram but they’re struggling to gain traction on the platform,” Anthony concludes. “So we are planning to offer a series of online consultancy sessions to expand upon the contents of the new guide.”

You can pre-order a copy of the new Instagram Impact book by CLICKING HERE.