Car park raises police fears

Police station evacuated amidst demolition of multi-storey car park.

Local newspapers in Lancashire are reporting that an emergency evacuation has taken place of an East Lancashire police station – amid safety concerns for a four-storey car park.

Contractors are said to have sounded the alarm over the condition of Pendle Rise in Nelson. And police chiefs have confirmed that their station in Broadway, located directly underneath the structure, has been cleared.

It is understood that the concerns centred on a leaning outside wall, positioned between the car park and police station.

Work on the demolition of the car park, ahead of an anticipated new McDonald’s restaurant, is understood to have only just resumed after being put on ice for several weeks.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We were called around 7am today by site contractors demolishing a car park next to the police station. “The contractors have raised safety concerns about the structure of the car park and the station has been evacuated as a precaution.”

DemolitionNews understands that, although the machine pictured belongs to D Hughes, the principal contractor on the project is, in fact, Connolly Evans. The D Hughes high reach was brought in on hire to help make the structure safe.

This incident comes just 24 hours after DemolitionNews highlighted concerns over car park demolition methodologies in this exclusive report.

You can read more on the incident in Nelson here.