Reading Collapse – Preliminary Report

This is NOT our usual content. Please take the time to read it.

Regular readers will know that one of our greatest sources of frustration and annoyance is the time it takes to investigate an accident and to then publish the findings of that investigation.

So, wWhile the dust was still settling at the Reading collapse, commissioned an independent demolition engineer to explore the possible causes of that accident. (Little did we realise that by the time the report was finished, the UK demolition industry would have suffered not one but TWO more high profile scaffold collapses.)

The resulting report offers a never-seen-before insight into modern demolition methodologies and lays bare a huge number of factors that may have contributed to the first and – quite possibly – the second and third scaffold collapses.

This report, which is exclusive to, is probably the most important industry document that you are likely to read this year. So please, CLICK HERE to read it for yourself.